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  1. NFCU #3 Platinum Visa Auto CLI $10,000 ------>11,500
  2. J CREW CLI $19,000 ---------->$19,750 (SP EQ)
  3. BBVA #2 -------------->20,000 SL (HP EXP) APR 14.49% and not insane 31.49% .
  4.  Discover #1 CLI $39,800 ------>42,800 (SP )
  5. I have the store version of it, stuck @ 30k for 2 years.lol
  6.  Nordstrom Visa Signature CLI $35,000 ------>42,500 (SP EXP)
  7. FNBO NRA VS CLI $14,000 ----------->$17,000 (SP EXP)
  8. PenFed Platinum Visa Rewards ---------->$5,000 SL (SP EQ)used eq hp pull from 3 weeks ago. declined 3 weeks ago for too much credit,this time instant approved.lol
  9. Yeah years ago when i had tjx i got it to 5k and then they chocked lol...Course i close card long ago ,some cards from them grow fast like lowes ( in 11 months got it from 5k to 35k)
  10. Yeah ,it's a jungle there...i know, i got the boot from there..lol
  11. Update: So from $75,000 CLD TO $26,950 In all $48,050 CLD from Huntington Bank Hatchet Man.
  12. Update: Hatchet Man at Huntington Bank CLD another $13,350 Email: Huntington Credit Card ending in: ==== We're writing to let you know that as of June 25, 2019, we are decreasing the credit line on your Huntington credit card referenced above. You will also receive a notice with more information by mail in the next few days. This decrease was part of a general review of Huntington credit card credit lines. You can continue to use the credit card as you do today up to your new limit. You can view your new credit line by logging into your account at huntington.com. If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 340-4165, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or visit any Huntington branch to speak with a banker.
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