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  1. So from the OC stand point the anniesez account shows DOFD: 9/2016 - Balance at the time was $360 Jefferson is reporting the DOFD as 7/2016 - Balance is still at $360 The 2nd one appears that the OC is Bloomingdales which shows DOFD: 8/2016 - Balance at the time was $221 Midland Funding is reporting DOFD as 8/2016 - Balance now is at $549 I also found a 3rd account where the OC is Macys which shows DOFD: 7/2015 - Balance: $346 There is no CA being reported from what I can see, but a letter did come the other day stating to settle at 50% I believe SOL in NJ is 6 years. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi All, I'm helping my mother out and noticed on her reports she has 2 CA accounts. One from Jefferson Capital System for a total of $360 which was an old Annie Sez account. The 2nd CA is from Midland Funding for a total of $549 which says Capital one as the OC, but I believe the original OC was bought out by Capital One. Where should I start in hopes of PFD?
  3. Ok I did look closer, it looks like there was a (-) negative symbol under the trade-in credit in the lease waiver. It was very close to the $ symbol so it was easily missed so CCR is: $1664 Initial Cash Payment -$3656.67 Trade-In Credit $2000 Rebates however the left hand side which appears to be the total of CCR is $2545.67 I can take a picture later tonight when I'm home, so maybe someone can help me see where they get $2545.67 from. If everything appears to be correct then no harm no foul, at least I'm better prepared for next time. Thanks again everyone.
  4. Yes, I did pay $1664 in cash. How would negative equity show in the lease paperwork?
  5. I haven't called yet, not sure if I should be calling the finance dept at the dealership or I should be calling TFS directly about this? I just wanted to have my facts straight before doing anything. This is what it shows on the lease waiver: MSRP: $27545.00 Total Cost of Options: $594.00 Title & Reg Fees: N/A Acquisition Fee: $650 Gross Capitalized Cost of Vehicle: $34120.54 Captial Cost Reduction, Includes: $1664.00 - Initial Cash Payment $3656.67 - Trade-In Credit $2000 - Rebates The total box for CCR is: $2545.67 Total/Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $31574.87 Residual Value: $14872 Amount of Periodic Payment: $469.08 Number of Payments: 36 Total Fixed Cost of Lease: $20431.80 On the actual lease agreement it shows the following: Amount Due at Lease SIgning or Delivery: a) CCR - $2545.67 First Monthly Payment: $469.08 e) Title Fees: $12.70 f) Registration Fees: $239.50 g) License Fees: $7.50 j) Document Fee: $389.55 Total: $3664.00 How the amount due at lease signing or delivery will be paid: Rebates and noncash Credits: $2000.00 c) Amount to be paid in cash: $1664.00 Total: $3664 9) Payment Determination: a) Gross Capitalized Cost under section 13 shows: a) Agreed value of the vehicle: $27862.55 Taxes: $1056.32 g) GAP: $895 h) Outstanding Prior Credit or Lease Balance: $3656.67 i) Acquisition Fee: $650 Total Gross: $34120.54 CCR: $2545.67 c) Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $31574.87 d) Residual Value: $14872.00 e) Depreciation: $16702.87 f) Rent Charge: $183.96 g) Total of Base Payments: $16886.83 Base Monthly Payment: $469.08
  6. I guess the question is why would the total CCR show a total of $2545.67 in the total box vs. $7320.67? Am I missing something?
  7. I was reviewing my current lease that I had signed in 2014 and my lease is ending in a few months. While I was reviewing it I noticed on the lease it mentions that the capitalized reduction cost is: $2545.67 as the total, however the breakdown follows is shown like this: Capitalized Cost Reduction, Includes: $1664.00 - Initial Cash Payment $3656.67 - Trade-In Credit $2000 - Rebates Isn't Capitalized Cost Reduction the sum of the above figures, making it $7320.67 ? Some history before I entered this lease was that I originally leased in 2012 and in 2014 (I was only 2 years in to the 2012 lease) they were running a promo to take back the car that I was in to purchase a new vehicle, so I decided to lease a new car. I'm assuming that $3656.67 would be a credit of the value of the car that I leased in 2012 applied to the 2014 lease correct?
  8. I checked my business Experian and did not see it report there. I did submit for a CLI increase from $20k to $40k but they sent a denial letter stating to contact them for specific reasons why the request denied and the report they pulled was Experian.
  9. All I can say is wow. I applied earlier today and called the automated system a few hours later. Looks like its been approved for $20k! & no PG
  10. Well, I am waiting for the notices that Bank of America did say they will be sending out in terms to why the sudden CLD, so I can see if a manual review can reverse the CLD. It seems to be only BOA/FIA cards and one Chase card that were reduced. There was a sudden increase of spending over the past 2 to 3 months as I was paying moving expenses which I'm paying back now, but didn't think they would pull this. The balances varied on different accounts, as I would use one card more often than the other. But I think you're right, as the automated alarm bells, must have triggered and that the accounts they CLD were effective immediately on all accounts the day before 12/1.
  11. Great. Thanks for the great info. I really appreciate it!
  12. And when you mean 5% you mean % of the balance or based off the limit?
  13. Would it make sense to make payments to pay off over 3-4 months down to 40%? What about the cards that they had their limits decreased now, as they would be considered closer to 90% now vs 50% where they were.
  14. That is what I figured, but why would they go after the business cards as well? Would the other creditors follow the same suit?

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