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  1. BOA opened both personal and business. I am in EWS and chex is frozen. I had a past problem with BOA but it has since aged off. I have not ordered recent copies of reports but I will this week to see what if any inquiry was made. Suntrust - now Truist has also opened business and personal accounts in the last 6 months for us. We are moving business accounts to BOA due to location and convenience. Currently we are running around 300k a month through Suntrust business accounts.
  2. I had several accounts go bad with BOA in 2013. Massive chargeoffs that I did not pay partly due to theft by an employee, that went to prison for stealing from us. BOA would not consider the theft as a reason to not report and wanted to be made 100% whole due to this. I agree it is my problem not theirs, however I took a FOAD attitude over it. I opened a personal account with them online 4 months ago and just this week opened business accounts. The past problem was brought up by the business account specialist, however she said it was so old that
  3. Ha it was a draft good up to 80K so it was blank to that point..
  4. What car under 50K would you want... HA I was preapproved with my CU for up to 80K for a new truck. They gave me a blank check. I only used half of that amount. A truck for me is a work necessity. Truck I replaced was only 2 years old with 145K miles.
  5. They have someone in custody in Cobb County GA, near Atlanta, that I do know know. I do believe it was lifted from me in Daytona at the hotel. What is even more interesting than that is that I had a substantial amount of cash, almost 3 straps, and none of it went missing. I only went to three places while in Daytona. Poker room, hotel and nicer restaurant. Wallet was left in room when I went to eat. Cash was hidden in room under box spring. Nothing appeared disturbed in room when I returned, however I was very tired after a 16 hour PLO session.
  6. The saga continues.. Another card was compromised, a debit card is missing but not used and a state ID card. This was discovered when I took the time to go through every possible account and card. Multiple charges in Dayton Beach FL. I live in Coastal Georgia. DB is 2.5 hours away. Called DBPD and was advised since I was not there I needed to call my local PD to make a report for the compromised credit cards. Local PD refused to make a report and said I needed to contact Daytona PD as I was in Daytona last weekend and charges were over this past
  7. It gets better... Best buy credit card, the visa, was compromised as well. Over $1800 in charges. This may be a separate incident as I am unable to locate my card.
  8. You can use google mail as a pop client to check that account and move financial - sensitive based email interaction to your shiny new account.
  9. In a recent post I made I had 3 soft inquiries from Verizon that turned out to be identity theft. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/623562-soft-pull-permissible-purpose-question/ Today I received a call from a detective in Smyrna, GA. a suburb of Atlanta, 5 hours away from where I live. Before I gave him any personal info I called him back on their listed number to insure it was not further perpetuation of the fraud. The office informed me that my id may have been used multiple ways but could not give specifics until after the
  10. The address on the denial letter is the same address as the home. I am not positive if a different mailing address was used on the online application and it will not let me see application details on the Sync backend. If the address has had multiple Sync losses I can see that as the reason, regardless if I agree with it or not.
  11. A client was declined by Synchrony for a very odd reason given: "High Risk Source of Address" When the denial was given at the point of application she was appalled as she had never been turned down for credit ever. This is a white labeled credit card underwritten by Sync for home improvements. Any indication of what this means in layman terms. She will not call to get further explanation and when I called they would not elaborate with me as I am not the consumer.
  12. They have been extremely good to me in many respects however my day to day banking is now with Suntrust Truist, personal, and BOA, business. I keep a BFD there and do have a credit cards and auto loans there. They are nowhere as incompetent as NFCU.
  13. VyStar wants to help you regain your financial footing.
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