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  1. Maybe I can get "The Most Hated Member of the Credit Boards" put on the side under my name. Or maybe I can get the words, "Equal Time" or the CON Opinion put there. Ok I'll shut up.... Bash away....you have my permission in this thread to "Tell it like it is!" or the way you see it. Clark
  2. So you want to clean up your CB so that you can go out and borrow from "THEM" (the credit card companies) that are so crooked....this is what I don't understand. You bad mouth them and say how bad they are but want your CB cleaned up for what reason? Now, I conceed that I am probably wrong in this one case about paying in full IF the money is from your personal account. If it is from the proceeds of the business,(including the sell off of inventory or supplies) then it should be paid in full. Also remember that there will be tax consquences on the other two debts that you have settled for less than owed. Talking to your tax professional might need to be your first step in your plan of action. Clark
  3. I guess this subject is overdue. So it is your turn to laugh, poke fun, criticize or whatever when it comes to the subject of me...Clarkfan2. So tell me now...why do you think that I am the most hated person on the credit boards??? (Is it jealosy, because I'm so blunt or brash, too moralistic, the anti-debt stance? to name a few.) I have a few theories but will hold response for a long time
  4. So what you are saying Cargo John that it is not ok for me to defend myself.??? Go ahead and drop the axe then....I will always reply back to snide remarks regardless of the origin. Don't you get it...I'm more interested in this fellows outcome of selling his stock then defending myself from personal attacks... thats why I've asked for an update. However, when fired upon I will always return fire. So if you are trying to bait me into an excuse to kick me off, go ahead and just show you colors...although with the exception of this stunt....I find a lot of your comments have merrit...unlike some of the one liners from others. Clark
  5. I rest my case...lol Hey lugger26, did you get to sell the stock yet? What did you do or what approach are you using to sell it? Clark
  6. First to Rugbino, How do I get a 12k debit card??? I have over 12k in the account. It is usually around 6k but I've beefed it up for a purchase this weekend. I'm not a wannabe moral superhero...just an ole country boy with morals--and my FICO's didn't suffer on bit when I paid off my cc's...in fact in improved and they are better than a good 90% of the folks on this board! (All 3 in the 800's) Clark P.S. Rug I've been here too long to be considered a troll. I'm more notable than that! Read my signature line.....I'm not against credit....I'm against debt!
  7. So u want the best deal for you so you can go out and let "THEM" do it to you all over again??? Am I missing something here??? Just throw out morality???
  8. Willgator... Can I borrow 11k from you and figure out a plan on paying you less than our agreed on terms at the time you lent me the money? Let's work out a deal. Let's not bog this down with moral absolutes...that are so outdated... Lol Clark
  9. 3 times in my life. When pay why you can get it 3 times a year for free??? I'm starting to pull it one every 4 mths.
  10. You owe them....you borrowed it...you have the money...pay them in full! It's a moral obligation of good conscious.
  11. Ok in the Florida panhandle and lower Alabama.
  12. Can you add belligerent to the list??? lol Clark
  13. Here is a pretty good comparision... Compared savings accounts
  14. I'm glad things are starting to turn around for the two of you. Remember to watch everything (budget wise) like a hawk even if the company starts paying the insuruance. It would be good to live a cut back life style for a while to be able to pay off debt so you will have a larger cushion every month when it comes to bill paying time. Good Luck. Clark

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