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  1. i figured that much.... but what about the whole program of them "managing" your loan.. where they refinance everytime expensive upkeep it goes lower... I'd be willing to pay a higher interest for that alone .... sounds like a marketing pitch to generate business
  2. always have a contingency plan for the most part many areas are some what of a buyers market lots of inventory if you want the house bring your realtor to draft the offer and see if its accepted if there is another contract check out other homes buying a home takes some work good luck to you
  3. agreed you just need time for those derogs to season and maintain the established credit to rebuild your credit you will do fine in a couple years, a downpayment will be extremely helpful to get something affordable as well
  4. kingston


    why the interest w/the heloc what exactly are you trying to accomplish try county records if your county is online it will list comparables by location within a time frame
  5. kingston


    AGREED theres nothing wrong with zillow but for anyone who wants to know an accurate fair market value of a piece of real estate I think the majority know its not going to be obtained online via zillow I would hope anyway there are appraisals, bpo, cma that people can request to determine the value of a piece of real estate no one should put that much faith in something like zillow even county records will tell you what your new neighbors have purchased their homes at no one should consider zillow a reliable source for property value determination
  6. yup typically it reages the account thus dropping the score typically unless you previously discussed that it would be reported as paid as agreed based upon agreed upon terms if your conditionally approved and it indicates that these accounts need to be settled then you will have to apply for a different mortgage product or go through a different lender ultimately it would be good to discuss this with your mtg professional
  7. ahh border income not too many lenders it may be easier to simply go reduced doc especially if the ratios are heavily dependant on this income
  8. if your not happy with your lo may be its time for a new one rather than continue as your contract continues its time table the majority of fess are 3rd party and are a result of the loan product selected but yes an orgination and discount is not necessary granted i don't believe you disclosed the interest rate (ah yes you did 6.2) above and beyond the gfe as stated if your not comfortable with your lo its probably time to see if their is a better fit for you
  9. I assume your first investment property It would be in your best interest to talk wth a broker they will be able to look at your complete profile to see how you can structure such a transaction otherwise more details are needed like income, housing, and credit history will determine whats available
  10. 5% is sufficient/necessary more than likely with the 580 mid score there may be some other options available like fha and dpa programs as well that may be beneficial depending on whats on your bureau especially if you can fully verify income etc 10% is better
  11. from the headline sounds like a sales pitch but i have no specific personal contact w/the company lendintree is no more than a lead generator pick up suggestions from friends, family, co workers etc youll have someone in your immediate circle give you their 2 cents which should hold some kind of water - might be a better avenue to decide who to see to handle your mortgage best wishes
  12. more than welcome hopefully all works out for the best banks aren't in the business of being property managers
  13. in other words a very motivated seller
  14. a buyers marekt is certainly nice which means for the most part you havebargaining power but in reality you have to decide whats comfortable for you given unexpected life occurences decide what you can afford monthly that will dictate your sales price and that doesn't mean you have to spend the max you qualify for but rather what property best suits you and your needs and ultimately whats the best investment in case down the line you decide to sell, upgrade or refinance etc

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