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  1. Beautiful! Make sure they didn't steal part of your increase from your other card. Thanks. Just confirmed no theft of other limit, but I did make a typo. That one is only $18k, not $19k. So total limit with BofA now at $60k.
  2. Went from $28k -> $42k on one card and have $19k on other. Decided not to pull trigger on 2nd card yet.
  3. This is the message on mine: **** Below is your personalized Loan Suite! Please note that taking advantage of one or more of these pre-approval offers* may impact the status of your remaining offers. If you would like to apply for an amount greater than your pre-approved offer or take advantage of multiple products, simply apply. **** All of the products show preapproved with the exception of limit increase on Visa. If I change the amount on car loan (for example), it changes to say APPLY vs. Pre-Approved. In past, when I had a pre-approved car loan with DCU they did not do a hard inq.
  4. cv, you forgot this one. No, that one wasn't calculated and reported in advance. I consciously excluded it. Actually, I was maintaining a spreadsheet for last few months and my total was calculated a month ago.. just not posted here. No biggie though.
  5. Expected $885.50 based on my calculations, got my statement today and have $885.57 listed as Cashback Match.
  6. I'm the same way. It drives me crazy if I can't balance every account I have to the penny. +1 here... I have been doing this since I was 12 or so playing with Microsoft Money on my old computer. I would have accounts and would track every penny ... found a quarter on the street, thats Other Income. LOL
  7. I accepted the offer even thought I haven't paid interest on a CC in years -- this way on the off chance I forget (which I know I won't) it applies. No harm, no foul. Same reason I add all the offers to my card -- who knows, maybe one day I will be dying for an Auntie Anne pretzel and will be able to redeem my 10% back.
  8. I got a 6.99% offer on my HHonors Surpass for 12 months.
  9. FWIW -- I had a BK on mine when I got it .. started at $4k in Sept 2012. Took a hard pull to go to $8k a year or so later ... and then started doing the soft pull increases and got to $28500 in Feb. My highest limit on any other card was $30k. My BK dropped off all reports beginning of May, so this was the first soft pull increase after BK dropping off -- which now has pushed Discover to my highest limit @ $34500. The last time I put heavy usage on it was during the 10% Apple Pay period -- but other than that I use it for the 5% bonus and pay it off.
  10. I was just wondering the same thing -- my 12 statement just cycled on 6/11 and no double posted. I had emailed Discover on 5/29 to confirm and was told I was in the program and it would post within 1-2 cycles after the 12th statement. Wishful thinking that was just a line and it would post on the 12th...
  11. I'd like more deals to places I might actually go to. 4-5 of mine are to places I've never heard of and have no interest in.
  12. I used my Captain America card at Red Robin. The waiter said it was an "awesome" card. I called in right after application and had mine bumped to $15k. Doesn't hurt to try!
  13. I haven't used plastiq but have used ChargeSmart and it posts like a regular charge and has helped meet spend req for bonus.

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