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  1. Which cc would you reccomend to use for buying items (for me it would be books/comic books/manga and dvds/anime) off of Amazon? It doesn't fall into one of Chase Freedom's categories so I'd only get 1% (actually 1.25%) cash back, and there is no online shopping portal for cash back. From what I gather, the Citi Forward (5 TYP on books...do dvds count as movies or music?) and Amazon Rewards (Chase) (3 points per dollar, 6 in first 90 days + signup bonus) cards seem to be the most rewarding. I am particularly interested in hearing from people who have actually gotten rewards. I'm especially worried that if I use Citi Forward it will not view Amazon as a book store. My ramblings/observations, gathered from what I've read and understand: Forward's good points: probably a higher CL, easier CLIs, could be a good restaurant/movie theater card Forward's bad points: Poor TYP redemption system, bank is not as "well off" as Chase AR good points: could be a decent enough office supply/gas/restaurant/drug store card, issued by strong (but conservative) bank AR bad points: probably a lower CL, I'm not sure if I was denied credit with Chase in the past 6 months...Hard CLIs
  2. He's talking about the Freedom (not the Chase Exclusives version though). I spent a LONG time trying to find a list of their "rotating 3% categories" and could not find them posted anywhere. Maybe after June 30th?
  3. Twice I've had issues with initial denial because Chase "hard pulled" a CR under the wrong suffix that is attached to my name (for example, they requested Shigeru Leonhart 04/IV instead of Shigeru Leonhart 05/V). One bureau thankfully will still respond to their wrong request, but the main one they use won't recognize and pops back "lack of credit history", which prompts their system to automatically send a denial/rejection notice and letter. What should I do? I'm really annoyed that it's happened twice so far, and it took two transfers (I think in India?) to finally get someone in the Credit dept. to approve the requests. The funny thing is, the first pull to open the card AND their soft pulls for reviews seem to be going through just fine! Please help. I'd really love a magic (American) number, and I also really do not want to get smacked with another inquiry just so that they can test it (unless they plan on skyrocketing my CL)! Thanks everyone. P.S.: The Amazon 3-2-1 Visa has now caught my eye...but I have no idea if I've been "denied credit with Chase in the past 6 months!"
  4. How long does Chase like you to wait before asking for a CLI? Would they be more willing to boost you after your card turns two years old and the original inquiry is gone?
  5. Using a cash back card has been extremely rewarding for me...I'll let others reccomend particular cards.
  6. Anyone have suggestions on how someone can make Chase like them and reward said person with a decent CLI? I'm assuming the minimum requirement involves not carrying a balance, paying in full, and using the card all the time. (not being late, letting the card age, and having a clean report are givens) I'm not sure whether Chase likes new accounts (pretty sure they don't), and whether seeing another card with a higher limit may prompt them to try match it... So...anyone? Share please!
  7. I'm not in a huge rush to apply for anything...I won't really be motivated to start filling out apps as long as I have my chase exclusives freedom card going strong. I just am a big plan for the future type person. Sidebar: Open Road is a guaranteed $60/year cash back for me for gas, but I spend more than $100 a month in gas...
  8. Anyone else have any reccomendations? Right now it looks like it's going to be Discover More for the 5% categories (gas is coming up starting July) and their customer service along with reputation. Pulled my fico scores and very happy. Just a matter of choosing when and for what to apply...
  9. Wow, another great Discover More approval. Congrats!
  10. You guys are making it very hard for me to avoid applying for this card! Must...resist... Congrats on such a high limit!
  11. Wait, so the Visa is now a true upgrade/conversion (like Target) instead of an additional credit line tacked on?
  12. How soon after the statement closes does Macy's / DSNB report and show up on a CR? I really want to see that new GLI of mine. I know it's at the most a week (7 days), but I'm wondering if it's sooner. Hopefully someone who is a daily puller or something knows the answer. I can confirm that it is not the day after your statement closes, lol...
  13. Wow, you just applied to practically every card I've considered applying for. Disocover More is probably my next...still on the edge with Citi Forward, as the TYP thing is annoying, but balanced out by higher limits than Discover. Well, I do already have Freedom, I have a (grandfathered Chase Exclusive?) Chase Freedom that still gets its 5x3% and $200->$250 rewards. I'm dreading The Letter.
  14. This makes me feel better about wanting to apply with Discover.
  15. So does that mean we cannot PIF and roll over 0 balances anymore? Not at all. Unless I am misunderstanding your question it does not mean that at all. The payment registers during that month, and the GLI software checks to see if a payment was made during 4 of those 6 months. Did I understand your question correctly? If not, please let me know and I'll answer it. Let me rephrase that. Is it better to pay in full after the statement cuts? Or is it okay to still use Quickpay to pay off the account before the statement cuts?
  16. So does that mean we cannot PIF and roll over 0 balances anymore?
  17. I got the "Skip a Payment" on my Chase Freedom Visa Signature...didn't use it. ...ugh, I wish Chase would love me. I have to call and be hit with hards for CLIs... Congrats on the CLI. From my experience Chase is VERY conservative about doling those out, so you should be very proud!
  18. I would never open a CC just because it looked good. My primary/everyday use card has to have an excellent unlimited cash back program, which right now is my Chase. I expect any supplementary cards to also provide me excellent benefits, whether it be super rewards, low APR, high CL, or generous CLIs without smacking me with hard inquiries (Macy's, unlike Chase, likes to increase my CL!). Discover More is looking like a better alternative to AMEX the more I read about it. Citi Forward also in the running. Nordstrom is out for now. I wish there was a list of excellent customer service cards (U.S.-based call center reps would be a big selling point in my book). I'm really nervous about pulling my first FICO (which will be Equifax)...how long after a statement cuts does it take to appear? I hope that to see a really nice score, especially considering my new Macy's limit... (Oh, and thanks to everyone so far for contributing to this thread! )
  19. Still, that's a pretty nice CLI! Congrats. In these times we've got to take what we can get.
  20. 750, huh? So practically perfect...
  21. Check the expiration date on your card. Mine was opened in December but expires in March, and last time I talked to a CSR they said that I have "until March to earn a Platinum card" (though I did stop at Gold).
  22. Was reading up on Discover More today. Sounds like a decent alternative to Blue Cash in that it's a rewards card from a reputable, conservative bank with supposed high standards. Doesn't look like they give you a large CL in the begining though...but they do have pretty Clear cards... My Freedom is still at max strength for rewards (five 3% categories + 1% others + 200 for 250 check), so for now that's my main card...but I won't count on it staying like this. Anyone else have an opinion on Discover More?

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