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  1. This is one of the reasons I tell people that B* does not really work. Those inquires are captured and when someone checks you see the results first hand. Many folks go on app sprees because they think they can B* all the inquires and all is good.
  2. I just couldn't help myself! I've been waiting for an ordered copy in the mail and it hasnt come as yet, so I did the BD. I also have the enriched report as stated at the top, all of my softs are there...right now according to the beta counter I have 52. One hard! My most recent from August is there, all 19 of the b* hards are NOT present! Don't get too excited as they are never really gone from TU. Do a search for reinsertion and they will come back from time to time. Just don't hope your accounts do an AR when they all reappear.
  3. That is how they make money. They might get concerned if you run it up and then start making minimum payments.
  4. I have not been able to access the website for the past hour to make a payment.
  5. The full 2% doesn't kick in 'til $2,000 but it's good for the full year (per the ToS, not the website). I can live with that. I have a Sams Club Discover that I charge around 100K a year on. It takes some spending to get to the 2% though: Up to $1,500 0.25% $1,500.01 - $3,000 0.50% $3,000.01 - $5,000 1.00% $5,000.01 - $10,000 1.75% $10,000.01 - $250,000 2.00% What many will not like is that its a once a year check but for me I like the once a year nice check.
  6. Were they charged off before you filed BK? If so then they already sold the debt and the tradeline can stay. If it was not sold off prior to you filing BK then it should be IIB.
  7. You did not mention one of the most important factors... What is the Utilization on your current cards?
  8. You planned the night. You bought the tickets. Now use Serve® to get paid back. Receive a $25 account credit when you sign up for a new Serve® account and make a one-time load of $25 or more through December 31, 2012 Use Link Below: https://www.serve.com/load25/?extlink=ps-us-serve-load25-201209&mkwid=sxvcgB6bO&pcrid=13058677474&pmt=e&pkw=serve%20american%20express&gclid=CMz637uC77ICFROe4AodqVsAIg The Extra $25 showed up the next day. I could not pass up an offer for free $25
  9. So I applied for the Flagship Visa and denied for "INSUFFICIENT INCOME" Income was listed at $84K (From my last year tax return), Have $22k nRewards so they must have lowered their Exposure since you had such high lines with lower income.
  10. Receive a $25 account credit when you sign up for a new Serve® account and make a one-time load of $25 or more through December 31, 2012. Ok, I just signed up. Loaded $25 and I still have $25 - Maybe I need to wait for the card to activate it? Seem's like a great deal. Figured I would load $25, Get $25 and then go and get $50 in gas when the card comes. Anyone know when the bonus show's up?
  11. No luck for me. Someone finally called me back and they said all my IIB accounts were reported correctly and they will not remove any. What pisses me off about this is that my mortgage is with Chase and I did not reaffirm it but continue to make payments (4 Years now not a late payment) and my they would not change the way or Delete the IIB Mortgage on the reports.
  12. First denial in a while. "Insufficient Income and Excessive Credit Obligations" credit score was 685 Equifax. I have an nRewards $22k Limit and at the time balance was $9k, High was $17k so they know we can make hefty payments. Also had Priceline card at $4k limit $8500, Many other cards at $0 balance. It is a bummer and no go on Recon, Came back same reasons even through I showed them that I paid off the $4k priceline but it was not posted yet. Income was listed it $84k even through I made more this year I put what I had on my tax returns from last year in case they asked for them. They finished the denial letter with.... "Although this request has been denied, it does not mean future credit requests would be disapproved."
  13. You do have a copy of the cancellation paperwork correct?
  14. Why not call and ask for it?
  15. You were just discharged yesterday and you are already applying for new credit? Not trying to be rude but maybe give it some time to get used to not using credit cards before you jump back in. Best best is to get a secured credit card. If you have $500 cash use it to get a secured card and use the secured card like a normal credit card. If you get $500 more send it and now you will have a secured $1000 credit line. Give it a good 6 months of paying back on time and reporting positive and then apply for an unsecured card.

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