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  1. Just a bump to thank everyone for your help. Late this week, the item was pulled from my account by RJM. The 1-2 punch worked like a charm. Thanks again to everyone for your advice and assistance. This had been causing lots of anxiety, and I'm glad to have it taken care of. Your help made that possible, and I really appreciate it.
  2. I just tried to send a CMRRR to Experian at the PO Box 9556 address, and it has gone missing. Sent on June 9, and has not shown as being received in the USPS system as of today (6/26). Guess I'll try the physical address next.
  3. Sorry to bump this again, but this hasn't gone quite according to plan. I sent the letter to RJM no problem, and got the green card back. I send the letter to Experian the next day (June 9th). The problem is that the letter to Experian been delivered yet. Should it have taken this long? Is it sitting at the bottom of the PO Box? I'm trying to figure out if this is normal or not before I pursue it with the USPS. The negative is still on my CR. Thanks for any help.
  4. Last time I'll bump this before taking some action. Thanks again to everyone for your help with this. I'm going with the following 1-2 punch. I'll CMRRR the first letter to RJM, and upon notification of receipt will CMRRR the second to Experian. The first one will go out in the morning. Any final thoughts are welcome, and much appreciated. One last question - is it better to use a physical address for RJM? I've got their PO box from their correspondence, and their physical address from the Experian report.
  5. Post-holiday bump. Any more thoughts on this would be welcome. I'll definitely avoid the phone. Any more thoughts on the style of the DV letter? I'm planning on sending something out by Thursday. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  6. Thanks again to everyone for your help. After sleeping on it for a couple of days, I'm going the DV route. I just can't stomach sending these people any money. I'd rather give it to the USPS. And based on what I'm reading about people's track records with the DV, I feel like I've got a decent shot to get them to back down. I've looked over lots of sample letters, and read the debates about DV letters, and here's what I've come up with. Comments on this are welcome. I've already disputed with the CRA and it was verified by them.
  7. Absolutely not. They treated me with no respect whatsoever. I have no desire to do business with people who treat their customers like that.
  8. Thanks to everyone for the quick replies. While I'm principally opposed to sending these criminals money, my credit score is more important than my principals. Seems like a PFD is the way to go, considering johnnyt6's points about the costs involved with the CMRRRs. So I'm assuming I just negotiate that with them on the phone? I should start with an offer of around 70% in exchange for the deletion? And I just need to make sure that I have them fax an agreement before sending payment? I'm assuming this agreement indicates that they will be removing the record once payment is received? I'm just worried about them following through, considering their lack of due diligence heretofore. If they don't follow through, can that agreement be presented to Experian to compel them to remove the record? Finally, is it worth my time and energy to dispute the debt with them during the call, or to mouse at them for not sending me any notice whatsoever before dinging my credit report? Or is it better to just move right on to paying it and being done with it? Thanks again, everyone.
  9. Thanks to anyone who can provide some help. For statutory purposes, I live in Virginia. I recently received notice from one of my CCs that they were closing my account due to a bad recent record on my credit report. I pulled my report from Experian, and had a collection on there from RJM Acquisitions. It is for a book club account that is not mine - I didn't order the books, and never received the books. They claim the account was opened in 2004, but listed an address that I lived in in 1999. I'm fully confident that the debt is not mine (As an aside, I'm also being harrassed by National Recovery Agency for a different book club debt, but I think I chased them away). Anyways, RJM put a collection notice on my credit report and this was the very first I had heard of it. Never received a single phone call or email or letter in the mail. My credit has never been sterling due to revolving CC debt, but I've never had a collection issued to my report, so I immediately disputed online with Experian. Today, their investigation results indicated that the collection notice remains. This was worthless, since they never asked any details at all. Additionally, by disputing with Experian, RJM claims that they were forced to reage the debt from the supposed original account open date of Oct 2004 to Feb of 2008, which is when RJM purchased the account. I've tried to read through the FAQs and learn what I can on the board, but I could use a little more guidance here. Having disputed with Experian, and received no relief, is my next step to dispute with RJM via RMCCC? Can someone point me in the direction of a template for a letter that I can send to them? It's a small amount of money, less than $30, but I'm afraid that if I just send them a check that they won't pull the record off my credit report. Does my paying the debt compel them to remove it? In other words, can I pay the debt and then provide Experian notice that it has been paid? Honestly, I don't want to give them one red cent. I would argue that the SOL has passed, but I'm unclear on the SOL for this in VA, I've read 3 years in some places and 5 years in others. Also, the reaging of the debt seems to eliminate that as a remedy. This is my first experience with something like this. I'm infinitely frustrated that they made no legitimate attempt to contact me before dinging my credit. Any help or guidance that anyone can provide to get this taken care of would be massively appreciated. Please let me know if I've left out any details that may be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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