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  1. Great work. Did you already have trade lines showing on your DnB & EXbiz when you applied for Amazon, Grainger and Supply Works?
  2. Hello all. Thanks for your help in advance. I have a small $35 collection that I owe for a copay from last year. It is probably valid because I went to this same doctor like 3 times in a row and paid $35 each time but one of the times, I think they did not charge me. It is the only negative thing on any of my 3 credit report and it is only reporting on EQ. I want it off my report but am not sure what is the best way to go about it. Should I try a pay for delete letter first since it is such a small amount or should I take another route. Again, it is more than likely valid and I want it off as soon as possible and since it is such a small amount, I got no problem paying in full. Your thoughts?
  3. Greendude yes, filing an address change will change that last event. I will actually be doing an address change soon. I think you are right, the chances of creditors looking that deeply is small. Plus, I guess the 4 yr old company will may override any of the reinstatement stuff. I am in the process of getting all my ducks in a row before I start applying for credit. Hopefully my LLC will be ready by next week to start on Net 30 accounts and 30-45 days to start apply for Business CC's.
  4. Here is an example of what I mean about the reinstatement showing up. http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/SearchResultDetail?inquirytype=EntityName&directionType=Initial&searchNameOrder=BRITECHCOATINGS P010000802240&aggregateId=domp-p01000080224-261c993b-18f0-4e8c-adec-94c84a0d1c67&searchTerm=brite box unlimited&listNameOrder=BRITEBOXUNLIMITED L140001156360
  5. Thanks for the response geendude. In Florida, reinstatement shows up in the public file of the LLC. So it will be seen. However, since I am changing my address after the reinstate, they would have to go to the bottom of the listing to see where they list the Annual Reports. I am still going to reinstate because I already have a seasoned bank account and domain name. I guess those have to be helpful somehow. Anybody else have any thoughts on whether this will hinder my CR building process?
  6. Hello all. I established an LLC in 2014 that was later dissolved in 2016. I have the opportunity to reinstate it now for $516. I still have the existing bank account for that company. Is it worth reinstating this company or starting fresh? Will the fact that it was dissolved and then reinstated 3 years later affect my ability to get new credit or will it still be considered a seasoned LLC? It only has a bank account but no trade lines. Thanks in advance.
  7. Congrats, gdtobefree!!! How did you dispute Crap One?
  8. Hey Credit, Congrats!! Can you give us a little background on your business. How long you been inc'd? How old D&B file? Larges amount showing on d&b?
  9. I now have 5 TL with D&B with a paydex of 80. I have never spoken with a rep there, but they have recently been calling and leaving messages to call them back to update my file. I really don't want to deal with them as I know they will probably just want to sell me something and there is nothing on my file that needs to be updated. Do I really need to call these people? Can it effect my credit file with them in a negative way if I don't?
  10. My sister applied for Jared, Kays, and got approved right away. She then applied to JB Robinson and got a 7 day notice, but it was not specific as to how she would receive the results. Email or Snail mail (USPS)? Thanks for your responses in advance. JayCee
  11. Congrats!! Has anyone ever gotten a CLI on activation with this card? A friend should be getting his in a day or two.
  12. When did you get Crap card? Is it with no PG?
  13. Greywolf, who was reporting the 500 limit for you? I am concerned in applying for the next set of TL because I have the paydex of 80 but only a high credit of $100.
  14. Greywolf, I am still not sure what you mean. Do you mean High balance as in the $80 that you ordered or as in high credit of $7500 or $5000?

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