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  1. Thank you for the advice! I hope you enjoy your trip!
  2. Thank you everyone for your wonderful insight! I had no idea that points could be devalued. Or rather, *how* they are devalued. I have a mere 36,000 Hilton Honors points that I was legitimately going turn into 80,000 points (through stays and various bonuses) because I genuinely do like most of their brands, and I genuinely do travel that much (which isn't alot, once or twice a month). My plan was to get 5 days free at one of the cheapy places in Brazil (currently going for 18,000 points per night last time I checked a few weeks ago. 4 Nights all points, 5th night "free".) No
  3. I I'm still young in the credit game, but I've always been taught to go for the pure cash Rewards and then spend the resulting money how I see fit. But I am also a light traveler... A fan of Hilton and Marriott. Their travel bonuses and cards are very tempting.... But when I do the math I can achieve the same dollar worth just with a regular 2% card and I can have the freedom to spend it how I want. Then there's airfare.... I would love to get a card that will get me free plane tickets... But what are the odds? Ladies and gentlemen, what are your thoughts? Travel Rewards or cas
  4. Thank you. I appreciate you. I really really do. This helped calm me down a little bit. I am just so annoyed! I don't like being lies to! I guess this is what I get for chasing rewards at such a "young" credit age lol. I need far more credit room than my Crap One allows, so I thought to get the biggest bang for my buck I would "play it close"....not doing that again, and I can't believe I forgot the cardinal rule....***never trust customer service*** 😂😂😂
  5. And that I will, at my first chance!!!
  6. Okay, I have a big problem here and I humbly ask for your advice. My Statement Close Date for my Capital One card has been on the 16th of the month for over 3 years since I've had this account. I noticed that in November 2020 Capital One changed it to the 18th. Then in December 2020 and January 2021 it was the 19th. I called into Capital One because I was worried about what was going on and I spoke with the agent who told me that Capital One made some internal changes and that my new statement close date will be the 19th of every month going forward. Fast forward to
  7. 🤣🤣🤣 I know what you mean. I've left all the other groups except that one. I don't know why I stick around. Probably because I was a lost dumb schmuck like them years ago, and I figure that if I can just reach one dumb schmuck, then maybe I've done my part. And I don't even know anything, I just regurgitate what I learned from here and then I give the website link here LOL!!!! I figure at that point, if they don't research further, then that's on them. I've done my part.🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. I agree. I'm in this Facebook group called Credit Warriors Each One Teach One....and while there is *some* good advice from the Admins, there is a $hit T0n of bad advice by random people that the Admins and Moderators refuse to clean up! I forget the exact numbers, but I am sure that group has as many members as a small CITY....yeah...it's bad out here. EDIT: 535,000 Members. I just checked.
  9. Ah! Okay! Thank you very much both of you for your help!!!
  10. So, I was checking me and my wife's FICO 8 scores across all three bureaus today... I did so because both of our Experians are high 600s, but everything else is low 700s. Well.... I took a look at our FICO 2 scores... For credit cards, mortgage and auto... Lo and behold, we're both pretty much mid or near mid-700s Which is a pretty stark score bump. 😕 So I start thinking about the origin of FICO 8s and then I find this: https://www.google.com/search?q=are+lenders+even+using+fico+8%3F&oq=are+lenders+even+using+fico+8%3
  11. Sir (?) thank you so much for this! I never in a million years considered using different credit cards for different reasons.... I just wasn't there yet in my credit journey... And now that I'm knocking on the door... I was just going to get a good everyday spender... But now you've made me realize that there's cards that give Superior rewards for grocery.... For gas.. probably for a whole ton of other things. I can probably analyze my spending to the top three or four things that I spend my money on... And just app for and use the cards associated with those specific spendings c
  12. I'm going to have to look into this!!! 4.5% for using Apple Pay? I'm literally getting an iPhone this summer for the first time after being an Android fanboy for at least 11 years. I have to check into what types of places accept it. Wow! ***Note to Self*** On first App Spree after mortgage: 1. Get Navy Federal card that has high limit. 2. Get Navy Fed CLOC 3. Get Citibank Double Cash 4. Get Altitude Reserve 4.5%!!!
  13. I appreciate that. I really really do. Thank you! I'm just at a point in my life where I finally feel like I'm beginning to get my finances together... And certain things are now becoming available to me that just whenever there before when I was struggling without credit. I hope people got some kind of value out of this conversation!
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