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  1. Appears that I may have been wrong.... the SOL is 4 years. Is the SOL from the last payment date or first DOFD? I thought that I read somewhere that it was 3 years..... I truly would value your opinion. Do you think it would be best to pay it now? If I did pay, does that mean it would continue to report for 7 years after the settlement payment? Should I just wait until after the SOL passes at this point?
  2. I’m a moment where I don’t know what to do and need advice! I had basically gone off the deep end back in the end of 2016. Now I’m trying to clean up what I messed up on. I had three chase credit cards that I walked away from and have just received an invitation to pay off for a fraction of the debt that I incurred. These are all outside the SOL (PA resident) and just want to get thoughts around paying or not. I searched before and came to the consensus that Chase will not PFD. Will Chase ever reconsider me for credit if I pay them the reduced amounts? I seriously doubt they would if I didn’t.
  3. thanks cv91915 I'll attempt another letter directed to the CEO to see if that brings me any success.
  4. On Jan. 22nd, i emailed R. Carter (one of the c suite execs at TFS that i searched earlier on) regarding a GW for 7 30-day lates that I had from 2014-2016 for a leased vehicle i once had. Last week I missed a phone call from someone in the executive services department that left me a message to call them. I've phoned this person back several times with no answer and left a few messages. Just yesterday i received a letter from TFS, and the individual that left me the message, "A Cervantes", that they are unable to accommodate my request. Included in the letter was a spreadsheet of the account h
  5. i just looked at a copy of the letter that I mailed them and I only addressed it to CFNA, not an individual. That's a fail on my part. Aside from calling back again, is there a person best to be addressed over at CFNA for a GW letter? I searched earlier before i sent the letter and don't believe that I found one.
  6. I have just one 30 day late back in 2017 on my CFNA Firestone card. I wrote the company a GW letter and ended up receiving a letter that validated the payment to be accurate. I was clear in my letter that I was not disputing the late pay but rather seeking a GW adjustment. I decided to call the customer service earlier this week and spoke with a supervisor who told me that she would remove it from the CRs but her system only goes back to 2018. She encouraged me to "dispute" the information with the 3 CBs and it should get removed. I told her I don't want to dispute because they are accurate.
  7. Since submitting another email to the CEO of VZ, executive office has called me to tell me about their investigation. They told me that they will be buying the debt back from the CA. No time frame on when it will be removed, but that’s progress! Will update once it’s removed from CR. So happy right now
  8. Thanks again for all the replies! I love the support of this community and do a lot more lurking, than posting. I sent another email to VZ this morning and received a response within a couple hours that they will call me tomorrow. Fingers crossed they can see what happened and handle this. I’ll provide an update once I hear back from them. My best guess of the DOFD was early 2016. My original email to VZ was sent Sept of 2016 and that was after months of frustration before I threw in the towel. Of course EOS, being a JDB, is reporting the “date opened” as 01/18/2019 on my E
  9. Thanks for your response hegemony! The DOFD isn’t listed on my CR from the JDB. I live in PA and believe the DOFD should absolutely be past the SOL, which is 3yrs. Would you suggest contacting VZ to confirm this? After my email to the CEO, VZ had someone from the executive office call me to tell me they were researching the issue and would take care of it. I’m not able to find anything in writing to show it’s been taken care of, that’s the problem I guess. Perhaps I’ll just send the new CEO of VZ an email in order to have someone in the executive office contact me to readdress this.
  10. So I have a lot of issues that I must face when it comes to my repair journey that I’m about to embark on. I’ll spare the details and cut to the chase. I recently pulled my CRs and found a CA, EOS CCA, reporting for a Verizon bill that I once had. Funny thing is, this isn’t even a legitimate bill that I owe. It all started when I wanted to switch to Comcast to get a lower monthly bill, but for whatever reason Comcast wasn’t able to connect me to their service. Truth be told, I canceled Verizon, was going to send my boxes back for this new Comcast. When Comcast couldn’t hook me up I ca
  11. I need help badly! I've been following creditboards for some time now. I've gotta thank everyone for all the info on here. I'm finally in the 700 club! My dilemma is this: I've been working on buying a home now that my credit is much better. The mortgage company that I am working with has me pre-approved with the best rate. Now out of nowhere I started to get these phone calls from an 800 number. I let it go to voicemail and it is a collection company, Enhanced Recovery Company. They left me a v/m that they are collecting a debt. Well, I've been monitoring my credit daily with CS and t
  12. Yes, they do a hard pull for CLIs.... At least they did for me a few months back.
  13. I've had the "Platinum" card for a little over a year and a half now (the builder card w/ $39 AF). My CL is $1500 and I have cards with higher limits than that. I called to get a CLI and they said something like, no not at this time your account doesn't qualify. I made the mistake of telling them that I will apply for another card because I was unhappy with my limit. I thought it would be an easy approval to get another card with an AF so I chose the No Hassle Cash card with $39 AF. After going through the application process the woman tells me, Congratulations you've been approved for $
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