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  1. What do you -use- the Chase Freedom for? If it's only for the bonus rewards, the cap for each quarterly reward category bonus is set at $1500 anyways. Have you tried escalating the Credit Line Increase request to an underwriter or credit granting department? They can give MUCH higher CLIs than the front-line reps. Chase is extremely conservative in CLs compared to others, in my experience. However, seeing others raise you to higher limits may convince them to give you a boost if you are free from recent inquiries and new tradelines.
  2. 1. I'd reccomend waiting at least 6 months after your initial denial. What was the reasons given in your first denial? Has your credit situation (Debt-to-Income, Utilization, Average Age of Accounts, FICO, Inquiry Age, etc.) improved since then? 2. AMEX loves high incomes, paying in full, and low debt/utilization. Anecdotally, they may also like to see prestige credit/store cards (without balances), and would be spooked by "bad credit" products, or anything that shows lack of abundant positive cash flow (some loan products). Final Word: I agree with Capn12 that 70% utilization is too high, especially considering your credit card limits (not including store cards) amount to $16,450, so 70% utilization is $11,515 of debt. How does that compare to your income?
  3. It's a cloned/re-badged "First National Bank of Omaha GraphiteSM American Express® Card". Source: http://www.firstnational.com/001/html/en/personal/cardproducts/creditcards/credit_card_main.html?utm_id=16 Very sleek, but I don't find the rewards impressive enough.
  4. That is a very large CLI for Chase to grant. I have always found them very conservative in their CLIs. I agree that they probably pulled the second to compare and verify.
  5. Thr one time I talked to an underwriter/analyst/credit granting person I had really good results. He was very nice and understanding, even throwing in an extra bit of a CLI to round out the number. The key is to get past the (often overseas) CSR phone answering people and to (American) people who can actually help you.
  6. Very nice card...a more attainable palladium in some ways! I'd totally jump on it to replace losing my 3% dining on my Costco TrueEarnings Amex, but my Chase Freedom with exclusives is holding up to replacing that well for now (1.1% + 10 points/10 cents + dining is the current quarterly bonus category). Works really well for cheap lunches (Subway).
  7. Late, but... Definitely apply in-store. An AMEX CR said the TrueEarnings card always takes longer to issue because Costco is very slow in communicating with them.
  8. Where do you shop? It doesn't matter how awesome a store card is, if you never shop at that store... Favorite Store Cards: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=478503
  9. HA! It's definitely very corporate...and vaguely religious... The first thing I thought of was "Abbey Dawn", Avril Lavigne's clothing line (formerly sold at Kohl's).
  10. Do any of these have annual fees? Are any "stuck toy limit" cards?
  11. Around here, Wells Fargo is a lower tier bank. They've opened branches in old fast food restaurants, as well as in-line locations in strip malls (as opposed to the usual stand-alone buildings). I suppose that's why they use Lowry Hill; to avoid connections to Wells Fargo. They're also flushing away any goodwill in the Lowry Hill brand to create this new, unheard of "Abbot Downing" company. I'm not impressed.
  12. Hello everyone! We all seem to have at least one store card...and some here have tons. What are your favorite store cards, and why? Whether it's something about the store (brands, quality, selection, style, price), the coupons, the rewards, or a generous credit line, please share! Feel free to include co-branded cards as well (store card combined with a Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX).
  13. Macy's always takes forever to cut statements and report... I'll wait until I am pretty sure they have updated and then backdoor EXP.
  14. For the store card? I just called the number on the back of the card and the automated system didn't state a CL.
  15. Amex via high CLIs for me. Chase is showing some auto-love but nowhere near Amex's...
  16. Smart decision. No young, affluent people I know carry cash or checks. They don't want a hard pull and/or barely ever used card. Many live by their Visa debit card or one favorite credit card. If you look at store reviews on sites, there is anecdotal evidence of millions of dollars of lost sales due to awkward/rude salespeople bumbling the payment issue and losing the sale after it had been closed! Note: Selected "touristy" NMs accepted more cards, like Honolulu and Las Vegas.
  17. The new interface is much nicer, especially when you find out where all the links are now (bordering the card info window as opposed to on the far left of the screen on the vertical menu bar). I would be extremely happy if they started reporting/telling us our credit lines again. I have spent a lot less at Macy's since the change (never called and never denied though). The elimination of the perks for raising your card color/VIP level was a discouragement too. Not to mention Men's Impulse was removed from my local store...
  18. I know Chase has been granting auto credit line increases for those with excellent credit, as they try to attract more of the AMEX customer base.
  19. I could have sworn I had seen one of these topics but I cannot seem to find it anywhere... What was your first credit card with a credit limit over $10,000.00? If it was a store card, do share, but let us know what your first non-store card was too.
  20. Nice reply. Post-it notes huh?
  21. The USAA Amex runs on the American Express network, but is not a card owned and serviced by American Express. So it's kinda-sorta-but-not-really the same thing. I like: The extended warranty (Visa's requires registration and is just too complicated for me to even bother with, though I should try) The US-based customer service on the phone Acceptance at stores I'd normally be forced to use debit or a check at (Neiman Marcus, Costco) Hard-free CLIs Decent rewards
  22. It's just so awesome.. Probably holds up better than the Centurion American Express and the 18k white gold Neiman Marcus (for chairman's circle) credit cards (though I read NM discontinued that gold card).
  23. Hi there everyone. I know you can request (and obtain if they like you) CLIs of an amount that would put your new limit at up to three times your current limit with Amex (i.e., if you have a CL of 1.5k you can ask for a new total limit of 4.5k...1k limit and you can ask for a new limit of 3k). If you ask for the max and don't qualify, do they counter the offer? For example, if you have 1.5k and ask for 4.5k...will they offer you 3k? Hope that made sense! Thank you!
  24. Is it better to use the "request a credit increase" (or whatever the wording is) option on the American Express website, or to call the number on the back of the card and use the phone option to ask for a credit line increase? Thanks.

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