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  1. You know at current in the united states there are atleast 5 people who's name is "Pthreenis".... Resist that knowledge if you like. It's true.
  2. It's common on ultrathin type especially the "laptab" things like my surface pro...I suspect it's to drive you to buy a replacement periodically..
  3. Stop it. Stop it now. Don't ever do this again. It sucks the oil out of my skin, absorbs it, and just ends up being gross and nasty and leaving grease smears on the screen. Stop it. Stop. It. Stahp.
  4. I haven't seen the new show but I'm being told that Dan is in it..... I saw the last episode of the original series. I may be wrong but I'm fairly sure they said Dan died from the heart attack which is why he'd been absent in the last season, and that the outlandish last season was Rosanne's way of dealing with her grief by creating a fictitious world in her diary where things went the way she wanted them to go... Do they address this at all in this new series?
  5. Literal sh*tposting. (the asterisk means nobody will ever know what i actually said, muhuwahahaha)
  6. Asking for recommendations on your ISP is like trying to choose which sin to commit to. There's Leviathan Communications. Your internet speed will be the envy of your your neighbors but you'll be so tangled up in the wires running all over the place you'll never be able to make it to your pc. Or Beelzebub Inc, the bandwidth bottle neck is large enough you could fit a seven course meal for the entire armed forces through, perfect for even the most glutinous of streamers. There's Mammoncast, but they're just greedy, you pay twice what you can get else where for half the service.
  7. There's also a garmin with alexa built in... I have it on good authority that Alexa is actually the best functioning of any of these voice assistants right now... If so, i reap for the future.
  8. Raw water. It's great for keeping regular. Why bother with stool softeners and fiber when you can just give your self dysentery? Constipated? Just drink a bottle of probiotic "raw water". You'll be ****ing for days.
  9. There's a company that offers kind of stick computers you can use to build your own smart mirror. Basically you use an old computer monitor mounted behind a one way mirror, the light from the screen from forcast, headlines, things like that, show through the glass that's otherwise reflective... Probably a great way to help someone with constipation near halloween... Some poor soul sitting on the toilet when suddenly a hideous corpse like demon leaps out at them from what they thought was a mirror. No more constipation for them.
  10. Honestly. Regardless of the propriety of the police actions... Swatting needs to be treated as assault with a deadly weapon by proxy. You are initiating a chain of events in which injury or death of a premeditated target is not only the likely but intended outcome. The specifics are somewhere between hiring a hitman to commit a murder, and booby trapping a machine so that it will fail in such a way that it will kill an intended person. Police so far have largely treated this as a practical joke. I don't think there is a law for assault with deadly weapon by proxy but for this there needs to be
  11. The United States. Where on the coldest darkest knight of the year, the gift of a single f*** is given by law enforcement or land lords about people being thrown out into the cold slash maybe dying. I suppose fundamentally it does not matter. Were it not Christmas. It would be the day before. Or the day after. The week of. The week before. But seriously. I'm not sure I'd bother to show up if someone called me Christmas eve to evict a family. "Yeah sorry i saw this white fog rising from the back of a donut shop and for safety reasons had to go investigate to make sure the rising smoke wasn't
  12. My official condolences to anyone in the country who has this birthday. I cannot imagine a worse possible day of the year to be born on. Everyone who's born in the month of December has lost the birthday lotto but December 25th. Wow. Still, Happy Birthday Richard!
  13. Onward to telegram and discord then.
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