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  1. I guess it depends on how you define the device. Definitely go with a laser/color laser device, something with a decent scanner. You can do the efax thing, but you need a scanner to get the physical document into electronic form to send. I have a Xerox 8560MFP and an HP M2727. Both are great devices, the Xerox is for a workgroup, and the HP is in my office. One of the perks of being the owner, I get my own printer Something very few people look at, get a decent phone. There is nothing more unprofessional than trying to talk to someone on a cell phone or poor quality phone. The only exception is if you are calling a sales rep or someone you have already been introduced to. You can use whatever service you want (be it voip, cell, traditional) just make sure the connection is good. If I can't understand what someone is saying, I am going to hand up.
  2. Software mucks everything up...
  3. I was afraid of that. I am going to break the transaction down, finance the hardware at one place, then try to source the software. I may end up having to pay cash for the software.
  4. I didn't want to bore the informed reader with details, like what is being leasing I need: 1 server - $7500 2 switches - $7500 Microsoft Server software - $7000 handheld scanners - $7500 propritary software from vendor - $10000 installation costs - $3500 misc, shipping tax - $1000 The total package is around $40-50k. I have been dealing with Marlin for a year or so, but my rep says they limit exposure to $50k per customer on standard leasing, I already provided tax returns and interim statement but they want something audited by an accounting firm. GE capital is working with me, I have been a customer for almost 18 months with them, but their lease rate is in the high teens, low 20's which I can't afford over a 36/48 month term. They went as far to approve the lease, but when I was looking over the paperwork, the interest and fees will kill me. Total net worth is around $250k, of which $150k is leased/financed.
  5. Looking to lease/finance some technology 'stuff', anyone out there know of non-pg leasing companies? I worked with Marlin and GE Capital before, but neither are willing to extend anymore credit without audited financials.
  6. Quickbooks - Must have Microsoft Outlook - Must have MFP/All in one printer - Must have Anything else is optional,
  7. CreditBoards helped me clean up my personal credit. A few months later, it helped me establish business credit for my company. After having been a member for two years, I can say without question that CreditBoards.com is the most influential website in my life. I want to personally thank the owners/operators and the members who have done so much to help everyone. I do not think the dedicated staff and members receive enough thanks for the work they do, I cannot express my gratitude in text. My deepest thanks, and wishes for a wonderful future. You can click on my 'about me' page to read my success, I want this post to be dedicated to the people who made it possible. -Greywolf
  8. My limit has been raised to 10K, I think its the beginning limit is 5K. I did purchase over 15K in furniture and paid my card balance in full as well as made plenty of cash transactions with IKEA. I did need to PG the card. Congrats!
  9. NFCU offers business cards if you are elidgible.
  10. With all the errors in D&B's system they are bound to make an error in someone's favor eventually Enjoy it, and cross your fingers that it stays positive.
  11. For Home Depot, do it online. If your local Home Depot has a pro desk, you can try there and apply. If not, apply online. The people at my local Home Depot were clueless when I asked for a commercial account application. They had to call another store to figure out what I was talking about. If you can use them, Northern Tool. It is an account you are either going to love or find useless. I wish they would build a store near me (in CT), it is like a giant toy store HSBC services the account and it reports to all three.
  12. I live in CT, and NSFCU is a total waste of time. First Premier is better than NSFCU
  13. You have to be careful sometimes with the monthly payments once you get locked in it can be hard to get a settlement of that much of a discount, shoot for the discount first if you can pay it then if that doesn't work then try the monthly payments On a 100k LOC I assume Chase is going to hand this over to in-house lawyers, who are going to play hard ball. Since this is a business debt, OP is not protected by consumer debt laws. My suggestion is to play it safe and set up a nominal payment plan and go from there. If in a year or two you have enough cash to make an offer, play hard ball then. Chase should be willing to accept $1500 a month, possibly as low as $1000 for now. Also, we don't know all the facts. Is the note secured, for example? Interest rate?
  14. the racetrac card is issued through comdata and is somewhat harder to get. You need to have a thicker file. Walmart/GE? Who knows... maybe?
  15. I would make a monthly payment plan offer, and try to save money so in the future you can make a one time settlement offer at 75-50% discount.
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