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  1. I use Equifax for monthly scores/reports.
  2. I have worked very hard to raise my scores. I have 4 credit cards but need a store card to round things out. I have never been late on my CC payments, currently carrying a zero balance on them all. For some reason, when I apply for a CC using a SP, it tells me I can only get a secured card. I do have a ton of inquiries from a year long mortgage search. My scores are in the 640 range, but the pay off on my credit cards hasn't reported yet. Any suggestions for a store card I can get to help my scores a bit more? I've brought them up 75 points in the last year, but not enough...
  3. I tried to get HPs removed that I didn't authorize, and ended up with an identity theft alert on my file that constantly causes me a hassle. I applied for a car loan and specifically stated they were to check no more than 2 lenders, they sent it out to 12. Since the conversation took place over the phone and I can't prove it ever happened, I'm stuck with the hard pulls. It's been easier to remove collections than those.
  4. I offered to cosign for my roommates car loan as long as they only did one hard pull and did not send it out to multiple banks. About 10 minutes after the dealership closed, I got rapid fire alerts. 12 of them. Fast forward a few months and I'm looking for a mortgage. Lenders all tell me that any inquiry within 30 days counts as one, so I tell them go ahead. Fast forward a bit more, I apply for a small personal loan. Denied for too many inquires 12 auto finance, 9 mortgage lenders. No one will ever do a hard pull on my credit again, not without fairly certain results.
  5. I've been with Pinecone since 2001 and I love them. I used to use the checks for groceries or gas, but now I have them go into my PayPal mutual fund account and have accumulated a nice little savings that I can use if I need it, since I have a PayPal debit card. It's a pretty sweet deal for me.
  6. I've used PayPal for at least 10 yrs with no problems at all. I use it once in awhile to buy on eBay, but mostly to receive survey payments. I have their debit card and mutual fund, and love getting dividends and cash back for purchases made with their card. I do have it linked to one of my checking accounts, but not one I keep much money in. I personally think they are as safe as any other online service.
  7. I live in OH and my atty said I was responsible for my husbands medical bills, and he for mine. His medical that has gone to collection shows on both of our credit reports. I imagine it depends on the state you are in.
  8. Actually, my next step is to make an appt to go in and talk to him. I've paid him a lot of money and gotten virtually no results. I think HE should show me an itemized list of what he's done to earn it. I was trying to find out what laws cover forcing the lender to fork over an itemized bill, in hopes that the atty will be prodded by the fact that I have done some homework.
  9. My atty hasn't done jack, which is why I'm thinking about finding another one, and I don't know what specialty I should look for. I'm actually planning to file a complaint with the Bar Assoc, but the timing has to be right.
  10. They have told him that they can't find the records (at least that's what the atty tells me). The company in question is Primera Financial Services in TN.
  11. I'll try to be brief...loan servicer that bought my mortgage says I owe them $10,000 in arrears but refuses to provide an itemized list of what the fees/charges are for. (There was an arrearage, but only about half of that amount). Since they can foreclose, I obviously need to do something about this. My atty says he's been calling and emailing them since April and getting the same answer. I think he should have done something by now. There's a lot more to this story, but I think the only relevant questions are: Can I force them to provide an itemized list of what fees constitute that much money? Do they fall under FDCPA? Should I send the a CMRR demanding that they disclose the itemized charges? If they don't do so, can I force them to eliminate the debt altogether? I will gladly pay what I owe them, I am not trying to get out of the legitimate debt, but I also don't think I should just blindly write a check without knowing what for. One other question...If I decide to get a different atty to handle this, what kind of atty would it be? Thanks for your help.
  12. I bought last week when things were ugly, now I'm smiling and holding...
  13. Thank you so much! Your explanation is clear and incredibly helpful.

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