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  1. Opened business account for a new LLC today at Synovus. No hitches other than "operations manager" not understanding why a single member LLC did not need permission to open accounts without it being in articles of organization.
  2. Pay the balance down to $2.00 the day before the statement closing date. Then after it reports or before the due date pay the $2.00
  3. Synovus bank uses a soft EFX pull in opening new accounts. The do not use Chex or EWS. They are looking for deposit related baddies on EFX. My score reported to them was 606.
  4. I did the same thing and my account has been open for almost 6 months now. I am also in EWS. I keep a solid balance there and have direct deposit to the account.
  5. I know from personal experience that if you email an executive stating that you are going to sue they will escalate you to in house counsel that has in the past met reasonable demands.
  6. I am in both Chex and EWS. Showing balances. I have had a Cap One 360 savings back from the days of ING. When I applied for Cap 1 360 checking in the past it was always turned down due to Chex. I froze Chex. Applied again with Cap 1 360 account was opened but I was not given online access. Called in they verified my info and gave full access. Have checks and debit card in hand. Have used the debit multiple times. Transferred $500 from savings when account was opened. Has been opened for 75 days and I am now moving direct deposit over to them.
  7. I used this with Papa Alpha Romeo and did not give Papa a dime on something he may have been able to sue on and win. I have used similar request with other CA and just like Rocket it has worked 100% of the time eventually.. I did have one CA respond with threats of suit and a letter from a real lawyer. Eventually they met my request and forwarded me a check.
  8. NFCU CC Balance Updated and score jumped to 613 overnight. I am almost positive that once the lates hit the 1 year mark with proper utilization management I should be able to achieve the 620 middle needed for a VA mortgage.
  9. I need to add revolving credit. I have three open car loans. All over 18 months with only 2 reported lates. Two credit cards With 2 reported 30 days. And two small personal loans. The personal loans are almost paid off. These were taken out right before the lates reported. We were displaced after Hurricane Irma and was living in a hotel for an extended time. These are probably not helping. One of my CC is a discover secured with a 500 cl and the other is NFCU secured with with a $1500 limit. Utilizations is 36% and that is hurting too. Payment arrived with bill pay the day the statement cut for discovery... It will be at less than 5% on next run in a few day. I am sure that will help the scores as well. I need to add one more revolver I am waiting to see if discover will graduate now that all collections are gone. It has been open for 14 months and it was not the one with the lates. Two paid off mortgages have fallen off. Trying to get to a 620 middle score to qualify for a VA loan to buy another home. Scores on EFX and TU are 605 and 600 respectively (Fico 8 not KreditKarma) . I am hoping to hit the magic number by end of the year. I do have an old paid off car loan with good history I am surprised it is sticking on my report. Account Type Auto Loan Date Opened Apr 1, 2005 Account Status Closed Payment Status Paid satisfactorily Status Updated Aug 1, 2009 Usage - Balance - Balance Updated Aug 23, 2009 Original Balance $24,070 My personal finance situation has dramatically improved. It seems like I live on a constant roller coaster as far as personal finance. I am open to suggestions... Short of buying a tradeline to get a mortgage..
  10. I have a handful of latest two auto and 4 credit card from back in November and December 2017. I am sure time will fix it. Just seems weird that removing a baddie would make my score go down.
  11. Just had the last collection removed from all three bureaus. It was PRA.. (Yes you can get them off..:P) This caused my experian FICO 8 score to drop 15 points. 611 down to 596. The only thing I can think is that it caused my credit age to go down. Everything else stayed the same. Just seems weird that removing a baddie causes a score drop under FICO 8 model.
  12. Recently dealing with same OC and CA we were able to get it removed by disputing directly with Sprint executive office and ERC executives. They did not want to spend their time dealing with it. PM and I can get you proper email address and method used.
  13. I am the one that was "arrested". Yes I have published my personal info on the blog. However most of it has been removed for now. I received these warrants after I sent an ITS and put information up about an illegal office ran out of one of their agents home. I in no way threatened them or caused a disturbance at their office. This is a ploy by them to intimidate me. That is not gonna happen. These warrants are to prevent me from contacting them. I was trying to resolve an issue prior to litigation. I will not post more about this until after the bond hearing. A motion has been filed to move the date up. Pandmel
  14. I have had this happen a few time. I was told by one of their phone reps to stop pulling daily and my reply was stop allowing me to pull daily:) However you do not need to bump inquires from equifax. You can actually call in and dispute them and they are usually gone in less than 24 hours. Pandmel

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