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  1. Thanks, will look into that. Believe it or not, i thought they were only adjustable rates. Also, if i decided to keep the home to rent out, I sure dont want to keep the high interest rate on first mortgage. I didn't even put HELOC in consideration. I will now.
  2. Current home could use some repairs/upgrades. If I refi and fix up, would it hurt in some way to sell it shortly after and purchase new home? New financing/qualifying of course. FICO in low to mid 700 range. Thin file and working on it. I have several options -- I could do the above, fix up and sell, then buy new home. -----most likely case. I could fix up and keep it to rent out. --- even after refi ---payment would only be about 1/2 of collected rent. --- again, would doing this cause any problems purchasing new home so short after refi? Example: $100,00
  3. I am not offended by big chicks or dudes. I learned many years ago, that someone's problems may be the result of the way life has been to them. Not all folks are big, fat, smoke, drugs, etc. are because they just wanted to take up the habit, etc. Also, some folks seem to be perfectly happy being any of the above. However, I know when I am out of expected norm. If I am bigger than expected average, I am gonna cover up a bit. I ain't making a video of it. Chick appears to be wearing a thong or her but ate a regular size bikini. I applaud her excercising and all, but wear som
  4. I don't know much about the woman or her husband, other than what I was told. Everyone who heard Thor's story said it was like he was describing that couple, without using their names. The people in that group know the couple well and they are the ones who think she left, because of it. As near as I can figure, they all like the woman and her husband. She seemed really nice and witty to me. The husband is just very stinky, according to them. The lady who told me about what Thor had said, really likes them too. She said that the last time they had the couple over at their house, she had to
  5. You probably wouldn't post this one either then: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaeKjygMFXM...feature=related Arrrrrrrghhh, ok next time, a warning is in order
  6. Floridians -- your in charge of all of them. Even if I move there and do stupid stuff, you still gotta explain.
  7. Assistant Principal in Fla. Charged With 'Sexting' Teen
  8. Yes, I can imagine. I bet it makes for some fun discussion and also for some control on your part not to open up a can on them. I only got started before something happened to stop training. Can't remember now what it was, moved, laid off work??? Only got to the first or second belt. I know you just love dealing with those drunks who think they can woop anyone after a few beers-- Sometimes I think they deserve it and should actually get a woopin just to straighten em out. But it only works until next drinking session and they again think they can woop the world. When I
  9. saw it, but didn't realize you could play it. I actually went back to play.
  10. Not really funny, but I am allowed to laugh at this one. It actually made for good reading and fun also. If you want more fun, look at " pilonidal cyst ", even more fun on google is to click on images first using that term. Not for the squimish folks. Actually, both your subject and the term above happen to more folks than you would think.
  11. I was rolling at the last few seconds of the movie.
  12. Many moons ago while learning the arts, one of the first things I was told was "If we hear, see or find out you are using your skills to bully or use inappropriately in an way, we will come after you ourselves". I think it should be honored by all schools of martial arts. Those thugs are lucky they let them run away.
  13. It's gonna be a lonnnnnnnnng time. Red Stripe, Coors Light. My time frame depends on the offense. Since I keep laughing about your little mix up, I'm thinking this is a short term one. You're probably already off it. I gotta quit posting without reading entire thread first. I had been reading it all, but worked and came in at wrong time to post. I went back yesterday and read earlier in the post and thought ahhhhhhhhhhhh chti I could have realized what was fixin to occur, but noooooooooooooooooooo, I fell right into that one. On the answers above: 1. chti, i should
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