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  1. A little over 30 days since opening BOA and Suntrust/Truist and no problems to report. Suntrust accounts are active BOA is idle with a $2500 balance.
  2. I opened this account when it first became available through Tmobile. I have been a long time Tmobile customer. My Chex was frozen at the time. Maybe freeze your chex and retry? Today I keep 3K in the account and run 250 a month through. So I can get the max 4% interest rate on the max amount. Was a somewhat tedious process to set the run through up but it will make me a hundred or so hands free this year..
  3. Their main office is on the same road as my office. When I was dealing with them for DW I made a personal appearance. They really loathed that.. Poof gone... @shifter is 100 accurate. Once you pay a CA they have their desired result, you are SOL as far as getting something from them. This may work. It has worked for me in other instances. Dispute the tradeline through the bureaus using the jack attack method. Wait for results from the bureaus. Dispute directly with the furnisher, in your case ERC. On day 31 if they, ERC, have not marked the account in dispute you can leverage FCRA. Its an elaborate process but is fairly effective.
  4. In both EWS and Chex. Declined with a frozen chex due to freeze. Unfroze chex and account opened for DW and myself.
  5. I am in both chex and ews. Chex is frozen. I have had a cap one account for over 2 years with these issues.
  6. 70 K income is easy to replace especially in these times. Being a waitress you have the skills to move into other well paid industries. I have 3 former waitresses and a bartender working for me in home improvement sales. Since covid we have been rocking. All 4 are on track to make over 130 this year their first year.
  7. If you use their super secret backdoor login they will do a soft prequal. I know this only because for a while there I was taking any offer that was given to build tradelines. I did not take theirs.. Now I am way more discriminatory.....
  8. I still have accounts reporting on EWS and have Chex frozen. I had a major problem with BOA where an employee stole money, opened accounts and left me owning BOA almost 60K. Nothing I could do about it, the employee had the proper authorization according to BOA, but not according to the local DA. That was 7 years ago.. Previous apps for BOA credit products referenced "prior relationship" as reason for denial. Three days ago I got a pre approval from BOA for a credit card and took the offer. Let's see... Credit card was approved and was invited to open a checking account. Opened account online and got application in process screen. Figured that I would get a denial and the credit card closed. This morning, two days after opening online got an email saying the account is open. I will make a $1500 deposit today as that is the minimum balance to avoid a service charge and see what happens. I will update this thread as more is revealed. This makes two big banks I have got in over the last week. BOA and Suntrust.
  9. I had the same issue. IIRC I got it less than 1 week after requesting online.
  10. 1st we lose the Republican Convention and now this.. Next is Southeastern Grocers shuttering then the Jaguars moving to the UK... Local life...
  11. My chex is frozen and I still have negatives in EWS. I got an indirect auto loan from a car dealer with Suntrust. Opened online banking for the loan and was presented with a "free" enhanced checking account due to having the loan. Opened as joint with DW and she has same reports as I. I went to branch and opened business due to $200 rewards. Never a question on either account. Disclaimer when opening online was to make sure EFX and TU were not frozen. Did not get a hard pull at either. EFX Fico 8 = 658 TU Fico 8 = 699 Will update status periodically ..
  12. I closed the account today. The verbiage below appeared today.
  13. Not really. I am keeping it for AAoA purposes. It is my oldest open tradeline.
  14. Thanks... I do have an additional LOC that is fairly substantial, in my book, 75K. I have only used it once to by equipment for my business and paid it off in 60 days. It is a personal LOC. I did just apply for a business LOC and was approved with a PG for the same amount. I will close it on Friday. Only thing that worries me with that is the personal and business LOC and my largest CC 25K is all with the same credit union which also has a vehicle loan. I do have all my eggs in one basket.
  15. Negative Trades One paid chargeoff for less than full balance DLA 8-17 Several 30 day lates in late 2017 (2) Navy Fed (1) FMC (1) Lendmark To many inquiries and new tradelines. I am at a point of indifference now. In time my file will age and all will be good.

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