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  1. i know everyone says this, but it takes a LONG TIME. even in three months a lot of us did not get anything done! It took me almost 9 months to start seeing results! ANd everytime I would come to this forum I would read, read, read and always see something new that I had missed. Don't get discouraged and just keep trying. If you can't afford postage try online complaints to the FTC, BBB and stuff like that. But most importantly just keep reading and don't give up!
  2. Nationwide increased by 2000 to 9500!! didnt even pay in full!!! they also froze my account twice cause they thought it was fraud!? Anyone else get some luv?
  3. Congrats! keep up the good work!
  4. i have been trying for a while now to get a discover card, always denied. So I decided to try again two days ago with a 729 TU FICO and 670 EQ FICO. Usually, it was an instant denial, but this time it still says processing? I have a FA on my file but was wondering if you guys think it was finally approved!!?? THanks!
  5. I have an EXPRESS card with 750 limit, i remember that last time i asked, they didnt pull a soft or hard but said that my account was not opened long enough? anyone have experience with them or know how often they usually will grant a CLI? Thanks!
  6. just checked my TU and the limit isnt there either, nor is the correct balance
  7. she is prob approved. i have two autos with them now, both took forever and a lot of paperwork..for other requests they have just straight out denied me. good luck!
  8. no., cc apps just ask that to see if you have "savings". it has no effect on your credit score.
  9. joe0082

    I DID IT

    yes!! like all the mentors on here, letting accounts age is REALLY important!!!
  10. WELL, THIS IS ODD. my mother is up 18 inq on TU best friend is up 14 I SHOULD BE UP ABOUT 9, BUT NOTHING OF MINE WAS AFFECTED YET...i noticed the other day i had 79 softs and thought it was odd, and did receive dispute results today....maybe i missed the cut!?!? Anyone else not affected at all

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