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  1. Refinancing my car in 2002 from Mazda American Credit (which I could pay online) to State Farm Bank (which you could not) at my mothers request. Lower interest yes, smaller payment yes, could I remember to write out a fracking check and get it in the mail on time... NO. Car ended up being repo'd because I kept making late payments. I should have stuck to my guns and kept the financing with Mazda. After that since I knew my credit was shot and I changed jobs, I ended up defaulting on a few credit cards and racked up some medical collections. I've finally fixed everything except for student loan lates. Those will continue to haunt me until 2015.
  2. The way it's done in my small group within a mega corporation is whoever puts it in first and whoever gets approval from your manager first. I work with 911 stuff so there has to be someone available to cover and since I have CA there's my manager and one other person who can cover in an emergency. So I guess in that respect I'm really competing with two people so its not bad at all. We work it so that the three of us are never gone at the same time. We had that happen once last year and it was then decided we couldn't do that due to the uniqueness that is CA. We have a group calendar in outlook that everyone can see you can see when people have days off. Honestly, in the 5 years I've worked here I've had a conflict once and I went ahead and traded a day or two since the other person had to travel out of town and had seniority and I was just taking those days off as a staycation. It didn't bother me in the least and it came down to making sure someone was there to cover in case something happened. It would however, tick me off if the same two or three people ALWAYS got the holidays off simply because they had seniority. I think that in those instances it should be rotated so everybody has a chance at getting it. It does suck to be the low man on the totem pole but since its a union shop where the OP is she should have EXPECTED something like that. In the other mega corporation I worked for you could only request 90 days in advance and you had to do it through the company portal. So if you wanted thanksgiving week off you had to be logged into the system at midnight eastern time 90 days out from whatever day you wanted off and put it in and click submit before someone else did and there were a LIMITED number of slots available for every hour of the day. I hated that job and that company.
  3. And there was no settlement with Dell Financial Services at all for me. I never paid them anything after it hit chargeoff status. ETA: Been there done that with the IRS taking refunds back. That's why I'd rather call them now, file an amended return and pay them off and be done with it.
  4. Yes mine is Dell Financial Services. I think I'm just going to amend my return and pay back the refund plus what I owe. If that'll make it go away... its $652 which is probably cheaper than a tax attorney. It just sucks. You think you're done with these guys and then they do this. Of course the reason I didn't get it until now is they sent it to an address I haven't lived at for 3 and a half years. So now, in addition to doing this I have to put security freezes on all my CRAs because they put my SSN on the document and who knows whose hands that's in now. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. From reading those threads it appears that usually you would expect to get a 1099-C after you settled a debt with a CA. Here's the thing. This debt was never referred to a CA and a settlement was never reached (I let it charge off and never paid a dime after that and had NO contact with the OC). The OC is reporting the full amount of the Charge Off in the Settlement which most likely includes interest and possible other fees. I'd really like this go away as fast as possible since I only have 13 more days to figure out what to do with it before the tax deadline. I don't understand what's in it for the OC/CA to file a 1099-C. Do they see any of that money from the IRS or does it strictly go to the government?
  6. OK so I need some help with this one. I checked my mail today and I found a letter from DFS. Inside was a 1099-C for 3104.85 which matches an account that I had with them that was charged off in 2003. This account was removed from my credit reports at the end of 2009 beginning of 2010 and is well out of SOL. The salamanders didn't even send it to the correct address which is why I'm just getting it now. What's the best course of action for me to take on this? I received a refund of 479 and it looks like turbo tax says I'd need to end up paying 173 due to this 1099. Worst case scenario do I have to pay the $652 back to the IRS? I'd really like this to just go away. Would I get anywhere with calling up the IRS and saying hey, they didn't send it to the correct address and that's why I didn't put it in there?
  7. The postal service in my neighborhood can't put the correct person's mail in the correct slot. We have those neighborhood boxes where so many houses are all grouped together. I've probably gotten my neighbors mail 10 times in the three months we've lived there. It's not like our NAMES and ADDRESS are on the inside of the slot. I can't figure out why they can't get it right.
  8. BOA Seattle Mariners World Mastercard, 5k, Unsure of APR, haven't received it yet. I'm officially done until 2015.
  9. I called and canceled mine yesterday. The conversation went something like this: Orchard:"But, you see, you've already paid the annual fee so you're covered until November of this year. By leaving this account open you will benefit from that because we report to all 3 major credit bureaus." Me: "yes, I do understand that, however, I can't do anything with a $420 limit. I really have no need to keep this open anymore." Orchard: "Well, if you let us keep your account open when your account comes up for review in November we could possibly increase your limit or waive part of your annual fee." Me: "Unless you're prepared right now to raise the limit to 3k, lower the interest to 12%, and removing the annual fee I'm not interested in leaving this account open." Orchard: "We'll close your account immediately. Is there anything else we can help you with today?"
  10. If she has the car then the only way for you to be rid of it is to make her Refinance the car into her name ONLY. Once she does that and the loan is transferred, it'll show up as closed on yours and then you can get another one. Until that happens the CRA's don't and won't care. To them the decree means nothing.
  11. Edited- Southwest Rapid Rewards Card
  12. WSECU Auto Loan, 27k, 6.24% 72 Months WSECU Gold Rewards 5k, 9.75% Banner Bank Platinum Rewards 1k, Unknown Rate, Haven't received it yet. Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards, Details Unknown, Haven't received it yet. I've done well so far, saying goodbye to Orchard, Jared, Kay's and eventually the Crap One. I have one more app out that hasn't come back yet. We'll see what happens with that one.

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