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  1. Anyone know if Citi's previous PG business cards are known for reporting on personal reports?
  2. Just because they didn't ask doesn't mean it's ok. You still need to be 18. You can't legally execute the required corporate documents and resolutions if you are not of age (or otherwise went through legal emancipation). You can't be a director or officer without legally singing the bylaws of the corporation in your personal capacity. One cannot sign these as a minor. You need to have legal authority to contract to sign a credit agreement, even if singing in your corporate capacity. Again, as a minor you do not. You post nonsense that's going to get someone in trouble because you either legitimately don't know what you're talking about, or are trying to set people up for problems on purpose.
  3. Keep in mind the "find rebates" option is merely a trick to get the financing approved above and beyond the sale price enough to cover your negative equity. It doesn't actually make your negative equity go away (without the negative equity your purchase price would have been that much lower). For example many credit unions will advance up to 120% of NADA for qualified customers - this allows you to roll your taxes, title, tags, etc. into the loan. The NADA value the credit union uses doesn't adjust as quickly as promos may, so a $1,000 rebate applied to the sale (all else being equal) could potentially allow another $1,000 on the loan before it reached 120% of NADA. But, you still have the negative equity - you're now just starting off super underwater on the new car. So you have the underwater situation of most new car loans (value drops quickest at first so you're underwater right at the start) plus the negative equity from your old loan -- and it's not good. In all reality, over time the value of the car in the resale market will reflect that it was frequently sold with rebates and incentives. It's possible to get lucky if you find a fantastic purchase deal and resell in the perfect market -- but the only true way out of your situation is pay more and treat the car carefully until you clear the negative equity and can trade out properly (or keep driving). Not to say rolling negative equity can't be a legitimate option (negative equity at a high rate refinanced into a 0-2%, unrepairable car into new reliable car while you pay extra, etc) but just understand what's really happening with the numbers and how it can possibly make things even worse in the future. Just because you can get a situation financed doesn't mean you should. Remember the car dealer's job is to sell cars, not give you personal financial advice. Do your own math and decide what's really best. Don't negotiate solely based on being able to get out of the old loan. Do your research on what the sales price of the new car should be, what your trade value should be, what your payoff is, and understand what they're doing to make the numbers work for any proposed deal.
  4. Brteacher, can you give us an idea of what you pay vs what you were funded on some of your loans? Their website doesn't give you much info until you agree to credit checks and such...
  5. bostonte


    Yes. My temporary was $1,000. My actual approval was $3,200. A call to credit solutions before I even got the card raised that to $25,000 (they raised it so quickly my original paperwork even references the $25,000 limit).
  6. In all of the states I have leased, sales tax is not charged at purchase but monthly based on your payment. So you wouldn't avoid that. I don't believe BMW has an acquisition fee, so you wouldn't avoid that (and in all likelihood the original lease probably rolled it in anyways if they had one). You would still be responsible for disposition fees at the end (I think BMW was $395). I don't see much advantage to assuming a lease unless you've found someone desperate to get out that throws in enough of their own cash to make the deal happen. If you choose your model wisely so it has a high residual, why not just do the lease yourself? You would surely qualify for the best tiers and strongest incentives.
  7. Did you explicitly walk the underwriter/recon CSR rep through what you wanted them to do? I.e, "I understand about the charge off, but as you can see I have strongly rebuilt my credit, blah blah." Throw in something about having tried to make repayment arrangements but was told there is nothing you can do, etc. They always start with the "you caused a loss to the bank, there's nothing we can do" -- but there is, and they do.
  8. $175 a year, waived the first year, $400 minimum cash to open (looks to go up to $600 possibly if used towards airfare), $100 towards airline incidentals. Uncapped 3x airfare, 2x hotels. I'm not saying it's a card to keep for life, but it sure doesn't look bad for at least the first year. Reevaluate at 12 months and see if Wells does anything for retention offers.
  9. I hate wearing v-necks. It feels like I didn't finish getting dressed, with my upper-middle chest half exposed.$50 sounds bad, but it's barely worse than $40. Plus, as you might expect, I'll get 4% back from ebates, so they're only $8 more than the Tommy Johns. 10% from ShopDiscover.....
  10. I guess I can see a $5,000 per transaction limit, but $5,000 a day? Not that I spend that much on a regular basis, but it's not that much when we're talking about a total of multiple transactions. It would have never even occurred to me that there would be a fixed transaction limit that can't be easily removed with a call from the bank attempting to verify a larger than normal amount of transactions.
  11. In the past, Discover for whatever reason doesn't report/update the first statement period after you receive a CLI. Does anyone have any recent experience to know if this is still the case? I don't want the balance to report for various reasons, so trying to decide if I have enough time to make a big purchase and a payment before my statement closes - or if it's best to just wait until after it closes. But, if they aren't going to report anyways, I don't have to worry about it. And before someone asks, I have a promo Discover spend offer so it is a good choice to be using Discover versus one of my other cards.
  12. I bet you could call the automated status line after an hour or so and see an approval, they just say a week to keep their options open. "Verification" is some mysterious process Chase does when redecisioning a card. Sometimes it's instant while on the phone and in the few minutes they put you on hold its already done. Other times the "verification line" is "down" and you get told to wait and see. Still others times apparently some overrides require a more senior analyst to process the "verification" so you have to wait for your redecision to be approved and processed by this second tier.
  13. I applied several months ago. Received 7-10 day. Phoned the GE magic number and told declined, no recon possibility, and wouldn't tell me the reasons had to wait for the letter. Never received any communication at all to this day.
  14. Wow, I have a higher Discover line than Hege? Must be opposite worlds day. I assume you can tell when you're being fed a line, but are you sure you actually spoke with an analyst? They do have a second level "account manager" tier they often transfer you to when you express displeasure with the front line response. This level says they are an analyst, but they seem to have no more power than the front line except they can adjust APRs without requiring the little post card thing to be signed first. Both times I've spoken with the third tier, they seemed to be the real deal and very willing to either give me what I wanted or offer a sound explanation for what they needed before they could.
  15. Just call regular customer service, and make sure you have seven statements and seven payments (or more) since you got the store card. If there was no use in a month, and no carried balance, no statement generates and that month doesn't count.
  16. So just under $63,000 -- and that doesn't include the business cards? Yikes. How long have the balances been at this level? Was there a sudden increase in spending, have you been carrying like this for a long time, or do you have high balances yet high payments (I.e. Not revolving everything this snapshot makes it look like) Even with a high income, you're at the line you're going to start hitting automated alarm bells. If your story is good enough, maybe a manual review after speaking with an underwriter can reverse the automated CLD?
  17. How long ago did it first go negative, and how did it happen?
  18. I have a Nordstrom Visa, bin 414721, and it's properly accepted at the Fandango and Clear links you posted. I did not try the other.
  19. Send Checksystems a letter with your discharge papers and they will delete everything off the report. No idea why, but they do. Well, the pre-BK baddies at least. It's very difficult being in Checksystems, they treat you like you're the lowest level of garbage when you go into banks.... definitely try to clean that up and you will have a much higher quality of financial life.
  20. I would wait until you've cashed the check, if I were inclined to take the aggressive approach and not just wait 6 months or a year tot try again.
  21. Just don't agree to the terms and conditions for electronic billing during application, and you don't have to. They don't make it clear that the agree check box is only if you wish to also select electronic billing. Don't check it, and you can proceed with regular paper bills.
  22. Logix is well known for giving that all is well you're approved for $X high limit, the underwriter will follow up -- and then it turning into a denial or a $500 card. You didn't help things, but I wouldn't bet on having gotten the card as listed had you not added all the cards.
  23. Look online. Recent activity, then change the drop down to the correct statement cycle (usually labeled current). Expanded info about your earned bonus is shown on that screen on the right hand side. It's not transaction level, but it does break it down by which ShopDiscover it was, how much they calculated for online bonus, etc. I do agree they need a new system for tracking and checking, it's bad. But I have always gotten what I was promised with ShopDiscover.

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