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  1. So my 6th statement cut yesterday and no CLI. I'm guessing the amount of new credit I have acquired this year may have been a contributing factor. So the wait continues.
  2. Thats awesome and it looks like you got your moneys worth.
  3. Just got word that my application was approved for the full 5k just waiting on loan Docs. Not sure on the APR yet.
  4. I can understand that. But they just approved a 30k refi and a $2000 Visa I would think they already have it on file lol.
  5. Update: They requested 2 pay stubs and wanted to know why I opened so many accounts this year. I faxed over the pay stubs and told them things came up and I needed to establish a credit history. I would be shocked if I got an answer today. Do they request Pay Stubs every time you apply for credit?
  6. I applied tonight for a $5000 signature line of credit with Apple FCU got the your application has been referred to a Loan officer for review. I guess that's better then a flat denial. They pulled TU and I have a 704 fico score. I will update the status laster today. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. Thanks for checking...I guess they haven't set my card up yet...Apple is so freakin slow I swear!! Was thinking about opening a line if credit to add to the mix.
  8. HRguy do you access your apple credit card through netbranch? I see my savings and auto loan but don't see the credit card. Thanks
  9. I will keep you posted hrguy.
  10. Great Question Repoman...My bad credit all started back in the middle of 2006 with many many charge off's and collection accounts totaling over $100,000 this included 3 repos and many credit cards and lines of credit. I got my first secured card in 2008 with Orchard for $200 and 2 cap one cards in 2010 and 2011 I got very very lucky as I was not sued so I don't have any judgments just 1 paid tax lien for 17k which was paid off in Feb 2013. I have had HUGE success with TU deleting all negative entries due to approching the 7-7.5 year mark most have been deleted 6 months early with a dispute as to old to be on file. TU is my strongest report and Barclays and GE have definitely help me really start to build my credit this year. I started 2013 with 42 negative entries and 3 open credit cards with a total of $1400 all of which was secured. I current have 5 negative accounts most of which are paid with the exception of 1 midland collection for $920. I have build the following this year. 1 Barclays Apple Finance 01/2013 $1700 2 Walmart 02/2013 for $600 CLI request to $1000 in April 2013 3 Amazon 02/2013 for $400 Auto CLI to $1200 in April 2013 4 Sams Club 02/2013 for $800 CLI request to $2000 in April 2013 5 Lowes 05/2012 for $1400 6 Paypal Mastercard 05/2013 for $2000 7 Dillards 05/2012 for $300 8 Firestone 04/2013 for $1000 9 Apple FCU 06/2013 for $2000 10 Los Angeles FCU 06/2013 $1000 Total Credit Lines added so far $13600 util is currently at 5% I know Barclays doesn't like new accounts and if they decide to close my account next month when I hit 6 statements I'm ok with that. Hope that answers your question.
  11. Because I refi more the 100% LTV and I have 1 big collection on my report which has been deleted since they pulled my report on the 24th it only increased my score to 704. I only applied for savings since I'm listed on chexsystems. Im afraid to apply for a checking account.
  12. Do you have checking and savings or just savings?
  13. Do you mind if I asks what your limit is?

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