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  1. "Operations Portfolio Review" is also the department that frequently calls people that were declined for a previous CLI and offers to review (and in many cases, such as mine, grant what was requested). Do you have some reason to assume its negative and not postive news they have?
  2. It's a terrible financial decision, but if you decide it's your best option to do the cash advance and can't wait the 7-10 days for the mail -- you don't need a PIN. Go into a bank with your card and ID (two forms, if you have it) and tell the teller you want to do a cash advance. But I would strongly suggest against doing it.... it's a bad idea.
  3. You are limited to withdrawing funds through the methods the card allows. Right now, bill pay doesn't seem too bad -- but just imagine parking your $10,000 there and then getting a letter that bill pay is now capped at $200 a month. It certainly can make an interesting option, but it is not without its downside.
  4. I've seen plenty of reports of people calling back and trying to recon a second time with Barclay. Some reported success. As long as you're willing to risk another pull (uncommon but possible any time you play with an analyst) and will survive a possible scolding if the second rep reads the notes and cares, go for it. I think their problem is not the BK, but the Apple card you have. December is still very new for Barclay. 6 months seems to be a big milestone for them, so it wouldn't surprise me if they aren't interested in approving a second card until your first card has at least 6 months history.
  5. I asked about the timeframe because it is a very big distinction. Did it charge off prior to you filing? If it did, they can continue to report that as long as they report the correct charge off date and that it has a $0 balance. They do not need to remove the charge off notation. If it did not charge off prior to filing, you would probably have better luck drafting some sort of certified letter insinuating violation of the bankruptcy stay etc. and sending that to Nordstrom than disputing through the CRA.
  6. They can report charge off if the account was charge off prior to filing. Are you sure that's not what's happening? As long as they are reporting the right dates and no balance due, it shouldn't make a difference whether the wording says charge off or IIb.
  7. Depending on where the error/oversight was, its entirely possible EQ fulfilled their duty to investigate and verify even though they originally "verified" it as correct when it really was not.
  8. There is no way to "not let the charges go through". Once they issue an authorization, they are required to accept the matching charge if its submitted within network rules. They can, of course, decide that charge is fraudulent and dispute/reverse it -- but they can't just stop it. Any bank that makes pending charges disappear in a fraud case prior to them posting is just doing internal housekeeping to make it look that way to you, it really is proceeding like Alliant told the OP where they wait for the charge to post and then dispute it. They just make the decision to hide that from the customer to make them more comfortable and likely cut down on calls to customer service. Perhaps Alliant did a poor job of explaining things to the customer, but they are correct.
  9. Did you call underwriting? They get weird with current cardholders sometimes, and it requires a call to underwriting to get it approved. If necessary, maybe you can move some from your other Barclay card in order to secure an approval? (I think your goal is gas rebates)
  10. Barclays best gas right now is the Sallie Mae card, I think. It's capped though.
  11. That's not true. When you withdraw/drop/whatever, the school has a formula they need to apply to all government sponsored fund received (Stafford loans, Perkins, etc.). This tells them how much money they need to return. So, depending on the circumstances, the formula can determine they need to return a large portion of the loan proceeds to the government -- but their internal policies say you don't get a tuition refund, so you're left owing money to the school and your loan is reversed so to speak. Or it could say you were there long enough to keep the loan proceeds and you're fine.
  12. Jerk. If he agrees he can't take the car, why not give the parts back? It's not his loan -- if the repo is off, let the lady have her car. Did he give her any reason why he won't, or just a because I don't want to and mine is bigger than yours type of attitude? Maybe he is holding out for payment of his fees? (Whether or not he can) Do you know who the finance company is? Is it one of the bigger banks, or a small shop? I would try and get the bank in the middle if its a larger place. Don't lie, but don't offer details that aren't asked. "I filed bankruptcy, but the repo guy you hired immobilized my car and won't return the parts." Offer proof of the stay, etc. Let them figure out, if they even get there, that the immobilization happened in between stays -- and see what their response is. I wouldn't be surprised if they made a call to have the parts returned pronto, lest they be caught up in automatic stay violations (or at least having to defend why they don't think there is one).
  13. What's her goal? Is the car going to be surrendered in the bankruptcy, or is she hoping to reaffirm or some such thing? Or is she just hoping to be able to drive out the stay before they pick it up?
  14. Your score is very low, borderline on qualifying for that product in the first place. That along with high utilization across the board is a recipe for disaster. I wouldn't rock the boat with an underwriter for at least a few months to ensure all those payments show up on your reports and your reported balances have gone down. Push too aggressively with underwriting, and they may decide they would prefer to close the card. Unfortunately your behavior looks rather risky and spooked them.
  15. I don't think we've been given enough information to conclude that...
  16. They don't want these big debts because there's little recovery in them. If they do anything other than ask nicely, the debtor is definitely going to visit a bankruptcy attorney over $200K. The money is in recovering debts that, if necessry, can be brought to judgement and garnishment -- but aren't going to push a debtor to claim BK just because of that debt.
  17. Ask them to make the account joint and then reevaluate including your income. Or, just get your own and have it backdated to take advantage of his age.
  18. After seven statements cut (you have to use the card for a statement to generate) and seven payments, call and ask to be upgraded to the visa.
  19. All that means is you didn't get the best terms, which would mean Tier 1 Visa. There are four tiers that can be either store card or visa. You may still find your approval to be quite satisfactory. If you are curious, give them a call. They are pleasant on the phone. 866-445-0433 Congratulations.
  20. Well, to answer my own question I applied for the increase with frozen reports and got the 3-5 day message. I refreshed CreditKarma today and it says I have a new hard inquiry, so they were able to pull TransUnion through the freeze at least. There were no inquiries when I pulled CCT this morning -- so hopefully that's the only one and I don't have another surprise tomorrow on Equifax. No change on my account yet, so I'm assuming its a no.
  21. What do the Bill Me Later statement notification emails look like when you have no payment due because of promos? My statement just cut yesterday, and this morning I got an email that says "Important Information About Your Bill Me Later Account". Within the email, it seems to just tell me what my available credit is. If I didn't happen to know my statement just cut, I would figure this is just a silly nothing email to try and sell more. Just want to know because if this is what a statement notification looks like, people need to be carefull.
  22. Do you know how Navy's system works when you request a CLI online -- if you have an offer already in the system it approves or counters without a hard inquiry, but if you don't it does a hard (with no way to tell beforehand whether you'll go to a hard pull or not)? Does anyone have experience requesting a CLI with frozen reports? I wanted to try a CLI request on my second card that I've never asked or gotten anything on, but I'm not interested enough to take the hard. I have no problem with getting denied because they can't pull my reports. Just want to find out if there's already an offer waiting. Just looking for feedback where someone had done it -- we're you successful, did they pull a hard through the freeze anyways, did it have other unintended consequences?
  23. They will bond just about anyone, as long as your company is willing to pay the premium. This is more of a company specific issue than a general issue -- are there any other employees you could ask to get a feel for how conservative your company is?
  24. I don't agree that they really had PP, but I do agree to let it go. You are likely to cause more damage trying to fight it and fix it than just letting it age.
  25. It's possible to get an automated approval with DCU that doesn't require income, but very unlikely. Even their instant online approvals tends to be reviewed by an employee for snatch backs and income and id verification requests.

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