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  1. some of these responses are puzzling, I understand if you're doing this daily it could be easy developing pre-conceptions & what not...But, some assumptions are being made here (despite having already stated something conflicting), which prompts me to point out that it is easy to become 'jaded'. I believe I posted the elevator back in service after 3 PM on Friday - it was closer to 4 when I think back. As we learned the following day, filling a 26' truck and being about 1/2 done, then taking into account Friday elevator traffic, good chance it wouldn't have been finished on time. but hey I am fallible...highly. this all was clearly not well thought through, from a-z. obviously feels much worse now in reflection of all of the pain an frustration that one decision has cost. it's not a good weight to carry. But, I was forthright with manager. admitting that it was not the elevator causing delay. The other assumption being made was that I offered nothing. I was given until Monday 9am. I left the apartment broom swept and good condition. there was absolutely zero additional damage to the carpet - the only issue with carpet was the spare bedroom had something like a bolt, marble etc,...something that they layed the carpet over. it didnt bother me as I rarely used that room. What I trying to find out is if disputing with the bureau's is a waste, what are the chances? and should I include DL and copies of emails + other docs, or just keep it simple and briefly explain? then do I in same dispute contest that there are two? I know i've made tons of mistakes here. Everything with move was based on assumption/expectation from 3rd party. I communicated this with Apt Manager. I had the Elevator as an excuse, but instead took responsibility for not being out. foolishly did not have a plan B. I was furious with the seller and with the Title company, but most of that frustration was over poor communication. I made sure to keep apt updated.
  2. Your posts have been tremendously helpful. Thank you so much!
  3. Hopefully being a HOMO now, that'll be the last residential lease I sign...Thank you though!
  4. My contract was 12 months. I fulfilled the contract. my request for a specific date to vacate was based on something that didn't go as planned. I had no control and after learning it wasnt going to happen, did everything I could to get out...and was out by the final deadline. I just question the benefit of sending to collections? I thought we parted on good terms - the collection report created a bunch of animosity. It just seemed callous. Again, it was a beat down, poorly run building. Elevator was down 6-7 times in my year, never as long as the final week though. The garbage bins in a constant state of overflow...and the staff just not helpful. I'll never forget the attitude of the leasing agent literally shifted the moment I handed the signed contract over, it was almost like a 'gotcha' for a year. Despite knowing i'd move from day one, I rode it out without complaint, at the end when the manager helped, on two occasion I defended her in conversation with other tenants. elevator time was basically 90% management bashing...but I stuck up for her twice there at the end. They created a lifelong enemy...for what, $1998 they'll never get? One point of agreement - yes, it was foolish for me to ask for the refund.
  5. And thank you kindly for this reply...yes, I still think i'm in the right. I don't want to pay for something that I do not feel responsible for. I think they should have kept the $1519 and should not have sent the charge-off for $1998. It just feels spiteful...I mean what's to gain? I wonder the % of those that are actually paid. it seems more like intenionally trying to make life more difficult for someone with out much to gain and little reason.
  6. Many thanks for this info. The same agency sent same letter - assume it's a dupe, so that should be easy to remove, no? When disputing do you suggest sending copy of license, the emails, storage receipts & u haul etc + movers, and is the order of operations to first request the duplicate be removed, or contest both and then request.
  7. Interesting. I did try to re-coup my expenses due to seller delays - closing date was the 16th. Was also told that re contracts favor seller - asked around a bit and had an attorney at my job look over contract, was told it would be likely waste of time + money to pursue. Politely requesting from seller met deaf ears. Kinda rotten thing to say at the end. You should be aware, not sure if I'm allowed to post complex name but this is NOT an isolated incident. The reviews, which I should have paid better attention to are in the low 2's out of 5 on most review sites, aside from apartments dot Com, whom I believe must be paid by the complex as I left multiple reviews, each time making it more generic while maintaining negative tone no matter what they would delete the review.
  8. Thank you for clarifying your tone - grateful for the consideration. I still donot understand the holdover thing. I paid 1st and security, correct. I did not pay for Nov due to the extension, but how does another month get tacked on? I read that they can do something like that if 60 day notice was not provided, but I gave them notice. At this point I think it's too late to call the property and make it right. Things were said and it became personal. I threatened legal action etc...they said bring it on. The crux of everything really comes down to the email exchange between me and the property manager at the time. Afterward, during the argument, one of the points that she asked was "did I really expect to stay that time for free?"; and the truth - 100% yes that's exactly what I thought was happening - otherwise, when that pivotal decision made the Friday night after I learned I had nowhere to move my stuff into, and unfortunately I have alot of stuff, movers quoted $1800, I would have paid the month and vacated 12/1. Instead everything was made that much more difficult because I was racing to get everything out Monday at 9am. Nothing in the email covered the amounts or anything due - I had simply explained the closing date didn't align, that all my money was going to the closing, and instead of being out by the 5th I requested the 16th (which was a Friday, She isn't even in on the weekend). As mentioned was told I could stay penalty free until the 15th, when I explained the need for one more day it was provided. Incidentally the delays continued for 2 weeks and my thanksgiving was spent alone in a budget hotel room. Knowing that all of my funds are going into the new place, and based on our agreement, I was not under the impression I was being held responsible for Nov. Did not think she expected me to put everything into closing and then vacate and make a payment? But I guess that was the expectation. Whereas I felt that 5 day grace period between when someone leaves or when someone pays was extended as a courtesy for 10 days. As for being honest about the real reason's for not leaving on the 16th - I wrote to her that the elevator being down all week could have impacted the situation, however, it did not. It simply boiled down to this title company and a lien that existed on the seller - very poor communication, daily I checked and actually, Thursday, at 5PM the title company still had not responded confirming the closing date the following morning! At this point, and I knew I looked like a jerk, but I was completely honest, sucked it up and requested more time - I was given the weekend. I've never seen an itemized bill. I requested and was told they mailed it. When I tracked it said return to sender - I would have loved, and still would, to see exacting how they achieved the figures. They would not re-send, stated they are required to mail and the already had. My recurring lesson in all of this...and boy does it eat me up now when I still consider all that is involved in clearing this up, I wonder, had I not requested in December, 2x times for a refund, perhaps they wouldn't have gone through the trouble of itemizing...I mean this place has maybe 150-175 units, so they seem busy, and over worked really. she ignored first request, maybe if I hadn't pushed they wouldn't have bothered, but since I they were requested to go through the steps and mail, then might as well make it worth it?!?
  9. oh yeah, I have heard that laws favor landlord in florida, this Is why I'm posting, trying to see if there is anything to go on - at least best credit union dispute if not pursuing via small claims. lastly, the letter arrived. rather, it was something from the post office stating attempted delivery. I signed the back and left it taped to my door, expecting to return from work and have it. it wasn't there so I tracked - the manager had sent me tracking. I have an email telling the manager this, that I signed but it's being returned to sender - no response so gave up at that point. I left the apt broom swept and completely empty. I was hoping for a security deposit return, not the full $1500, but $400 or $500 I thought would be fair. getting the credit notice prompted me to contact them again, and honestly, after the initial shock of everything and trying to resolve, only to hit a brick wall of NO's, I then admittedly stopped being polite and said some things I shouldn't have. Im very human and take being wronged very serious. as for the time it has took to get to this point, if life didn't keep throwing blows then I hopefully would be further along. unfortunately losing best friend and mom makes for some good days and most bad. so alot of the time I'm just trying to stay alive...for real. then I get to thinking and remember how important credit it is, and I may live another 40 or 50 years, maybe fixing this is wise...or at least letting that darn complex know they can't get away with whatever they feel.
  10. Seems a bit harsh, but accepted. life is harsh. I did write in there that I contacted them, 3x as a matter of fact. The grace period to be out is the 5th day, she originally granted until the 15th, I said it does me no good, payday is 16th and needed all funds for closing. of course I didn't know at the time that closing would be extended 2 more weeks due to seller issues, nonetheless it is documented that she agreed to end of the day on the 16th. Unfortunately I found out on the 15th that it wasn't closing, so requested more time. At this point I was cut off and told I must be out by 9am Monday or eviction. So that weekend worked tirelessly to get everything out and comply. I had given the 60 day notice and signed a vacate notice when handing over the keys. Rent was $1519, it was a 2/2. I do not have the lease...well possibly in email but not executed. But wouldnt they have to provide that if I take to small claims? I'm dealing with this now because I can't seem to stop thinking about it. It's deal or get therapy. I feel wronged. I would have left it had they just kept the security, but sending to collections where it will impact me for what, 7 years? that just seems overboard for this situation - single guy no kids not a partier, never hung a picture. work 10 hours daily hardly lived there. 12 months and 18 days. The carpet seems to be replaceable more frequent, no? it was certainly not new when I moved in. The only thing I have via pictures is I'm I'm the top floor, water starts rushing down the walls one heavy rain. maintenance worker said it's typical, they have to clean the leaves on the roof or water pools. When I appealed to manager and mentioned elevator down all week, she said heavy items are not to be moved in the elevator anyway - I thought she was joking, but she was serious. the exprotation is to carry down 7 flights in a cramped corridor thing. I don't know what to do...I haven't needed credit in the past year...but 6 years is a long time to wait for something to fall off.
  11. I know experian, equifax and transunion...who is the 4th? Not sure about SOL in FL or the assignee of debt.
  12. Nope. no pictures. At the time I really had no reason to expect them to be malicious. I've never been the best at protecting myself in situations like these. I do however have the receipt from storage on 11/18 for the largest available unit, and the receipt from U-haul because the movers left too much behind. we worked until 1AM loading the storage, then I woke at 6 to go to u-haul, hired to laborers and completely emptied the apartment. only 1/2 hour late for work. While I dont have photos, it pushes the narrative to my side that I went through trouble and expense I think.
  13. Greetings, Thank you kindly for any and every response before + after the fact. Regarding a one year apartment lease. it's been just over one year since moving, first collection company contacted me in May, and again June - weird, it's like the complex sent it twice. It shows twice as the same amount, a $1998 charge-off. I would love to sue the apartment complex or some way hold them accountable - serious wrong doing and lies. Now just want the simplest way to move past it. Question is, when disputing to the 3 bureau's is best to make my case, describe what happened etc or is there some technicality to just have it removed? I was reading another thread about them having to be bonded in the state? I'm in Fl. Also, are the disputes best done online, is that more common or do people mail nowadays? Quick recap if that helps: Lease expired 11/1. I was out 11/19, which of course is late, but I do have in writing from Manager to allow me to stay without fees if out by 11/16. the elevator was broken 11/12-11/16 creating the necessity to complete move 11/19. They had a $1519 security deposit (one month). I was dumb enough to think a refund was coming, it was over the Holidays, and hopeful, I contacted Manager whom I had been in contact with, told she with a new property. My papers processed by someone else. I get notice on door of missed package, sign thinking they will leave it the next day, track it, and it shows "return to sender". SO I've never received itemized bill. The only way that I have any idea what they chalked the fees with is a respone from manager on an online review I left for them. They stated that the carpet needed to be replaced. I Left that apartment EMPTY. I also filled in a move-in checklist and noted the carpet on it. Regardless, how does a $1519 deposit turn into a $1998 Charge-Off??!!!?!! Anyway, it boggles the mind that the apartment complex has done this to me. it's despicable, really. One of the reasons the Manager granted request initially was that I paid on time every month, had no issues. The fact that they would sever what could have parted amicably is beyond me. It's been a year...still think about suing, but would appreciate any advice. it took my credit from 700 to 600.

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