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  1. Here's the reward scheme for the CapOne Costco card in Canada. It's really awful, except for the 3% back on restaurants. http://www.costco.ca/capital-one-platinum-mastercard.html http://www.capitalone.ca/credit-cards/costco/ 3% on restaurant purchases 2% on gas purchases 0.5% on the first $3,000 you spend annually on all other purchases, and 1% after that Double cash back for first 3 months after activation. The Canadian TrueEarnings Amex cards turned into the 1.25% everywhere "Simply Cash" cards with a "welcome bonus" for the first 6 months of 5% cash back on eligible purchases in Cana
  2. Quick question: I know you get asked for finances at the $25,000 credit limit mark from Amex. Is it AT 25k or ABOVE 25k (i.e., 25,001 or 25,100)? So, can you request exactly 25k as a limit without getting smacked with a financial review or request for income verification and the like?
  3. If you have difficulty finding an affordable way to keep your Macy's card active... The closest Macy's to me now has a Starbucks location inside of it. It has a full menu, including hot items, unlike the grocery store kiosks. You can reload your Starbucks Card and pay for the reload using your Macy's Card. In other words, you're buying gift card credit using your department store card. In addition, you can now turn around and use your Starbucks card there to earn Stars. Previously, you could not earn Stars inside department store locations, but this has been fixed. However, you ca
  4. So, what's the current state of requesting a CLI on a Macy's store card? Are they hard pulling, soft pulling, or it depends on the whimsy and abilities of who you talk to on the phone?
  5. Oh, I want this! Problem is, I also want the Fidelity Amex, and am leaning towards that as it can be used at Costco. Yes, I realize I could get both. The double hit to my AAOA won't be that fun though. If this had a signup bonus I would be all over it now, instead of waiting for my Arrival to get downgraded.
  6. Thanks for sharing this information, Ron! According to the Amex rep and what I've read online it's Chip and Signature.
  7. I've had that happen to me too. It's very rare indeed. Congrats on the CLI!
  8. I agree with jonson, two is enough. I recommend you only get a card from a favored store that you will shop at often, and whose use provides some type of reward (store gift certificates from Nordstrom, discount savings passes from Macy's, extra sales from Banana Republic, free shipping from Williams-Sonoma, etc).
  9. You can change categories every quarter (the categories are April-June). Higher-end fitness clubs or "signature" sports complexes can be very expensive (think: country club meets gym). Pay for as much as they'll allow at one time (assuming you're actually faithfully using the membership) and this could be a nice category. How often can you change the categories with this card?
  10. US Bank has added Gym/Fitness Centers as a category to their (not as awesome now) Cash+ card. Of course, this doesn't make up for the loss of the bill pay category for many people (or Hotels or Travel, for people who enjoyed those categories), but it's nice, especially if your gym's billing method lets you get cash back on pricier options like personal training or cross-fit and the like. Combined with the cell phone category, this makes a good sock drawer card loaded up with those auto-paid bills (though some still prefer the fast food/restaurants combo for 5% dining), as I don't imagi
  11. Congrats! Chase is kind of known for their discreet, surprise CLIs. A tiny little message appears on your statement notifying you they increased your credit limit.
  12. I did, and I was. Approved instantly, but the amount was not satisfactory to me. Calling their front-line CSRs was a waste of time. I called their credit/underwriting department the next day through a magic number and was able to get the CL tripled without another hard pull. Before getting this card, I did not have a MasterCard network card, nor did I have a 0% foreign transaction fee card. The free TU FICO is also great, as US Bank's free Experian product is worthless (it has never, ever updated for me - EVER). I doubt I will use any of the World benefits, as I don't really use th
  13. $440 (40,000 "miles") off of travel expenses for only $1000 spend is really the best I can find for what I want. Looked at US Airways, but they seem to be the ONLY airline card that does NOT waive baggage fees (and the AA cards expressly note in fine print that their waiver perk doesn't work on US Airways flights)...and their flight abilitiy for mile redemption is awful too. So, yeah, not really worth burning an inquiry and reducing my AAOA for their card. The flyertalk forums give me lots of hope for a downgrade or fee waiver for this card though.
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