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  1. Bank of America - I have a biz card with them 25K limit it has a PG but does not report to personal credit.
  2. Email from SBA saying borrow some more cheap money:
  3. Maybe it will enhance their and a couple REITS I own dividends. They have thrived during the pandemic and picked up market share. We treat the local DG as a convivence store without fuel. Although there are a few in our area that do have fuel when they took over location that were WalMart express concept failed.
  4. It reports to all business reports.
  5. Their biz cards do require a hard pull and personal guarantee. I was offered this card as a counter offer in the past to a regular credit card application. I never followed through with the secured card. I now have a BOA biz card with a 20K limit with a PG. It does not report to personal credit.
  6. I delt with them in my rebuild. Similar type situation. I know how to get them to delete no questions asked. PM if you want to know more. I do not want to put the info on a public board as they may see this.
  7. You ignorant wannabe Celestial being... We do not know the full story from the OP, I would lay 10/1 they discussed the dealer arranging financing. How much do you want to lose? I know you have a super desire to be correct all the time. YOU ARE WRONG HERE.
  8. Which would clearly be indicated by putting down a deposit on a car and what ever else transpired with the OP. "I want that car, here is some money to take it off the market." Would be a clear transaction initiated by the consumer and give permissible purpose. The opinion letter does not state that a signature is required in those respects.
  9. Title to my 2020 Yukon Denali that was just paid off. Crap One pre approval Pen Fed personal loan pre approval Competitors direct mail piece. Statements from my Kredit Younyen
  10. Amex Blue Cash Card AA notice from Chase on recent Ink application.
  11. BE A REAL BUSINESS Determine your products and or services Write a business plan Start LLC or Corp Get Tax ID number Get Duns Number Find customers generate business income with profit. Establish vendor and banking relationships. Pay your bills on time. Business I started in October or 2018 did $3,500,000 gross revenue in 2021 I now have in the business name $500,000 supplier LOC < With Personal Guarantee $250,000 supplier LOC < different supplier has PG LOC at local bank $100,000 - Has PG and Real Estate Collateral - RE owned by business BOA Business Cash Rewards $8500 cl - Has PG Cap 1 Spark $5000 cl - Has PG Fuel account with BP $5000 cl - Partially secured $1500 deposit made about a year ago deposit should be returned soon < no PG Fuel account with Exxon $8000 - No PG Home Depot Commercial Card $10,000 < No PG Office Max Commercial Account $2500 < No PG
  12. New Home Depot Commercial Credit Card New Office Max Commercial Credit Card New Sofi Credit Card for DW and myself Crapital Uno replacement card VA correspondence where they paid hospital bill from recent 3 day stint due to covid 19.
  13. I have pulled hundred if not thousands of reports doing that exact thing. 15 years car business and 10 years RV business. Instead I used 111-11-1111. Recent vehicle purchase I just did was for my mother. Due to titling / tag issues I had to put her on the loan, We live in different states. I do not have moms social and this was her Christmas present. We were able to add her to the loan without having her social using the above stated trick. This was done at a dealership I worked at 14 years ago and the GM is a personal friend. It still works for any dealer using DealerTrack, Credco or Equifax online portal to pull credit. It will return a social mismatch and give the dealer the correct social. It has to be done outside of their normal process. I am not real sure that many dealers use their DMS to pull credit anymore with DealerTrack being the standard to submit deals to banks. It is more of a CRM / submission solution function. Credit application is submitted in CRM and pushed over to submission portal. I have been out of the space since 2018 and my last gig in automotive was a project with the leading dealer CRM solution.
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