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  1. Is it true that nfcu clocks are a thing of the past? I heard about the legendary 15,000 credit lines.... Or if you don't get that, then you may get something still decent and noteworthy. I've been reading around and I've been seeing titles of them being stingy and now only giving $500!!!! Is this true? Anybody else here about this?
  2. I am very sorry to hear this. Thank you for letting us know.
  3. Ah! I can totally understand that now. What I was originally meaning and thinking was two people jointly applying for a credit card like they used to do 20 years ago... Not that I want to date myself ๐Ÿ˜‚. You're talking about a person that has had perfect credit for years adding someone to their account as a joint guarantor. I can totally understand that. It reminds me of people adding people as authorized users. Same idea. I just didn't know that you can add somebody as a joint guarantor to an account that's already aged. Yeah that's amazing! What's a FESTO? I try googling it but this weird company came up instead lol!
  4. Damn! I was worried about them. Fresh out of rebuilding I wanted to get a Navy Federal CLOC and the Navy Federal card to get some nice credit limit exposure. I thought about going after the Citi double cash card but while that 2% is outstanding I never heard much about their limits.... Now I know. WOW!
  5. How so? I tried looking up the benefits of joint accounts yesterday and I really didn't see anything. And you're right only like two or three Banks still do it. Would join accounts be useful if both people applying have credit scores in the same range? Say low 700s in high 600s? Thank you!
  6. OMG ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I LOVE THIS REPLY SO MUCH LOL! Didn't know that joint applications are no longer a thing. Wow things have changed since I've last really had credit!
  7. Can you still combine Crap One accounts? Or is that dead too?
  8. 2.625??? I want that when I grow up ๐Ÿ˜‚ Currently I have a $800 toy limit Crap One 1.5 percent. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful and it was a useful builder. But now I'm knocking on the door of 700 across all three credit bureaus of FICO 8 (I have achieved 700 on two of my reports so far) and once I close this mortgage it'll be time for me to grow up! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Does Cap One even have a Recon line anymore? I thought they got rid of those like 5-8 years ago. Did something change recently?
  10. Looks like I will be looking into these further: 1. Ally (Even though they are scummy and got caught discriminating against people of color... Probably not going to go with them but I'm keeping them on the list for now) 2. Axos (ATM Fee Credit the next day) 3. Schwab Checking (I have Schwab for my 401k and I like them. They do have excellent customer service!) 4. Radius Bank (Good vibes), but not great reviews in some places. 5. Fidelity Cash Management Account (reimburse ATM Fees the SAME DAY) plus my wife uses them for her 401k and their website is clean and masterful. 6. Connexus Credit Union - They seem real nice. They're actually in the front running. Their site is clean and nothing special but very "customer servicy"; very friendly and it seems to be geared towards and marketed towards women. 7. Chime - they don't do ATM fee rebates at all. In fact they have out of network ATM fees. I just like the marketing and the good guy image... Which will probably only last until their I.P.O, LOL!
  11. Hi! I would have loved to have tried USAA as my main checking, but long story short, I had a horrible experience with them. (See my last post, and then scroll down in the topic. I describe what happened.) As for weekend hours, that's important if for some reason there are no local ATMs that do deposit. For example, I have Navy Federal. I just found out there there are ATMs in my area that do deposits, but before I knew that, there are separate shared branching locations that are open on Saturday when I have time to deposit cash (in the rare cases that I may need to.)
  12. WOW! These are REALLY good questions! 1. Domestic primarily. I do travel internationally, but only 4-5 times per year. 2. No local branch is necessary. 3. No brokerage account is necessary. 4 I didn't even know there were banks with high maximum mobile deposit limits! 5. Same day ACH exists??? That WOULD be nice! Beats my current solution of Cash App pull and push for a (nominal) fee! 6. Account Open Bonus is nice. I just opened a Capital One Bank account for myself and my wife for $400 bonus each. I would keep them, but they don't sync with my financial tracking software (I use the "Emma" and "True Bill" apps). 7. The cards that I want (I am literally *just post rebuilding*) are Navy Federal (for high starting limits) and the Citi Bank Double Cash. I don't even know what other cards to get besides these two. 8. Weekend Branch hours ARE important.....but not a deal breaker, as long as I can have an ATM that allows me to deposit cash. THANK YOU!!!!
  13. I appreciate this! I literally thought that they were only online in my area. Now I see that there are shared branching locations in my area with Saturday hours as well as ATMs that accept deposits in my area. That's very nice! Very very nice! I was all excited until I read cv91915's post and was reminded of the horrors LOL!
  14. I feared this. I really really really feared this. I was trying to figure out why I was fascinating so much about going with nfcu... But now that you're mentioning it my first introduction with nfcu was the exact same scenario you described. I submitted my paperwork what seems like a thousand times until someone finally got it after I faxed an emailed it. That wasn't a pleasant experience but I kind of glossed over it because of the other options with nfcu. But if I make this my main checking account I don't want any weird or funny business. I especially don't want my money Frozen due to some weird stuff. I remember a few years ago when USAA was open to non-military, I had applied to become a member with them and I was accepted! I was so happy! Then they spontaneously closed my account in froze my deposit. I never could get it back.... I literally got my deposit back like two or three years later from my state.... Using the lost and unclaimed funds program.... USAA treated me just like how Navy Federal treated you. They sent me to security locked my account. Wouldn't tell me anything. Wouldn't ask me for anything. Wouldn't even give me my f*cking money back!! It was a horrible experience. Thank God it was for a small amount but still I had resigned to the fact that they had stolen my money...

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