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  1. from what I've seen, BofA almost always pulls EQ, they did for me!
  2. Looks like I'm not unique... had a good job, SO (at the time) made good money... at 22 our combined income was about 110k. We Split up. I assumed all the debt except her car(I made much more than her) Lost my job. made 12k for a year (gubment cheeez) decided I'd rather eat than pay my bills, and ignored them all... went back to work at a job that paid less than half what I made before, still couldn't meet the minimums consistently. Started ignoring again. 1.5 years ago I finally got a good job again, and have been diligent in rectifying every situation. I now have exactly one open account, a 20 year school loan (never late) The only bummer is I still have LOTs of inquiries, one paid coll. on TU and one paid coll. on EX, and my school loan is at about 80%, so my "usage" is pretty high. 1/04 407, 409, 419 1/05 714, 633, 630
  3. I'm a moderate success story, started at (not sure anymore on the exact numbers, but) Eq 407, Ex 409, TU 419 in january of '04. January of '05 have Eq 714, Ex 633, TU 630 Thanks to this board, art of credit, FTC, BBB, SAG, and PERSERVERANCE!!!(SP?) Just keep plugging away, do your best to read and comprehend the FCRA/FDCPA and hold everyone accountable for what they report!!! I've spent MANY hours, many dollars (cmrrr), many phone calls (I know, everyone is down on the phone, it doesn't leave a trail) and lots of reading, but it has paid off!!! Was recently denied credit after BOFA pulled my 714 at EQ cause they had my current/former addresses backwards, but I sent a current bill to them, and with any luck I'll get approved, and that will be a small (hopefully on the larger end of small) increase in my scores according to the score calculators, so I'll be getting higher and higher from here. Look at the bright side, when you're starting out that low, you can only go up! Good luck, you'll find more help here than you'll ever need!
  4. so section 603(f) of the FCRA and 15 USC 1692(e)(16) of the FDCPA? does the term "credit bureau" imply "credit reporting agency" if so, should I ITS them for false representation? Also, though the account is paid, 809© of the FDCPA states "The failure of a consumer to dispute the validity of a debt under this section may not be construed by any court as an admission of liability by the consumer."
  5. how is their name a violation? Also, I checked out the CYA letter, seems like it's for OC's, will it work for CA's? (seems reasonable, considering the context) Sounds like that may be my saving grace, especially if TU comes back verified, even though the CA didn't receive any request. Thanks, Cabe777
  6. no, I do not believe they supply credit reports, I imagine they just chose that name to sound official. I know that most people have no luck over the phone, and it doesn't provide accountability, but... she told me yesterday that they have never received a dispute from trnasunion, ever. They did receive a dispute from experian in sept. 04, but apparently didn't respond in time because Ex deleted. Now, she told me the only way to get their records, indicating that TU has never investigated, is by subpoena. I figured that a transcript of that call could provide me some ammo. In any case, here's a copy of the tl from TU, see if it has anything I can use. CB OF PLACER Original Creditor: SUREWEST TELEPHONE CO Responsibility: Individual Account No.: ******* Type: Collection Original Balance: $133 Date Opened: 03/02/2004 Date Reported: 08/31/2004 Balance: $0 Condition: Derogatory Remarks: this was settled 8/6/04, and there's no way TU has investigated since then. How can I prove this?
  7. the CA is a small local company, credit bureau of placer county. When I spoke to them originally (months and months ago) they sent me a copy of every month's bill, from the first bill (the month I signed up) to the last (when it was sent to collections). There is no signed contract, this was a phone account set up over the phone. I'm not quite sure what else they would be required to send as validation. They can't purchase an account (for example) 6 years after it's delinquent, and report it for 7 more, can they???
  8. CALM DOWN!!! Someone will have a good idea, but I'd recommend giving it more than 7 minutes
  9. on the contrary, this worked VERY well at capital one... I wish I could give more detail, but planetfeedback eventually got the ball rolling for me.
  10. Had a phone for 1 month, refused to pay the bill (I forget why, but at the time it seemed right to me, I think I signed up for 13.50 monthly service and they charged me 50, so I fought and they wouldn't budge, so I cancelled without paying). Anyway, it was january of '01. They kept adding on to my bill for another month, so it went up to ~100, then for months it went up by a dollar or two... up to 130. Now, the CA I paid because I wanted this off my report. Experian deleted immediately, it was never on Eq, but TU... it was gone (I can't remember if it was because of investigation or if it just disappeared) but then it came back. Now, they are investigating, but the CA says (the usual) "we don't delete." So, in looking at my TL more closely, it says the date opened is 3/04. That's 3 years after the account was delinquent and never again current. Is this considered "running of the reporting period" or re-aging? If so, should I attack the CA or the CRA? Seems like the CA is pretty well on top of things, and since I paid them months ago I have no ammo. I'm thinking to dispute it with the CRA as re-aged - opinions??? sorry, I just read this and it's ugly, wordy and awkward. Thanks, Cabe777
  11. cabe777

    Cap One

    Odd, I had great success with capital one via Planetfeedback. They contacted me within a month (yeah, longer than I wanted) and deleted a week later. I think it goes to richard fairbank, and then gets filtered down... maybe I just got lucky.
  12. I also have a stassinos tradeline that won't come off Ex, Tu and EQ dropped after first dispute... ticks me off... I spoke to Gary over there and he said once it's been cleared up (settled) they won't respond to a dispute from teh CRA's...
  13. cabe777

    Cap One

    I would suggest a letter via PlanetFeedback.

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