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  1. I mean management would rather have you use their own store's brand credit card. It simply looks better. Just don't ask questions, and simply had the Kay card over when you pay. They should take it.
  2. Yes, it can. It is discouraged though, especially at Jared (Jared is separate from the mall stores). A lot of regional stores have been "flipped" to Kay, so a lot of customers will buy from Kay with their trusty old Weisfield/Osterman/Friedlanders/etc. card. But it's no problem to use a Jared card at a Kay or vice versa. Saves you an inquiry for a new card. Jared DOES have different "no finance charge" interest free programs compared to Kay and the other mall brands though. Higher minimum purchase for example.
  3. American Express Personal Savings (High Yield Checking) is (down to) 1.15%. If you're a Costco member, Capital One's Costco Member account is 1.15% + 10% of the interest earned.
  4. Sounds like the Fidelity card is a pretty good option for me then... ...and I also gather the 2% back works even at places that are normally in the exclusions lists, such as Costco?
  5. Shigeru

    Mayors Jewelers

    Sterling does not own Mayors. Mayors is part of the Canadian company Birks & Mayors Inc., which also owns the Birks (Henry Birks & Sons) and Brinkhaus upscale (think "Tiffany") chains in Canada. I would think their limits are on the higher end for a jeweler, as the stores are higher-end Rolex-selling stores. I'd try do a search for stores at a similar positioning. Ben Bridge for example, shows a $7500 line on credit pulls. JE Caldwell shows $4500 Basically, search for anyone who sells Rolex. Note that a few -select, high-end- (non-Kay) Sterling stores sell Rolex (Osterman, Friedlander's, some Jareds), but usually people apply for credit while in the process of purchasing said watch, and thus they are considered for a higher limit. h w credit: Sterling has closed probably around a hundred or so underperforming stores in the past couple years, with most of that coming from their regional brands (JB Robinson, Marks & Morgan, Belden, Osterman, Shaw's, LeRoy's, Weisfield, Rogers, Goodman and Friedlander's) that are "duplicates" in malls with multiple Sterling stores, as opposed to the national Kay and Jared stores.
  6. The next addition to my card portfolio is going to be a no-category high rewards card. I already have cards for higher percentage rewards on specific categories (gas, eating out, etc.). I just need a card that I can charge big purchases to that will get me more than one sad little percent. With Schwab's Invest First Visa closed to new customers then changed over, it looks like the Fidelity Investment Rewards American Express Card is the next best thing, right? Most places that I'd charge large amounts at take AMEX too. I would not charge enough on the VISA to reach the two percent tier. Anyone have experience with these cards? I know the cards are handled by FIA/BOA, who I have never dealt with before. I also have zero experience with Fidelity and setting up one of their "mySmart Cash" accounts. Thanks!
  7. I thought backdating was only for when you yourself had an old, owned account...? Can anyone else please help out here?
  8. Another thing to remember: All Sterling stores accept CREDIT CARDS (and debit swiped as credit too) as a form of payment for store accounts. Kay, Jared, you name it. Customers are strongly encouraged to use the financing (i.e., 12 months no finance charge) and then pay their monthly bills with their usual rewards card. So you're not stuck using cash or check and losing rewards.
  9. Hi there everyone, quick question: Does being an AU on a good American Express account help with being approved for your own personal AMEX card? I mean an AMEX issued through American Express, not just a network card through Citi or the like. Thank you!
  10. Cool, replies already! Hadn't thought of Citi...though they do currently hold my (not tiny) Macy's limit on their books. Not interested in Penfed or USAA at all, for a variety of reasons. Anyone else?
  11. Hi there everyone. My local Neiman Marcus is having a big event soon, and I will be spending a good amount there. I do not have a Neiman Marcus credit card, and am somewhat tempted to open one. I am not a heavy NM shopper at all (Macy's is my store of choice, followed by Nordstrom), and I am not a fan of cards that do not report limits. On the other hand, I'd love any perks I'd get for being an NM cardmember, especially if they are anything like the thousands of dollars I save with my Macy's card and savings passes. I would not buy enough to reach any of the higher tiers of NM's incircle. I do not currently have a card that runs on the AMEX network. I always PIF, so a charge card would be fine, though I admit I am not a fan of annual fees. Still, looks like there's a bonus or two for opening certain charge cards through American Express right now. Also, I am not a Costco member, so that card is out, and I wouldn't get the full benefit of Blue Cash. I have no problem paying with a check, but I am still tempted by this shoportunity. (Sidebar: Too bard Nordstrom's card is a Visa, and there is no way I am opening a Dillard's card)
  12. Macy's Gold Star Rewards: Tons and tons of discounts and savings passes, many of which are starting to have fewer and fewer exclusions! Started very low, but has really rocketed upwards thanks to heavy use and PIF. Should poof into a Platinum level soon. Pondering requesting the Visa after it ages, if I can stomach the inquiry, so that I can get the Rewards program (X% back as Macy's gift certificates)... I only wish they would get rid of the India operations and only work out of their U.S. call centers.
  13. Is it just me...or has Chase quietly killed off the incentive they used to run of having double rewards points for the first three months of your new Amazon.com Rewards Visa? I cannot seem to find anything on the elimination of the bonus online... I would have thought SOMEONE somewhere would have complained... All of the promo third-party websites still claim the double points... Looks like it's just a $30.00 statement credit now. They've also removed the Amazon card from their own website...it's only on Amazon now. Sad...
  14. What I did to upgrade mine to Gold was call and ask "How much more do I need to spend to get to (in your case, "Elite", the black card) level?". Then when the CSR said I qualified already, I politely asked if I could upgrade at the time, and they made it happen. Hope that helps. Congrats on the GLI!
  15. I called a little after 5PM mountain time yesterday. I just called at 11AM MST and got India AGAIN...sigh...useless... So instead I called my handy backdoor number (which says it is only open 9AM-5PM) and got someone who seemed like they were domestic...different type of accent (Asian maybe?), not Indian accent...she seemed much more competent, and confirmed that I should call "6 months from June", so probably mid-November I'll call. For the record, I only got ONE U.S. CSR EVER on the line when calling the number on the back of the card. I don't know what it is about my Gold card's number that is on the back, but it insists on routing itself to India no matter whether I call at 9AM, noon, 2PM, or 5PM. Multiple times (hang up, call again, India again). It is extremely frustrating, and very dissapointing. In addition, the one time I asked (around 1PM MST) because I was having issues with my name, the CSR refused to transfer me to the U.S., claiming she couldn't and didn't have a number. Thankfully I found some type of backdoor number online and it seems to work just fine. I just didn't want to raise any problems by requesting a GLI too often...for example, having them reset the 6 month wait time! So I've given up on this for now. I guess I'll just wait it out another 3-4 months and then ask for a REALLY BIG GLI to make up for it. Since I'll be asking during the Holiday season, hopefully they'll be very generous! As in, multiples of thousands generous... Thanks BubbaG.
  16. The reason I thought I was safe: my statement "period" ends on the 4th, so I thought that since it's the 5th it was into the next "period"...
  17. Howdy everybody! Well I had no problem getting them to TRY and give me a Guideline Increase...but.... I received my last requested GLI in May, and just called and was denied because "it says you have a recent guideline increase" and he said it looked to him like I got it in June. Huh? Then I realized that "June" meant the June statement which is calendar May! All I had remembered was "May". I got confused with the statement and calendar days...Looks like my "August" statement hasn't cut yet, as I study what appears online. Drat... So since I got increased during the "June" statement, I should have waited for June, July, and August to cut. I'm still hoping I can get something...do you think I can call again once "August" cuts and posts? It took SEVERAL tries because the line to India kept dropping. The (second, cause the first got disconnected) guy I spoke too did say I had "very good credit scores" and to try again (but he couldn't tell me a date to call back, just "a few months"). I'm just a little impatient is all...trying to get my limits looking pretty so that my next card has a good starting one. Thank you everyone.
  18. Ah, okay. So Macy's doesn't care -when- I pay my statement, as long as I pay it (and all of my others) on time. Thanks!
  19. Hi there all you happy people! Which of these behaviors is preferred in Macy's eyes (and thus would lead to bigger GLI and maybe even a Visa Upgrade): 1. Charge item(s), PIF charges BEFORE statement cuts (payment posts in same month, rolls over 0 balance). 2. Charge item(s), PIF statement AFTER statement cuts (payment posts in the month it is due). I've noticed that in the past when I did "1" that I would not get statements mailed to me. This does not make me happy. I am also not really that concerned about utilization, because mine is very low and I'm not planning on apping anywhere. I really wish I could ask for an increase before 6 months...I was never aware to do the 3 month thing... Thank you!
  20. Can anyone else confirm the Southwest Airlines Number being a good number to use for Chase Freedom questions? I love U.S.-based customer service.
  21. Congrats! Wish Chase would love me more.
  22. Look for the threads about Macy's goodwill. Follow the same steps/methods.
  23. Thanks so much to everyone so far. Lots of Forward fans... I would -love- to apply for the Amazon first to max out the first 90 days bonus (it would also be very convenient that I could manage the card through the Chase website), but I don't know who to call (I doubt anyone in my branch could help me) about seeing if Chase considers an initial denial of CLI (they pulled a blank report under the wrong name) as denial of credit within the last 6 months with Chase. Sigh.

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