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  1. At least with someone recently out of bankruptcy and foreclosure, what you're getting is rather clear. An applicant could have a perfect credit history but be managing a house of cards and be one mistake away from collapse. In theory, at least, the bankruptcy should have brought everything into the open. I think this is the better decision than the ongoing drama of mortgage mods. Foreclose on the bad loans and underwrite people more carefully on new loans they can afford -- rather than letting things drag on forever with unrealistic mod arrangements.
  2. According to the settlement website, account credits went out Nov 2 and checks will be sent from the 16th to the 30th. If you have moved and think you won't be getting your check, the site has directions in the FAQ of how to contact them. Sorry I can't recall the exact URL, but if you google Bank of America overdraft settlement it's one of the first results and has a rather descriptive domain name boaoverdraftsettlement or something like that.
  3. bostonte


    Don't worry, wait one more cycle and it will be back.
  4. If your husband can't do it himself, he just needs to be there for the beginning of the call. Pass the phone to him, they'll do their authentication questions, he will say they have permission to deal with you, pass the phone back.
  5. I think, with a call to the recon number, your chances are good.
  6. I know in some states and situations, the parents of the minor are liable for the bills regardless of which specific parent signed anything at the hospital. Unfortunately I don't know about Mississippi, hopefully someone else does. Just as a tangent, it can work the other way too where the child becomes responsible for their elderly paren'ts medical bills. Not always, not everywhere, but it can happen. What did you receive prior to the garnishment? They don't just "file for a judgement". They sue you and win to get a judgement. Depending on what paperwork you did or did not receive, there might be some avenues there you could look at to get the judgement vacated. Let us know what you got and hopefully there were some mistakes you can take advantage of. Just to be clear, it's also 25% of his "disposable earnings". Not 25% of his check. With a spouse and two children, it will be less than if he were single. At least is should be.. Trying to find the specifics now but having trouble.
  7. Priceline 2% from Barclay and Discover would be the two I can think of, but neither is going to give you a limit anywhere near Navy -- so depending on what you charge (especially being self employed, I assume there are often large charges) the convenience of a larger limit might be worth loosing the .5%. I wouldn't expect Barclay to go any higher than $5,000 until you've established some history with them -- probably $2,500 with the recent BK. I would guess Discover, if they approve, would start you at $1,000 with a possible jump to $3,000 after 6 months.
  8. Congratulations! 84 months is a very long time for a car loan....
  9. Do you have any lawsuits that you were found to owe money on (ex-spouse, business dealings, small claims, etc.)? I'm just wildly guessing, but that's the only type of thing I could think would be a non derogatory public record that interests Chex subscribers. Concerns about being subject to a court order or levy shortly after opening the account, etc. Any other type of "public record" I can think of I would classify as derogatory.
  10. In general, at this point they won't care. The suit is not about whether you can pay, but whether you owe. At some point after getting a judgment, they might try and do a debtors exam. That's when your circumstances are more important -- proving that you just don't have the means to pay. You should head over to the "Help I've Been Served" sub forum for help going over your summons and your answers. There are mistakes they may have made in proving you owe. Many times these suits are prepared in bulk and handled by a covering attorney at the courthouse with little to no interest. They're hoping for default judgements. Make a legitimate sounding fuss about mistakes in their paperwork and maybe they'll drop it.
  11. Are you working with a bank or mortgage officer that's being nice? Maybe if you conference them in on the call to National Grid they can do something to get around this once they verify its not legitimately owed any longer?
  12. bostonte


    Anyone know what the time frames are for asking for a lower tier? Maybe I should have asked before I upgraded, because dont I have to wait 6 monts now? And CLI's -- 4 or 6 months? I posted a little while back about how they must have changed things because my upgrade did not result in a new tradeline on my report, the current line just changed to reflect the new account. Well, in a rather odd turn of events -- another statement cycle later, the old account started reporting as a new open account with the new CLI, old high balance, and no balance. So I do have the old and new reporting as seperate trade lines, but stupidly this was done after everything on the reports worked out the way it should and was all set. I'm guessing the old one will eventually report as closed.
  13. So you want them to accept about 6%, in payments (not at once), plus clean the reporting to all positive, and structure the 1099-C to your preference? Sure, I guess you can try -- but I don't think that's realistic. Hopefully I'm wrong, I'm sure that would help your situation a lot. If you're not a lawyer, strip out the attempt at legalese. Use plain language. Many of the terms you used have very specific legal meanings, using them without fulling understanding them can backfire. If something were to happen where your agreement were to come in front of a judge (I.e, they didn't honor it) you will likely find the judge interprets plain language in your favor and gives you the benefit of the doubt about what the agreement was meant to say, playing lawyer tends to upset them and they decide to stay very strict to the specific words you chose. Pushing that you're teetering on the edge of bankruptcy may not have the effect you want, it could turn them away from accepting a settlement. They may legitimately fear you will begin paying them and end up filing bankruptcy anyways. If your payments to them are within the right time frame, the trustee can sue to recover them to distribute to all creditors. The risk of having this happen (and the expense to process and handle it) might be too high for the upside of a 6% settlement offer. Mention it, but don't press it too hard. Shorten the letter. Whomever is reading the mail will get bored after the first few lines and stop paying attention. Unfortunately they don't really care about your story. They're just looking for the buzzwords their masters have told them need to be present to move your request on to the next level of review. Bury the important words, and they will be missed. Quick short bullet points. Something like I have a documented medical hardship. My business has failed. I have no assets or savings remaining. This offer is the highest I can offer. If you do not accept this offer, I am prepared to explore alternatives including a bankruptcy filing. Good luck! I hope your circumstances can begin to improve.
  14. Nordstrom will be nice to you whether or not the bankruptcy is showing. I have a $5,000 Visa Signature with a discharge date the same as cuptrwz
  15. In practice, Google Wallet already works this way. Most people don't have one of the few particular credit cards that were originally supported (or just prefer to use others). These cards (or the Google Prepaid one) were what the merchant "saw" when you used NFC. The card was directly "added" to your wallet. Now the majority of people actually use a dummy credit card as what the merchant sees, and Google Wallet routes the payment to any credit card you added to your account. This way people can use any card they want and still get the NFC ability even though their bank doesn't support it directly in Google Wallet. If they were to issue a physical card version of that dummy card, it could be used anywhere without any special phone. You would likely open the app on your phone and select where you want your next swipe sent (if not the default selection). I don't understand how it can be cost effective, considering interchange fees and the like -- but as alluded in other posts, Google wants the data and probably is willing to pay some amount they can't work around as a cost of getting it. The other big problem is now your bank sees all your purchases as Google Wallet purchases, similar to how Paypal shows up -- google wallet - merchant name here. So you won't get the category specific cash back. Nor are your purchases directly charged anymore, so you will likely be denied any of the extended warranty options your card otherwise would have provided.
  16. OP's follow up post that the Secret Service thought he was the "victim of a card compromised by an RFID scanner". If the card has no RFID chip, don't see how that would come up as a possibility...
  17. I didn't think Macy's or Bloomingdales had RFID chips in their cards.
  18. Typical DCU. It should be expected by now... Sorry it happened to you.
  19. Is your Facebook profile private, or has it been public at any time in the past when one of these services I mentioned could have seen it?
  20. They use services like Spokeo to come up with numbers of people some computer database has determined its likely you know. Lots of them link into Lexis Nexus, which can give them data based on past addresses, schools you may have attended, etc. Keep in mind you've only heard about the people they called that really do know. There could have been tons of misses where they called some truly random person.
  21. Really hard to tell. I would say probably not, but sometimes the threat is real. The wording about the attorney review is pretty standard and meant to scare you. It does not necessarily mean anything other than the normal collection activity is really going to happen. Who is the original creditor? And what is the size of the account? Maybe people have experience with that particular creditor and can give some feedback as to how likely they are to sue.
  22. Have you tried calling the CRA's? I have called Equifax about things that were wrongly "verified" when I got dispute results, and in just a few minutes on that same call they corrected it to how I wanted it themselves. Also, are you perhaps giving too much information? Have you tried something like DOFD should be X/Y/Z please correct. Since the information is actually missing on EQ, maybe a phone rep might just go "ok" and add it for you (and at the same time make the entry obsolete and an easy removal on your next dispute if it doesn't automatically happen).
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUk69c72UlY you could've just typed "gangnam english sub" if you ever wanted to find out what they were saying. Sure, if had had any idea they were saying "Gangnam".
  24. Thank you. Now I know what the heck the phrase is in that song and as another plus can appreciate that it has some interesting significance. I've been hearing pieces of it various places and never could figure it out....

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