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  1. I hope to get my first high limit card this year! Excited!!
  2. Thank you! So, FNBO vs Navy it is. Not a bad choice of first large limites cards to grow. Thank you!!!
  3. It’s here: https://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Personal-Finance/Navy-Federal-CLOC-End-of-an-Era/td-p/6238410/page/3
  4. Here’s a great 2.5% card! https://slickdeals.net/f/15164869-alliant-cashback-visa-signature-credit-card-pays-2-5-cash-back-on-up-to-10-000-a-month?page=3#commentsSection
  5. Wow! Up to 3 percent??? Is that possible? Wow! The credit game has changed. WHAT?
  6. EXCELLENT strategy!!! Appreciate the tip! I currently have a Cap One a Quicksilver. 1.5%, but I LOVE three things about this card. 1. Rewards are accessible immediately, in any denomination. I mean ANY. 2. Payments are credited INSTANTLY freeing up credit space immediately. 3. I can use the rewards with your strategy that you just told me. Appreciate you so much! Thank you!
  7. Wow! I like that Power Cash card! And THANK YOU for educating me about FNBO. I really never heard of them, and was worried. I’ll take a second look then, at them AND Navy Federal. (I didn’t know about that extra .25 percent either! Thank you!)
  8. I had hoped and dreams of a $15,000 CLOC with them. Alas, I suppose it is not to be. BUT, I am intrigued and surprised by the $5,000! Kudos to you and your friend! Very surprised indeed!
  9. Hello everyone! TL;DR: What's the best 2 percent card that can grow to at least $20,000 as a pry bar account? (so that at a later date, I can have other issuers match that limit). My average scores are roughly 710 across the board. (FICO) Long story: I am just getting out of rebuilding per this two year old thread that I posted here. (Finally closing on home, long story, wont bore you.) I was reading the above thread to refresh myself of the wisdom of the members here, (Thank you!) and then I decided that I will go ahead and get a card with a large limit, hopefully 2 percent. My first choice was going to be Navy Fed CASH Rewards. It's only 1.5%, but I hear Navy Fed give out high starting limits...but I've lost faith in that because they don't give out high limit CLOCs anymore, and I'm not sure I want to risk getting a card under $10,000. Otherwise, I would jump on this if the limit was high. Then I saw this FNBO Prequalify link for one of their 2 percent products. This was the first prequal link that I ever saw where the lender TOLD you what your limit might be. They want to start me at $15,000. I like that alot, but have NEVER heard of FBNO and I fear that they might be a sub prime smear on a credit report type bank. Otherwise, I would jump on this. Then I saw this card by Wells Fargo (yes, I know lol) The card looks attractive to me...but it's Wells Fargo. What would YOU suggest as a good starting card to grow with that also gives good starting limits? I have hears of Citi Bank's Double Cash product, and it seems well liked. Thank you for your insight!
  10. Update: Looks like the days of a high Nay Fed CLOC are indeed over for new users who have not applied yet. Just FYI..
  11. Thank you for the advice! I hope you enjoy your trip!
  12. Thank you everyone for your wonderful insight! I had no idea that points could be devalued. Or rather, *how* they are devalued. I have a mere 36,000 Hilton Honors points that I was legitimately going turn into 80,000 points (through stays and various bonuses) because I genuinely do like most of their brands, and I genuinely do travel that much (which isn't alot, once or twice a month). My plan was to get 5 days free at one of the cheapy places in Brazil (currently going for 18,000 points per night last time I checked a few weeks ago. 4 Nights all points, 5th night "free".) Now I see that that is all BUT certain. WOW. I appreciate your insights. I'm sticking with the Cash Back. I appreciate you all!
  13. I I'm still young in the credit game, but I've always been taught to go for the pure cash Rewards and then spend the resulting money how I see fit. But I am also a light traveler... A fan of Hilton and Marriott. Their travel bonuses and cards are very tempting.... But when I do the math I can achieve the same dollar worth just with a regular 2% card and I can have the freedom to spend it how I want. Then there's airfare.... I would love to get a card that will get me free plane tickets... But what are the odds? Ladies and gentlemen, what are your thoughts? Travel Rewards or cash? And if you choose travel Rewards, which kind, hotel or flight?
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