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  1. Applied back on Sept. 14, pulled my credit once (hard, but who's gonna complain for $30K?) , "funded" on the 22th, Pin showed up last week and the card was here on Monday. (10/20). So it took mine about a month. and FYI, about two weeks ago, I received a form that said my Score was 734.
  2. which is why I wrote "(forgive my snarkiness in advance)" I have heard of cards with approx $100 limits. and with the App fee, the monthly fee, the usage fee, the pay-by-phone-or-online fee, etc., the card starts out over the limit.
  3. I would imagine I will have to sign something at some point... I would be shocked if it was as easy as a single phone call. I think one of the two banks mentioned mailing me some documents but I was in a flurry at the moment while I was on the phone checking all my other cards online. Probably not. I've had two not mine attempted charges this year. One was Chase, one was Citi. Both times just answering questions in the phone call satisfied the banks. I think Citi sent me a new card. Chase didn't. I am getting a new Chase card thanks to Home Depot. Extra credit question: Does HD reimburse Chase for the heck-of-a-lot-of money it costs to reissue lots and lots of cards because HD screws up?
  4. Yeah. I'd probably close a card that had a $10 limit too. What is that? dinner at Sonic? Cigarettes and a pop? man oh man. (forgive my snarkiness in advance)
  5. Approved Funded means your home free. At least one person has attested (elsewhere) that their apps have progressed from PENDING to APPROVED / WAITING FOR FUNDING to APPROVED / FUNDED, then regressed back to APPROVED / WAITING FOR FUNDING. This incident seems like it was relatively reliably reported. It has also been reported (or rumored) that some applicants have been moved back from APPROVED / FUNDED (the victory point) to PENDING and then to DECLINED. I was unable to find any post where someone actually said, "This happened to me," so take it with a grain of salt. However, I haven't read every post on the topic. They requested and received a couple of docs from me yesterday -- then the end of the day intervened -- I did the e-sign thingie early this morning. I'm hoping Its Saul Goodman at this point. And I REALLY need to update my signature after this summer.
  6. Sounds good enough to me, congrats if so! When did you apply, I applied last night and am still 'PENDING'. I applied Monday evening. I kinda knew it was good, based on reading 45 pages. There was supposed to be a on the bottom line. But thanks for your nice comments
  7. Tourettes,? hmmmmmmmm... That would make it fall under the ADA wouldn't it? So any AA would be against the law? Like it.
  8. I'm at $7335 avg limit. 3627 days and 930 posts for an average of 1/4 a day. Wouldn't have otherwise noticed, but I'm coming up on my 10th Anniv on October 19. I was active for about 4 years (by active I mean an average of 1/2 post a day). Started reading again this past March.
  9. you got the hard because you didn't wait until you got your membership approved and got your membership number to input in the CC app. oops. welcome to the club. That's what I figured, but I seem to have read about a bunch of people who applied for membership and while they were pending, apped for the card and got an instant approval. with 2 SPs.
  10. Applied Monday night for membership then later that evening for a cc. Got a soft on Monday (assume for the membership but I don't know how to find out if I AM a member) and then a hard this morning. So in my case, fwiw, a soft and a hard.
  11. Where do you see that membership has been approved? They let me fund my shares account. Was that it? I received two emails from them last night, 1 that my login was created and the second that my app was received. Going to the membership area and then logging in on the right hand side under "check the status" l;ine just tells me that my credit card "loan" is pending. Thanks
  12. I miss GEORGE and his $100K Amices. He was always interesting.
  13. Been an ok (late spring and) summer. I hadn't apped much for the past few (6 or 7?) years so here goes... Ended up with a total of over $70K in new credit and CLIs: B of A new cash rewards card, new Chase Marriott (with the 70K points after $1K spend), new Citi Thank you preferred (that I can use points at Amazon), new Credit Union account and card Amazon store card (well, ok. ge, but it is up to a whopping1K after 4 months) a couple of Barclays (one which celebrates the NFL champs) A Paypal MC (that even now reflects GE not the new "bank" name) Then Citi gave me CLIs on a couple of cards Navy luved me some increases. and even Discovery upped me by 35% And to top it off, increased my MS date with the Amex people to reflect my original Green Card from 24 years ago. Good summer. Yes. Thanks Creditboards.
  14. Yep, except it's not the credit card companies that give us that stuff, which as a credit card user I take advantage of. As a credit card acceptor, I pay a larger % for accepting cards that give points, miles, rooms, etc. than I do for those that don't. Doesn't mean I don't like them (as a consumer), just that don't thank Chase, Citi, Visa, MC, Amex, etc., Thank the merchant who takes the cards for paying a larger percentage which goes to you (and me).

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