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  1. Apparently Bloomingdales expires 75% of your points balance on December 31st --- even points earned not more than two or three days earlier. Nice. I just lost 75% of the points I earned with my first purchases on my brand new account. That is such a scam.
  2. Sort to the SOL status of your debt first, before doing anything else. Unfortunately I don't know anything about Maine, but I'm sure someone else will be by to help. You generally treat the situation different if its within SOL vs. outside SOL.
  3. Well, you can't really compare our profiles. I could see no reason why you wouldn't get an instant approval for the dual account. It seems like my issues are a result of not being good enough to just go for the instant approval based on their preferred bureau. Oh well. No idea why I applied anyways, since the Loyalist perks aren't too exciting and I have nothing but good things to say about my Nordstrom Visa and do much more shopping there. In a related inquiry, considering my preference that DSNB doesnt soft my Experian -- but have you ever heard that a current creditor can't soft a frozen report? I called Saks today for a limit increase and they can't update my report (which they ensure me is a soft). They've always pulled Equifax in the past, and that's not frozen. So I think it might be a system issue -- but two reps tried and said it must be a freeze on my reports.
  4. The credit reporting group insists there is only one inquiry, despite my report clearly showing that isn't the case. Well, she claims one on Equifax and one or Experian -- but Experian is frozen (and doesn't show an inquiry in any case). Automated system still doesn't find my account, but they see the store account when I transfer to a rep and have them look it up. The lady at the "new accounts" department says my application was only considered for the store card because it wasn't done in store, even though I was in store. Supposedly my "in store" app was declined/referred and when I phoned in that becomes a new application which since I wasn't a current card holder and they consider it done by phone can be store card only. My card has already been mailed, supposedly. I remember all the threads about SBA warning its very important to apply instore or your account is forever second tier, so that's why I did it in store. Now I'm worried I have one of these second tier accounts. Now that I have a store card she can put in for an Amex application, but it would be a new inquiry. And my score was so borderline I don't think it will come up with the magic 700+ with the two DSNB inquiries plus 1 for Bill Me Later (I was annoyed at DSNB so I went or a non-reporting BML for 6 months no payments no interest on PayPal). Still no explaination for why the original person I spoke to said both cards. For now at least, I'll just lick my wounds and stay with the store card. I admit I was trying to game the system and it didn't work how I planned. My BK is from 09/09, so I'm not supposed to be able to be approved and gambled I could find a loophole in the approval. I probably won't be able to try for an Amex upgrade until I hit four years now, since as a current creditor they'll likely soft my Experian and see that on their screens. I was hoping for a one inquiry gamble and dual approval, and then the softs not shocking them enough to CLD or close. Maybe I'll try in 90 days once my Equifax gets forgetful again.
  5. To an underwriter someone who carries a balance is a higher risk. That person may be spending beyond their means and the only way an underwriter can get an idea of that is the balance they are carrying. The person who PIF is almost no risk to give a CLI because that person is likely to continue to simply PIF. As always in credit YMMV but just think about what an underwriter or actuary would think and that gives you the clearest idea of how the company will most likely think. While the conventional wisdom is that you are more likely to get CLI's with PIF behavior, I have also seen exactly the opposite. I personally have cards where I PIF and have never received a CLI, and I have cards where I don't PIF and have received generous CLI's. It depends very much on issuer and on your personal credit history. The difficulty is without access to the creditors internal and complex modeling software, you have no way of knowing whether you received (or did not receive) the CLI based on your decision to PIF or carry a balance. It's entirely possible you would have received them either way based on whatever else happened to your reports during that time plus added experience and age with that creditor. You can't go back and try it the other way to confirm.
  6. Is the Amex account created and visible to CSR's immediately? I applied in store and got a referral so I had to speak to credit services. I was approved after speaking with them and I asked the lady if I was approved for the Amex or the store card and she said "the approval is for both the Amex and the store card". I tried calling the automated system to find out my limit, and it can't locate my account. If I wait to speak to someone, they can -- but I asked this lady about the Amex and she said "I'm not seeing that at this time". She sees the store account, and I used that already in store. Is this her nice way of saying I'm declined for the Amex, or do they sometimes not show up right away? Is it normal to not have the automated system find my account yet? I got two hard inquiries on Equifax. I know the magic number is supposed to be 700 FICO for the Amex. I would be just over 700 on the first pull, and probably just under on the second.do you think they did a second pull and saw it under 700 and changed their minds? Or was my first rep confused? I realize anyone would just be guessing at this point, but maybe SBA can offer a guess based on their experience?
  7. Generally a Social Security Disability lawyer is going to work on contingency. If I remember correctly you can claim up to two years of back benefits (if your circumstances permit), and the lawyer gets 25% of the back benefits. They're actually paid by the SSA directly out of back benefits. Your father wouldn't have to deal with the cost directly. Of course if the case is straightforward, that 25% could go a long way towards helping your family. The paperwork is available online and no more difficult to fill out than college applications. A lawyer becomes more important if you are originally denied and need to appeal. The process gets more complicated with each level of appeal. If you have documentation that they determine should be sufficient to get him approved for SSDI, a lawyer would probably take the case. Remember, in almost every situation including bankruptcy SSDI benefits and back pay are exempt assets and not available to creditors to attach. If any lawyer helping you suggests differently, check into why you are the exception before blindly believing them. Some lawyers just aren't sufficiently familiar with SSDI.
  8. What were the unexpected obstacles to the bankruptcy filing? Absent this debt, are they able to properly survive on what income they have now? Or is there still a income shortage large enough that it requires further borrowing to meet basic needs?
  9. Nordstom and Macy's are both pretty underwhelming and easy to beat rewards cards when you don't do a lot of shopping at their stores. Don't get me wrong, I really like my Nordstrom card. But I do a lot of shopping there. General spending works out much better on another card. If you have a smart phone you can almost always get a copy of the savings pass du jour on the Macy's mobile website and use whatever card you want. If you get the e-receipts its not as big of a deal to need "no receipt returns". Watch out -- they're tradeline happy and anytime you do anything at the register you risk them opening a new special tradeline that reports as a new account for that purchase. Ok, so I'm exaggerating a little... But they do have a zillion different sub account types and the employes are often less than forthcoming that your purchase will trigger one and report as a new account. Customer service is not known to be particularly helpful. But the savings pass is often 15% when the cardholder pass is 20% -- so if you shop enough, 5% can be worth it (more like 3% since you could use the 15% pass and a 2% card). For the past few years they've had a promotion that's basically 10% back in rewards on your in store holiday purchases. Like everything at Macys it comes with a binder for the exclusions, but it can still work out nicely depending on what you purchase. The rewards at Nordstrom are on double, triple, and ten points days. Otherwise a 2% card would get you the same on normal everyday store purchases. Outside Nordstrom is only 1% and nothing special. Plus earning towards the higher levels where you can get free alterations, free from store shipping, etc. based on in store spending. You can shop the pre-sale for the Anniversary sale. The people at credit services are nice. When Nordstrom does promotions (double, triple, etc.) it's straightforward. No exclusions except gift cards on 10 points days (you can earn double and triple points on gift cards).
  10. The Nordstrom registers do, in fact, prompt for ID to be entered when manually keying a card number. Based on the fact a sales person could run charges for me by phone without me giving an ID number, I guess the field is either optional or routinely filled with nonsense (000000000. Etc) I wonder how much longer she could have gotten away with it if she bought items to resell instead of return for cash refunds to the same location. It's sad to see this, because it worries me that Nordstrom will start restricting cashiers like other stores do and gone will be the days when the sales person could fix almost any issue right there quickly -- I don't want it to turn into a Macy's type environment where the sales person needs a manager approval to breathe near the register.
  11. The Rack has both clearance items from the full line stores as well as inventory purchased just for the Rack (stuff at a lower price point than the regular store). The online Rack selection is much more limited, and usually limited to clearance items. Congratulations on the approvals!
  12. I can understand their desire for a signed letter. An unsigned letter has no weight. Singing it means you accept some responsibility for what's within it. If, just as an example, it was later found you fraudulently claimed ID theft to get out of a legitimate debt -- the signed letter gives them some ammo to have it persued. Also, since this is an ID fraud case -- they probably want a signature for their records to differentiate you from the thief. Maybe to compare with the application or sales slips, or maybe just so any future letters can be verified as coming from you instead of the thief. Why do you say Nordstrom are "leeches"? How have they handled matters in the past with you? Do they have any obligation to DV at all in your state? If not, I don't see why they couldn't choose to require a signature if that's what makes them happy. Hopefully someone else will reply with information about their 623 obligations, that's a different animal I know little about.
  13. But the money that would have been in the bank account for their planned purchases would now be loaded on the prepaid card and exposed. How is that different? Did you mean to say getting a secured card?
  14. Can you try that post again? Your transmission was garbled.
  15. I would see if you can get a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney -- I understand your desire to avoid that if possible, but I think you need to know how your particular circumstances would play out should you decide to file. They obviously aren't going to draw you a complete plan on a free consultation, but they might point out big red flags either for or against filing that you didn't think of. You need to know the pros and cons of both sides before you can properly evaluate your options to make the best decision. And you want to be prepared and know what to expect if a CA decides to file suit before you reach SOL and forces you to file. Keep in mind in many cases you need to be proactive to use SOL to your advantage. If you don't file the proper responses and defenses, you can get a judgement against you for a debt that's past SOL. Carefully read and ask for help on everything you receive if you don't fully understand it. I wish your family well, I hope their recovery continues positively.
  16. It's a 1% back outside of Nordstom card, 2% at Nordstrom -- so just at that level, not too competitive. But if you shop there frequently it can be quite worth it -- there are double and triple points days on Nordstrom purchases, there are 10 points days, you can earn up to unlimited alternations, free shipping from the store (the full line store is normally free right now, so this is most useful if you're doing a charge-send to get an item from a distant Rack), and other random shopping treats like that. You get early access to the Annivesary Sale, invitations to the Christmas Shopping party, etc. You can also chose to get travel rewards instead. All of your outside nordstrom purchases will get one travel point and in store will get one fashion rewards and one travel point. If you save up enough, the travel points can be redeemed for up to 1.75% value. You basically call and they just credit against a travel related purchase on your statement. The rewards are heavily geared towards increasing instore usage, which is understandable.
  17. Walmart has deferred billing? Or did you misread a deferred finance charge offer? I know the Woman Within type store do deferred billing frequently. It shouldn't report a balance until the billing actually occurrs (and only then if you don't pay it before it reports). So 90 day deferred billing should not cause any reporting concerns till the beginning of March when the purchase posts -- at that point you would want to watch your statement date to get the payment in early enough. There is no balance to report until the end of the offer because your card has not been billed yet. Deferred interest (I.e. no interest if paid within X days, otherwise interest from day one is added on day x+1) will report the balance, since your card has actually been billed. This is the only type of offer I've heard of Walmart offering.
  18. bostonte

    Approved DCU

    You're missing so much.... 10 points per dollar today! And another 10 point day shortly... Christmas shopping party, etc.
  19. First Class exists for packages too.
  20. As I said above, delivery confirmation cannot be used on letters. You must make your letter qualify as a package (and not a "flat") to use delivery confirmation.
  21. All Delivery Confirmation does is show the post office says they delivered it. If you're operating under the assumption the collection agency is shady and might lie, they'll just say "nope, never got it". Certified mail needs an actual signature and not only proves the post office says they delivered it, but that someone at the addresse's business agreed. Of course, it all depends on how important that particular letter is.... there are flaws with certified mail too. It just shows you mailed something and they signed for it. It doesn't show what you mailed in that envelope. You need to weigh the potential of needing really strong proof of delivery against the costs. None of the methods are bulletproof, but depending on your particular situation it might not matter. Delivery Confirmation is also not available on letters, it's a package service only. You need your flat to measure 3/4" minimum at its widest point to qualify for package services -- that's why you may have seen reports online of some letters being delivered with a 3/4" cube of styrofoam in the package. It's also not a guaranteed service, but a best effort service. The post office employee might not properly scan it, and they won't particularly care if he or she doesn't.
  22. Who is the original creditor? Who is the collection agency? Most of your options to stop the harassment depend on the other party being concerned about following laws. If they are an online lender writing potentially illegal loans and claiming to be outside of US jurisdiction, I don't think pointing out violations is going to have too much effect. If this was a storefront loan, your options are different. They have a real address they'll give you and have to follow the laws or they'll loose their licenses. You might be able to find info on the collection agency so you can get them on violations, if they aren't also claiming to be on sovereign territory and immune from these laws.
  23. Odds are rather good, at some point, they will start intercepting tax refunds or worse. Try calling the Treasury Offset Program to see if there is currently anything filed for your social. I think 800-304-3107 should connect you to the automated system to find out.
  24. To be fair, if you were around that forum when this particular person made their original first post -- they are deserving of some of the criticism and disbelief. I also find the thread to provide little to no useful information that is anything more than feelings and guesses by person who has already proven themselves to be less than reputable and have less than basic knowledge of how credit works. If this person established that they had some actual knowledge, perhaps I'd put more weight on their hunches. But if you can find some good information hidden between the weeds, awesome.
  25. Direct deposits will be available next day after they are received. On most types of deposits other than payroll, that means you're going to see one extra day delay with Navy. With payroll, it's normal for your payroll deposits for Friday to actually be received say Wednesday afternoon/evening with directions to post for Friday. The "big banks" post it on the scheduled date, Friday. Navy will post the day after receipt, so in this example you'll see it Thursday or Friday depending on the cut off time and when your payroll actually comes through -- so either "on time" or one day early. That's why people that only get payroll deposits don't notice Navy's odd policy of adding one day -- most payrolls are processed with enough of a buffer that adding one day still makes it early or at least on time with their previous experience with a regular bank. It's the only bank/cu I've ever experienced this with, and it bothers me. If they can make the little "Pending Deposit" thing come up why can't they just post the credit? DCU is known for making the funds available ASAP, so you'll often see a payroll deposit available on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening depending on your employer.

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