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  1. Busy start to new year. Got covid right after Christmas so I had down time and did all this: Business Approvals BOA $8500 Business Cash Rewards - Has PG Home Depot Commercial Account $10,000 - NO PG Citibank Product Exxon Mobile / Wex $8,000 - No PG JAX Federal Credit Union $5000 cash back visa < Personal Not Business
  2. Business Advantage Unlimited Cash Rewards Mastercard® credit card from Bank of America Starting line: $8500.00 Has PG - Dirty file, lates no collections, 710 TU. Ton of new credit and inquiries. Top Revolving CL personally is $5000.00 credit card from local credit union. DnB 503 < Free sore from BOA
  3. I grew up on St Simons Island. Now live on Amelia Island FL
  4. Which GA Island? I have lived on them all but am a Golden Isles native that lives on a Florida Island. BTW it was 83 here today and the grands went swimming in our pool..
  5. The world is not black and white. In your attempt to be the decisive one you failed to recognize that a ML account can be personal....
  6. These are boa published limits https://www.bankofamerica.com/online-banking/zelle-transfer-limits/ I have sent 10K in one transaction from my personal account with Zelle. We have Platinum Rewards, biz and personal, with them. Not sure if that makes any difference.
  7. I pay contractors with zelle every week totaling over $20K weekly. Not sure of what my limits are but many months we send over 100K
  8. I have direct deposit to BOA. I transfer money to my credit union from BOA weekly. I use the bill pay feature to push from BOA and not ACH. It is faster than an ACH pull from the credit union. I think this is more of a feature from my credit union than a feature of BOA as I was able to add my CU checking account as a "bill" in the bill pay system.
  9. Yes ma'am. From $2500 to $2700. As much as a pain as they were with 4506 request and taking so long to graduated I am positive this card was very crucial in my rebuild. I will keep it around and see if it grows more. Even if it is only to buy a tank of gas once every few months instead of never using it.
  10. After much past dismay with a Discovery secured card they finally sent me the graduation email. The account is 4 1/2 years old. I was gonna close it a while back and then just sock drawered it instead. Now I guess I will keep it forever... Because you've shown responsible account management, you're getting your security deposit back. Based on how you have chosen to receive your deposit back (ACH or check): •Your security deposit will be returned by check in the mail within 5-7 business days, or •Your security deposit will be returned via ACH to the selected account in 1-3 business days Your new credit limit is $2,700.00, and your cash line has remained unchanged.
  11. There is no such thing as a limited cease communication and the crap letter you copy pasted from some internet archive doesn't carry much weight. The fact you told them not to call you and phone calls are inconvenient was the giveaway. It's either you tell them to stop all communication or you leave the door open for all communication. They are allowed one final contact after a cease communications is given. The next letter you send them is to cease all communication. Then if they call you again you may have a leg to stand on, but with the limited information you have given it is really hard to give any advice.
  12. I got the same one then got one from Commenity that my account would be close to to lack of activity.
  13. Amazon refuses to arbitrate moving forward: Not really credit related.
  14. Zell notification that I received my settlement payment from Santander I had a Chrysler Capitol loan during rebuilding.
  15. I did and was approved 3 days later. Customized cash rewards card. Have a fraud alert on my credit reports they had to verify identity. Scores ~ 700 across all bureaus
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