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  1. Funny how this works, I'm a member who has been "lurking" around for 5 years and have rebuilt my credit. I have 2 cap1 cards that I was wondering the same thing as the OP posted. I came out and actually logged in for the 1st time in over a year to post my question but decided to search just to see and saw this very recent post. Funny how that works.. Please let us know the outcome...
  2. FICO25 didn't work, FICO20 did though... $31.25
  3. DrTre

    Motivation ????

    Yep, not hard to look up when you've pretty much fell on your back.
  4. Hopefully this will help someone who's going through something similar.... I'm already just about crying as I write this, but acceptance is the first step. So, I've been a member since '04. At the time my financial situation was horrible, pawning stuff, cash till payday loans, trying to borrow money from parents, etc.... I joined creditboards then and my scores were this: 10/20/04 TU 511 EQ 496 EXP 484 01/14/04 TU 470 EQ 516 EXP 489 I started reading articles and started dv'ing and such, I did get lvnv (at the time sherman) to delete one of their tradelines which was about $10,000. At the time that was a major push to get other things squared away. I fell by the wayside, didn't visit creditboards, didn't pay bills on time. I know why I did this, my child has had issues with health since birth, seizures and other issues. At 3 he was diagnosed with autism, I had a hard time accepting this because I had been praying since I was a child that when I had a child he/she would not have health or other issues. So my "faith" had a big hole in it, actually still does, but the difference then and now is that I've learned to accept it, and am dealing with it. And am doing all I can to help my son. Now for credit stuff... Since I've basically done nothing since early '05 about my credit, not paid bills on time, wasted money.... I ended up pawning stuff, cash till payday loans, I didn't try to borrow from my parents any more though. I realized the last time they told me no it was time to take care of myself and my family. Fast forward to present I make a decent salary, have gotten all my stuff out of pawn (about a month ago), and don't use cash till payday places anymore. The problem I had was still wasting money, not having a budget. Earlier this year I had saved up about $3000, and had started a budget, but my not paying bills ontime before that hit me really hard because the IRS seized my account.......... on payday because of back taxes... I had all my bills set up to go through on-line bill pay for payday. So by the time I realized what had happened it was too late.. I ended up having between $400 - $500 nsf fees from the bank following that. So my only option was to pawn whatever I could to get my other bills paid like utilities, buy food, gas to get to work, etc... I worked with the IRS and am now on a payment plan. Yes I keep up with the payments now.. Fast forward again to present my scores look like this: 10/23/09 TU 504 EQ 509 Not much change since '04, in my scores, but I am now determined to get on this. I am determined!! Looking at my report I have some judgements, lvnv crap, some stuff that is not mine, etc that I have to work on. So, I will be putting my folder together and sending out dv letters, etc, but before that I have a lot of reading to do out here. Some stuff I remember, but a lot I don't, and of course there is new stuff.... So for any who's scores are as bad as mine and you think there is no hope, keep your head up. Don't do the same crap, like pawning stuff, that I've done. There is another way out, but you have to be determined to fix it. I'll keep you posted on my progress so anyone who may be going through something similar will know there's hope... Hang in there, as will I......
  5. I was talking with someone this morning and she said her and her husband were trying to buy a house. SHe said she saw one that she liked and was going to get an inspector out to look at it. She said they signed some type of 30 day "hold" document that puts the house off the market while they have it inspected and other things. I've never heard of any type of hold document. Can someone shed some light on this?
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I was under the impression that it was best to not buy the extended warranty through the dealer because they inflate the price of the warranty. I'll check with my insurance company to see if they offer gap and extended warranty. If they don't would I be able to go back to the dealer and purchase extended warranty even if I bought the vehicle a couple of months ago?
  7. Where would be a good place to get an extended warranty from? I didn't buy it at the dealership because they inflate the prices. I know you can get them on the net, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone knows of a good place to get an extended warranty already. Would I also be able to purchase gap insurance with an extended warranty not purchased through the dealership? Thanks..
  8. Ohhh.... I missed that part, thanks.. But I have the option to refinance it right? Or is refinancing a bad option for a vehicle?
  9. That intrest rate is high. Although my last vehicle it was 25%, I only had a year left to pay on it, although I was late 5 times in the last 2 years. I guess that's what I have to live with until the credit score goes up, if I want a dependable vehicle.. I was confused about the selling price, but I am more clear on that now. Any more info that I need to know about? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the reply. So depending on the sale price determines whether or not I'd be in the hole at refinance time?
  11. I went to a dealer to try to purchase a vehicle. My previous vehicle was totaled and I still owe 892.00 on it when my insurance tototaled it. The vehicle I went to purchase was $17,888. The dealer offered to pay the 892.00 and cut me a check for the sales tax. Given that my credit and my wife's is in the low 500's (I know, we're working on it) I figured that I'm going to get stuck by interest. What the dealer came back and said was my payments would be between $500 & $512 /month for 72 months. If I'm not mistaken $512 x 72 = $36864.00 over 6 years. This looks like an interest rate of 89%. Am I wrong? Needless to say I didn't take the deal, but what they said threw me for a loop. They said that I could come back in a year, after making timely payments, and refinance. Here's my question: If I had taken the deal, wouldn't the bill of sale had read $36864.00 and after a year's payments of $512 monthly I'd had paid out $6,144. That would leave $30720 on a vehicle that the blue book value on it is currently $21000. Wouldn't that put me in the hole almost $10000 at refinance time?
  12. Thanks for the response, I already sent it out yesterday but I sent a regular dv to hanna and copied them on the letter I sent to alegis. L8tr...

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