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  1. Taxes did not go up and insurance wouldn't renew for another 9 months. We have 18 certified letters asking for an explanation that were not responded to. We continued to make the payment specified in the mod. The payment did not increase an insignificant amount, it was 14% more. Since the loan was discharged in bankruptcy, we would have just stuck them with the house.
  2. They violated the mod agreement by raising the payment 12%, 5 days after they executed the modification agreement. There was no change in circumstances, neither the taxes or insurance increased at all. We were induced to enter into the agreement based on the modification contract terms. Since the mortgage was discharged in BK, we would have just walked away then. Thats how they violated the mod agreement.
  3. My mortgage lender violated our mod agreement. Fast forward and loan was referred for foreclosure. Lenders attorney sent a FDCPA validation notice (assumedly admitting they were bound by FDCPA). They proceeded to file for foreclosure well prior to the end of the dispute period. (which was disputed) Is this a violation?
  4. Lender's attorney sent an FDCPA validation notice and filed for foreclosure suit (judicial foreclosure state) before the end of the validation period. Since the attorney held themselves out as subject to the FDCPA , is this a violation?
  5. Hi, My Acura lease is up and am looking to purchase the vehicle. I have a discharged 13 BK from 2 1/2 years ago. The car was reaffirmed and has never had a late payment (even prior to BK). I also have 4 other Acura leases that had perfect payment histories and have NEVER had a late auto payment in my life. Will Acura take the paper? Thanks.
  6. Claims to be sending an authorized courier to my home to force me to sign certified documents acknowledging a deb. 1) Ever Heard of them 2) Any Violations 3) Do they do field visits?
  7. Claims to be sending a special courier to deliver certified documents required to be signed by myself. Anybody ever heard of them, do you really think they are sending a "special Courier"to my house?
  8. Hi, I recently had a discharged Ch 13 in which my mortgage was included. I received a favorable modification from my bank and was wondering, If I accept the modification, does that revive the discharged debt should they ultimately have to foreclose. TIA
  9. Does a medical debt that is paid have do be removed from your report?
  10. SR71

    Care Credit

    Does anybody have a copy of the CareCredit account agreement or know if it contains an arb clause?
  11. Anybody know which of the sleazebag NJ collections firms this voicemail box is fronting for? Based on the location, I'm assumind Pressler.
  12. Dn't this just mean they will immediately file on every account that comes in? It's not a huge leap from what they already do. They like to jet judgments on little old ladies for $100.00
  13. What is the penalty for a company that uses a consumer report for a final,adverse employment action prior to giving the person notice and a chance to correct inaccuracies?
  14. I wouild think they were suing to "foreclose" any rights they have based on an obligation of the seller to her. Sort of like when you have a judgement against you and the bank foreclosing has to sue any nody who shows up on a judgement search to gain clear title to the persons real property.
  15. SR71

    Midland Reporting

    No. That's now out of statute. My question is do I do the standard MCM dance which ends with a "voluntary dismissal" once their motion for more responsive answers to rogs is denied or do I risk backing them into a corner where they almost have to try to prosecute the claim by filing a counter-suit?
  16. If MCM has been reporting a debt as $10K (and the verified)on my reports but, when they sued, saying that it was only $3000 due, is that a FDCPA violation?
  17. Theres no legal problems with having spent the money...his insurance company merely indemnified him for expenses he incurred. However, he incurred those expenses and civilly owes them to the lab.
  18. Under what theory, exactly, does he not owe the money????
  19. Most people have deductibles and coinsurance....$2600 sounds real close to what most peopples out-of-pocket limit for co_insurance is.
  20. Why is that anything more than an obnoxious person with WAY too much time on his hands? Did Capitol One (and I hate them as much as anybody else) make him apply for or use the card? What did he hope to accomplish other than look like an salamander in his 15 minutes of fame?
  21. Read the case, read his filings. Don't feel bad for him, he's lucky he was not thrown in jail. Anytime you want to feel sorry for Scott Mills, remember that his case only damages the cases of those with legitimate disputes.
  22. to a party in the same state still utilizing a means of interstate commerce?
  23. I think if they are offsetting, the fact that the account is delinquent is implicit. How could tgey reasonably be expected to answer why they were doing it otherwise.
  24. You'd be shocked how expensive being right can be.
  25. 100K for a contested matter in federal court is quite reasonable...a contested MSJ can cost over 10K per side to file.. http://www. ilnd .uscourts .gov /judge /DENLOW/MDSUMJDG.HTM

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