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  1. Also: Sterling can and will deactivate your card when there has been 12 months of no activity, and will completely close your account after 24 months of inactivity. I don't know if this is PER CARD or PER CL though...
  2. Sterling currently operates two nation-wide jewelery stores (Jared and Kay) as well as various regional jewelry stores (JB Robinson and others). From what I understood before, the cards share the same core credit limit/line because it's the same company issuing the cards, but the account numbers will be different (i.e., different ways to access the same credit line). I assume this is how a Carson Pirie Scott vs. Bon-Ton department store credit card would work, as opposed to Macy's vs. Bloomingdales. I really should find out though, and let you guys know. I'd reccomend calling credit using the number on the back of your card and asking them. Here's a complete list of the stores: * Kay Jewelers * JB Robinson Jewelers (third largest chain after Kay and Jared) * Weisfield Jewelers (western states) * Marks & Morgan Jewelers (southeast) * Belden Jewelers (northeast) * Shaw's Jewelers (WI, MD and VI) * Goodman Jewelers (MN, WI) * Rogers Jewelers (OH) * LeRoy's Jewelers (mostly KY and WV) The following stores are generally higher-end (may carry Rolex or Omega watches for example): * Jared the Galleria of Jewelry * Friedlander's Jewelers (WA and OR, only 3 stores) * Osterman Jewelers (mostly MI, OH, IN) And Belden is not being shuttered...but the regional chains are being downsized by quite a bit, with unprofitable stores being closed.
  3. Shigeru

    Macy's GLI

    It's reported a balance before...12/07, 4/08, and 10/08. I just don't want to get whacked with interest or mysterious finance charges. Actually just came back from the mall, but the stuff I liked either was not in my size or wasn't on sale...plus I already made a Macy's purchase this month.
  4. Shigeru

    Macy's GLI

    BubbaG: I already requested a GLI earlier this month, got +700. Didn't know to ask for more (had not studied CB yet, had not discovered your enlightening posts!), plus I was still hurting from Chase kicking my butt and not giving me the full amount I asked them for (fear of rejection!). Plus it was given by an overseas person, but that's a whole 'nother story...anyways, I guess I should try buy something every month or so to show what a good customer I am (I always PIF with QuickPay as soon as it appears on macys.com)! If I was rolling in cash I'd have the leather sofa I am coveting...
  5. Shigeru

    Macy's GLI

    This topic has me plotting a way to get a 4k limit soon... Hm, wonder if they're more willing to give GLIs in November/December for the holiday season...?
  6. Looking at my recent EXP and TU CRs, it's definitely a Visa Signature card, says Visa Signature very plainly across the front just under the embossed numbers, does not report CL, and has at least one of the little "perks" (year-end statements). Don't know how I got it... So do I have to worry about rolling over balances with my Chase then? I've also read it actually hurts you to roll over your balance because it adds it to your total balances without adding a CL, thus hurting utilization...there needs to be a handbook for these things (I've just realized that Signature was special a week ago!)... I'm just not really interested in Credit Unions, and I definitely do not want to open any other types of accounts (i.e., savings, checkings, etc.). That'll make things too complicated for me IMHO. I don't even know what a brokerage account is (though I have an idea)! Also, it is not my intent to go crazy filling out applications...even thought about waiting until my cards are age 2. I would be perfectly happy with just one or at the MOST two new cards. I do -not- want a lot of cards, and especially do not want any low CL cards. Hence me obsessing and researching the best card! Only mentioned the Prestige thing cause there's a whole giant topic or two that says that higher-end department store cards in your CR are looked upon favorably and many say Nordstrom is seen as having higher standards (such as rejecting people for too many inquiries). Haven't pulled my FICOs through myfico yet. wcnghj: Someone else reccomended Citi Forward to me, it sounds interesting...I probably should check out the Credit Pulls section to see what kind of limit it gives...I do spend $$$ on Amazon, so I thought about the Amazon card but it's by Chase and they've already informed me that I have as much credit as they are willing/able to give me (grrrr...). I should go check whether Amazon gives me 3% cash back on my Freedom though...
  7. Shigeru

    Macy's GLI

    I just got a substantial GLI this month after calling. First time I've called, previously just got auto-increased. I didn't ask for a number or give a reason, just "whatever you can give me".
  8. Having worked previously at several department and specialty stores, I can tell you that I've had to take physical imprints with that stupid giant ink machine MANY times. People often have warped, cracked, or scratched-up cards that won't swipe OR the stupid internet goes down for some reason and we have to take a physical imprint for the records. Whenever we had to type in a customer's card number manually (those stupid keychain cards NEVER SWIPE properly!) the computer prompts for an imprint, and that's impossible with a "smooth" card. I got into big trouble at my first job (at a lower-middle-tier department store) for not embossing a card I couldn't swipe...it was one of those smooth keychain cards, all beat up. The managers were even confused about what to do! Do they even still send out keychain cards? I haven't seen one in years.
  9. Thanks for the replies so far. Of course I'd love more people to join in! Come on people, speak up! I should probably go through my year-end statement for my Chase Freedom and total up all of my gas/grocery/drug store spending to see if Blue Cash is worth it, huh? I do know that for gas I charged 2.3k, but the Visa Signature combines grocery and drug stores with ANY merchandise purchased almost ANYWHERE on the year-end statement. Just glancing through, it doesn't look like I'd hit the 6.5k or whatever bar they set unless I start grocery shopping more (as opposed to eating out). But it's sooooo pretty...I'd be totally annoyed if they gave me a three digit limit though! One reason I am not sure about the Nordstrom Visa Platinum is because I've actually never bought anything at Nordy's before, though they are at my local mall. I've only shown love to Macy's so far because they did give me my first individual account and their generous auto-CLIs BUT they have a HORRIBLE selection of sizes in jeans and pants, even at my local higher-end Macy's (which has brand areas like Polo RL, unlike other nearby Macy's). So perhaps Nordy can be my suit destination? Would it look bad to have only one bank and two store cards? But then again, I've heard the Nordy card is a positive "prestige"-like symbol on your credit report, as their standards are high. I'm considering some of BOA's rewards cards, but they all seem to be SO similar that it is very confusing deciding which one I should get! I would love to find a prime bank (BOA or Citi?) that is generous with CLs and CLIs, because Chase is INCREDIBLY stingy and conservative (though I LOVE the generous cash back on Freedom) with my CL...but yeah, I know this is the wrong time to be asking for a big CL... How long should I wait after my next Chase and Macy's statement cut (rolling over very low balance and both CLs increased this month) to request my fico?
  10. Hello. Just discovered this site a week or two ago, and read a LOT here and at other similar sites. I would like to get at least one more credit card, as all I really have is one Visa basically. I have had a Macy's card since the end of 2007 and a Chase Freedom Visa Signature since the begining of 2008. Both started at 500 and are now over 2k in limits. No other lines, no bad things. Always PIF. Going to try roll over 0 balance or <10% balance on Chase before any myFICO scores pulled. Always have PIF before but didn’t know to do it before statement dropped. Latest hard inquiries: 1 late 2008, 1 mid 2009 Wish List: • AMEX Blue Cash (I know, I know, but it’s SO PRETTY! The Clear one is nice but not as hypnotic…and no cash back…) • Something from a prime/highly regarded bank with a HIGH CL that reports (no signature, charge cards, etc.) • Something from a prime/highly regarded bank with a LOW APR% for a potential cash crunch • Nordstrom Platinum Visa (Yeah I know I should probably convert/upgrade my Macy’s to Visa first, but…it's Nordstrom!) Any reccomendations?

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