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  1. Hi Ashlia, Good luck on your house hunting. It really is a great feeling to come from where we were to where we are now. I just entered the housing market myself and my loan officer was amazed at my story of how I cleaned up my report in such a short time...and I just sent an offer in on a home in the DFW area. Again, I wish you luck and much success.
  2. Thank you for posting this article Jen23514. It's time the FTC hears from ALL OF US concerning CA's! If I may add; It only takes 6 steps to file a complaint and you can do this on the internet. Even if you file suit, the FTC still needs to hear your complaint. Let's make sure the FTC knows just how many laws these company''s break. Thanks again, MG Edited for grammatical errors.
  3. Just a quick update... Received a check from another settled CA lawsuit! Oh, and by the way...Vegas was great! Kavey, If I may comment on your post concerning time, money, and patience: Time: Each of the lawsuits took about 3 months to settle. Before I had my attorney file, I had been trying to clear the TL's for around two years. Money: It cost me nothing. My attorneys were paid by the CA's. The first settlement I received I ended up with a 1099-M so I had to pay taxes on it. I guess that it is the "cost of doing business". Patience: I guess the saying is true that "Patience is a virtue". Like I said in the sentence about time... I had been trying to correct the TL's for two years. And, while we shouldn't have to sue to get them to correctly report, when TLs are not correct you have to do something. I exhausted all individual efforts to have them report correctly with no results. The next step was to use the law to correct them. I think I'm going to go buy an iPad 2 today... Many thanks to all CB'ers...God, I love Credit Boards!!!
  4. Alshlia, If you have a Texas Drivers License or ID Card, a residence in Texas, receive official mail in Texas, and your intent is to remain in Texas, then you are a Texas resident. Most of the requirements for length of residency in Texas are for entitlement programs, such as college admissions. A few laws; ie: family laws also have a residency requirement...but for what you need, consider yourself a TEXAN. As cprems says, the TFC will work for all collection activities...and I might add, work very well indeed! Read, Read, Read the Texas Finance Code and the Texas "Mother" thread, and then read some more. Ask questions, and you will be fine. Good Luck, MG
  5. Sherriy2010, Congratulations...isn't this the greatest place????
  6. TEL, thank you for contacting your representatives. I must remind all posters of the Creditboards Terms of Service that we agreed to abide by when we signed up...specifically "Discussions that are political, religious, and/or racial in nature are prohibited at Creditboards.com" and "Creditboards.com reserves the right to terminate your registration if it becomes aware and determines, in its sole discretion, that you are violating any of the following guidelines." This topic is not political; it deals with Medical Debt Relief. Please stay on topic with this one.
  7. LOL, It's the only phone I have and I think I'm prepared to deal with it...thanks to all of the good people here. No phones are allowed past security in the lab so I won't have to worry about that either. And, you hit the nail on the head...that is the reason I started my credit repair journey. My company does pull credit as part of the employment conditions. I started lurking here when I started school in '07 and managed to go from 45 distinct collections (81 negative entries) down to 2 totaling $162; 1 a paid C/O to an OC and 1 medical that I'm still working on. I went from high 300's to 729 which is my lowest FICO score. I use USAA for my daily pulls and monthly through the back door. By the way, although I'm not stalking you, I do follow your posts and I sincerely appreciate all you do here. Thank you ICAN.
  8. LOL! Yeah, she seemed traumatized... I think I'll school her on her TCPA rights. She ended up being a nice lady. I'm thinking about seeing if she wants to write a statement for me detailing what has transpired between her and the CAs. She knew my name from the CAs. What other information was she subject to?
  9. So, I'm out of school today studying for my finals (my last semester and already have job offers!!!) and I get bored and take a peek at my old CR's. I see my old telephone number listed so I call it…you know, just for grins; and the nice old lady who answers the phone freaks out and starts yelling at me! She said CA's have been calling her for a couple of years looking for me…and they left A LOT of messages! One of them she described sounded like the T-1000 of CA's; they just kept calling and wouldn't stop!!! She did calm down and I gave her my current telephone number which is a cell phone. I told her to give it to the CAs when they asked for me. I've got something for them…can you say TCPA? Then I started thinking; is there a way to use the calls to my former number to my advantage? I knew my friends here may have thoughts on this. Any thoughts?
  10. You're welcome. I'm in Texas too.... And +1 what Wow said!
  11. All civil cases which the District Courts of Montgomery County have exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction shall be filed in the District Clerk's office located at 300 North Main, Conroe, Texas 77301. These rules shall be applicable to all civil cases filed in the District Courts of Montgomery County. http://www.co.montgo...rts/index.shtml
  12. Thank you Credit Depair, Jen23514, and Txbaycpa. I've had my friends up here in Dallas send them too. I sure hope someone sponsors it. I'll keep checking to see if it gets sponsored. Thanks again, MG

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