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  1. Yeah, I will just waiting some more. I don't want to have a lawsuit coming after me
  2. My last payment was December 2018. I am in the state of Texas, the statue of limitation is 4 years. Total amount is $6,289. I haven't done anything previously with this. I guess I need to wait another 2.5 years before I can do anyting? Is this because it is still with the original lender?
  3. I have a charge-off that is still with the original lender. How do I begin to dispute this. Do I ask for validation first or do I start with the 609 letters.
  4. This is very good information, I read some of it and printed it out to read......I usually do my own taxes but I am definately going to need someone to do mine next year......I am wondering if this will still be good for FY2010 since this document states that it is for FY2008
  5. I really do appreciate your opinion on this.....the total amount I believe is $4,100 and that's with interest at 29% over the limit fees and late fees.
  6. I have not been served but I really don't want to have to deal with a lawsuit.....This is the first one and I believe they will sue since this is the OC's attorney
  7. I thought about it but never went threw with it.......do you think it is a good idea to post this same letter on there
  8. I would like to send a letter to someone high up at Citi Bank NA......Does anybody have this information or know where I can find this. The only information I am finding is for the CEO and not Collections Dept
  9. My goal is to settle and not get sued since they have already turned me over to an attorney. What if they don't send me a 1099 can they not sell the difference to a CA......I don't want this to happen..... I am a bit confused about that since you are not the only one to tell me that ETA....The debt is not yet charged off and they have turned it over to an attorney
  10. Here is a copy of the letter I am about to send out......What do you all think.......I am within SOL and this letter is been sent to the attorney and possible the OC To Whom It May Concern: For the majority of 2009 and 2010 I have endured a lot of stress financially and personally and as such haven’t been able to make any payments on my account since September of 2009. I currently have $1,500 in my possession and would like to pay that much towards the settlement of this account. It is my hope that paying $1,500 might be considered payment in full and a 1099 – C form be issued to me for the difference. Or I can pay $330 once per month for 6 months for a total of $1,980. It is my hope that paying $1,980 might be considered payment in full and a 1099 – C form be issued to me for the difference. I have a significant amount of debt and very little money to pay all my creditors. With increasing medical bills for my daughter, I hope you will accept this settlement offer. I pray that you’ll understand my situation and work together with me during this difficult time. I look forward to receiving a written confirmation from you regarding this settlement. Sincerely,
  11. I received a similar letter from Citi a couple months ago......I did not do anything because I did not have the money to settle with them......now they won't talk to me and have turned my account over to an attorney........With interest, late payments and over the limit fees I own $4,100......now I wish I had settled with them

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