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  1. I have been with NFCU for years... When I opened my last biz account. I got one hard pull for the BLOC and CC Good luck and keep us posted if you apply
  2. I was on my way to CreditCon in Vegas and I was involved in a car accident!! I just got back to SC few days ago... I signed on the other day but couldn't read due a major headache ... gotta luv a concussion... Anyway... I am feeling a little better... I will respond to everyone ASAP!!! Now.. I am going to try and catch up... LOL
  3. If your card is declined then why are you trying to purchase? They offer a NET TERM contract.... your invoice is a 10 day NET.... Yes.. they bill after the box is sent out (10 days later!) WHY send them a card that is NO GOOD???? SECONDLY... you don't PG anything... NOR do they pull biz credit. They use that as qualification in extending credit to a biz!!!!! Obviously.... you don't read! They send different foods out each month! This is food that realtors use at an open house! So... they change it so people don't complain about getting the same thing every month!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN... you don't read!!! I told who they reported to!!! I can say it's cheaper than WHAT I have paid to D&B to get TL to report!!! They do give credit for referrals.... the don't advertise online and use word of mouth as advertisement! A lot of people do this.... it doesn't make it a MLM SCAM! I am taking offense to this b/c I put it on this board and I have been a member since 2003!! I am not out to scam anyone OR help someone get scammed!
  4. sent Post some more so I can send you a PM i think this is better place to post my request for some of that business credit information. I'm very new to this but I'm getting the hang of it day by day. So shoot me a message with the information when you get a chance and I can't wait to update u guys. Thanks thousand Sent
  5. Please excuse all typos... I was writing this post.... I had several people walk in AND my phone was blowing up...LOL
  6. Ok... I have people asking for the contact and wondering if they are still taking apps along with others questions!!! I love this board and I want to help as many people as I can!!!!! I know we have a lot of lurkers who are posting/contacting me just to get the info and I am FINE with that!!! I just wanted to make SURE....everyone has a chance to read this (Seniors, Newbies, and Lurkers...etc!) Ok.... a question I get... Are they still taking applications! I just wanted everyone to know why things change month to month with them!! And why I don't know if they have space or not.... To make this simple.... They do require a contract! People sign up on different terms!!!! So... each month they might have room for new clients OR not! Please.... do NOT take misinterpret what I am saying!!!! I am not saying each month they will have room!!! I am simply saying each month will be different. If you don't get in this month... you can TRY again next month! ****For those of you who have NOT got in..... I would suggest.... have YOUR applications ready!!! I would email or call them AT the end of the MONTH or the First Day of the Month!!! This is probably the best way to insure you will have a chance!!!! **** Second question... if they expanded into a new location ....why such limited space? The truth is.... they GOT a majority of their clients from different conventions. They go to conventions that have lots of RE people and other small businesses. I have seen them at wedding conventions too! The conventions brought them close to 98% capacity (in a very short time!) **those of you who don't think conventions work.. think again.. ** Third.... Why didn't I know about them reporting credit BUT now their website mentions it!!! When I first started using them it was for catering for my biz and other family biz! I never asked them about reporting and etc... When I noticed that they reported and asked them more about it......I told them they NEEDED to let others know they report! Especially.... on their new website! It might not mean much to some.... but.... to credit conscious people biz credit important will!!!! FYI.... I know some maybe waiting to see a post and hundreds of people posting about their CL... as of now.. that isn't going to happen!!!! I have asked... they have less than 15 people from this board using their services!!! The email I give you was set up JUST for this board ... that's how I am able to ask and keep up!! Again... I do NOT work for this company! I do NOT get any referrals from this board!!! I am simply trying to help as many people as I can! This includes helping any small businesses I can!!!! I am ALLLL for the Small Business people!!!!!
  7. I have never been in the biz but always interested...... Wish I could help.... While you build... hopefully you will share with us....
  8. Can you please inbox me the information as well? Hi Guys.... I sent you a PM... I just want to be clear... I don't know if they are taking anymore apps or not. You can email them to find out! Best of luck...

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