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  1. I had a Cap 1 charge off update every month after it was paid right up until it aged off.
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  3. I did also. I did not opt in to the overdraft line of credit.
  4. They have 30 days plus 5 days for mailing time, or 45 days plus 5 if you disputed off a free annual credit report. If you already had a dispute in process, they get additional time to investigate.
  5. you generally have to wait 9 months before you get a CLI on a Comenity card. I say generally because a few members here have reported getting increases sooner, like around 4 months with good usage.
  6. This is not something I would be recommending to people. You are suggesting that people do something that might be illegal in their state (recording calls and/or claiming fraud). What exactly did the company do that was fraud? You were the one that made a mistake, not them. It sounds more like the lying you did was fraud. Everyone should review their state laws before using recordings to intimidate people in credit repair. Don't suggest that people consider potentially breaking the law to repair credit. +1 Twelve states require the consent of both parties to make a phone recording lawful, known as two-party consent. Before anyone tries this they should verify what law applies in your state.
  7. Also, if you disputed off your free annual credit report they have 45 days to respond, not 30.
  8. A charged off credit card that shows transferred/closed with a zero balance and a JDB reporting the same account is not a duplicate. If you really are seeing the same account twice, make sure you are looking at your actual reports direct from the CRA, some third party providers parse data incorrectly. Person that asked about goodwill letters, please start your own thread with details about the tradeline you are trying to get deleted and what steps you have taken thus far.
  9. Have her sign up for a prepaid debit card. Just because your mom owes a lot of money to different creditors does not mean they can just take money out of her bank accounts. They must have a judgement to garnish bank accounts. Federal student loans are different. How old is your moms debt? Does she have judgements against her?
  10. The law being referred to is 47 USC Section 415, but it does not apply to consumer cell phone accounts.
  11. I tried this recently, still waiting on results. Midland is still on my reports and should have been deleted.
  12. Are you looking at a third party report or reports direct from each CRA? Third party reports often parse data incorrectly. But Macys is not going to delete correct information, and if there is an inaccuracy they will correct it.
  13. Sound like its reporting correctly. You would have to find some inaccuracy to dispute and hope for a deletion. Or it could get updated making it look like a recent chargeoff, bring your score down.

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