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  1. 6 months. I expect to have a job in the next few months that will compensate me appx. $12,000 a month.
  2. Marv, thank you for taking the time to review this app. I’m curious your thoughts on a range of APR’s I may qualify for and if a prime lender like Toyota would finance my new car purchase. i have a long history of auto loans and leases paid on time and closed in the $1,300/month range. Also interesting if a lender would accept my proof of income. Half of my revolving accounts are charged off. The rest are open, current and close to be maxed out. Credit Application: Your Age: 43 Your Equifax Credit Score: 585 Your Experian Credit Score: 572 Your TransUnion Credit Score: 59
  3. I recently received an approval for a 25k capital lease from Marlin Leasing. I did not have to provide a personal guarantee. No SSN was provided nor was my personal credit pulled. My firm has been in business for nine years and has a D&B Paydex of 80 of with 20 trades reporting and Experian lists a score of 94 with 23 trades reporting. The lease docs were signed and the transaction is expected to fund soon. The rates are very good considering no personal guarantee was provided. I had to pay 2 months payments up front which, from my experience, is the norm. The documents were
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