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  1. The Cash+ has 2 separate categories, one for fast food and one for restaurants. The Citi Forward gets coverage on both, plus music, bookstores, and movies. Correct...not arguing which is better but only presenting another option (that does not involve points). It would behoove some to make the U.S. Bank Cash+ card into a dining card by choosing both fast food and restaurants. Unfortunately you then lose the chance to use the rare categories like bill pay/utilities, home improvement, or furniture. You do get that $25 visa gift card bonus when you redeem $100 though.
  2. It doesn't work in the same "Pay to Get Credit" way, but have you tried Kay Jewelers?
  3. Closed on my house, but of course nothing is reporting yet. U.S. Bank's Cash+ Card is taunting me...calling me with a siren's song! The 5% billpay (it would be AMAZING if it worked on my gym, but from what I read it would only work on my Cell and Cable bills, and maybe my water bill) and 2% grocery are very appealing...my second 5% would probably be either fast food (Subway) or restaurants. Maybe furniture stores if I plan on going crazy at Crate & Barrel. I'm also wondering if it's worth opening a U.S. Bank Checking to get the base points from 1% to 1.25%, but setting up direct deposit sounds like a pain, plus my Chase Exclusives Freedom already gives me 1.1% + 10 cents. What is holding me back: 1. There is no incentive/bonus for opening the card (the $50 after $500 spend facebook offer has expired). and 2. It is inconclusive whether the branch would honor the $200 checking with direct deposit offer as the fine print says it must be redeemed by a targeted individual. Also, initiating direct deposit would be a hassle. and 3. My Amex CLI date is coming up later this month. and 4. Would I get a better or worse limit if I wait for the mortgage to report? I'm assuming it will initially tank my (high) scores... Talked on the phone to one stand-alone branch woman who said that only the grocery store branches do incentives for opening accounts (huh?) and that it "didn't matter" if I opened the card online or in-person... Thanks everyone!
  4. US Bank Cash+ is really the only one on my short list that I really want right now.
  5. Congrats! I -need- this card so bad. If the billpay works for my gym membership and personal training along with my utilities that will be incredible. Have you read about the "bonus" percentage points added to the 1 percent rewards if you have their higher checking account tiers? Don't know if anyone has confirmed it yet though... Once I close on my mortgage I'll have to decide when to app for this (probably before the mortgage reports, cause that might tank my score, right?)... I just keep telling myself, wait until the keys are in my hand...
  6. WANT! ...but I wonder if it would negatively impact me apping for a mortgage in the upcoming months...? Also, there is no special bonus for opening an account other than the 0% interest on all balance transfers for six months. Do you think they'll be handing out 100$ bonuses or something similar when they start promoting the card? It definitely seems like a pretty decent type of a Freedom/Discover/Dividend "supplemental" card, like they're gunning for that second or third credit card wallet slot for those of us who already have strong rewards cards.
  7. A bankcard is a credit card issued from a bank... Even if an inquiry doesn't effect your FICO number, it can still be seen and held against you on a manual review. What is your overall utilization? How about your utilization per-card; any "maxed out", or over the reported limit? I am inclined to believe that you were denied due to high utilization (too much debt), and factors like not having a mortgage means you're not getting any (for lack of a better word) "bonus points" for that.
  8. I reeeeally like my Chase Freedom "with Chase Exclusives". For people somehow still on the "top three categories" rewards plan: The former "exclusives" bonus to the Freedom card was taking you from 3 categories up to 5. I don't recall if the $200 in cash back being redeemable for a $250 check was part of exclusives, or available to all Freedom cardholders.
  9. So now that our previous "guidelines" have been established as our "credit limits"...and (hopefully) will be reporting like normal cards... Is there any way to get an increase without a hard pull?
  10. Price list of products and prices in DHS and USD: http://www.dubaidutyfree.com/Listings-11.pdf The one item I compared is discounted at less than 10 dollars, compared to the list price at Neiman Marcus.
  11. Congrats. If I switch to State Farm I'd consider this card. The Crystal Rewards' $30 fee turns me off though...not to mention the rewards having an expiration date. If they did always double or triple earnings on state farm products their offer would be more compelling.
  12. Curious about this as well... Cheapest thing at Jared would probably be a jar of jewelry cleaning solution, or a jewelry polishing cloth. I know there was that whole gift card strategy, but I'm not sure whether that still works...
  13. Congrats! I wish my NM had a better mens selection, then I might actually shop there. Did they do a hard pull for the increase?
  14. What island are you staying on? The Grand Wailea is a Waldorf Astoria Resort. Halekulani (Oahu) and The Westin Maui seem to have good reviews on the Visa Luxury Hotels site.
  15. Maybe. I'd say definitely before the credit meltdown, if you were applying in-store. The sales associate could call in and sometimes get a nominal amount approved so you can get the discount. At least that was my Macy's experience. It's tempting to say "of course!", but lending standards have tightened up a lot from the old rapid/instant credit days. I'd venture to say that perhaps more generous CLIs are more likely to be granted at this time of the year IF your credit report is in order.
  16. Mine is also still the same guideline that it was before they stopped revealing/reporting it.
  17. I think they HAD to raise their caps, with Chase's Freedom being set at $1500 every quarter. Between the low caps and sad little 0.25% initial rewards, plus less acceptance...how could they compete? Anyone else find it really weird they are not saying what the cap is for the second two quarters of 2012?
  18. Rewards cards seem to always have higher interest rates that non-rewards cards. While I'd consider that awfully high, rates are determined based off which credit tier they put you in. Also, Discover is conservative...
  19. Chase Freedom with "Chase Exclusives" is great for small purchases if you bank with Chase (you need a Chase checking account). It gives points, but they are not undervalued like Citi's (Chase's UR points are 1 point to $.01), and can be exchanged for extremely small increments. 1% cash back 4% bonus on rotating categories (love the current Restaurant one) to equal 5% cash back on those categories +10% exclusives bonus per transaction +10 points ($.10 more per transaction) exclusives bonus So on a $5 sandwich, if my math is correct, you'd get: 5 points (1%) + 1 point (10% rounded up) + 10 points + 20 points (4%)= 36 points, or $.36, so 7.2% cash back.
  20. My credit has posted too. I agree that American Express is running this very well...
  21. Has anyone applied for this, or does anyone have it? It's pretty unimpressive yet so...yes, snazzy sums it up well.
  22. I had something similar happen. It was EXTREMELY easy to fix by calling the credit bureau.
  23. I've only just recently received a Chase auto-CLI...after years and years of nothing! I was absolutely floored, as it was a really decent boost too. I think they raised it to try match AMEX and because of purchase modeling (they're hoping I'll run more money through them). Also, I hadn't requested a CLI with them in well over a year.

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