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  1. What income level do you guys have? Mine (individual) is 47K. I’m trying to figure a guess to see if it’s worth it to app as I just got my invite today (after being on the list for 20 years lol). My current highest is Navy Fed $25,000 and I plan to app for their American Express product in 2 more months.
  2. Hi everyone! Why does everyone want to get Chase cards? (Including the “Trifecta” that I’ve read about online) When I look at the cards…Chase Rewards seem “regular”. Am I missing something pretty significant? Thank you so much for your help and insight!
  3. Okay, I made a “good” boo-boo. After my mortgage hit (Long story, I talked about it my other thread)….I app’d for Navy. I couldn’t help it! Fixating on Navy got me through some dark times….I fixed my credit, got an excellent mortgage rate because of it (3% SONYMA) and I was finally FREE….finally free to get a car loan (car has been falling apart for years) finally free to BREATH…..finally free to get Navy. I honestly don’t know the advantages of 5/24 or Chase, Citi, or BOA. Is it because they are Prime banks and they look good on a credit report? Or their products? As for the limit….Navy gave me $25,000!!! I cried….I really did. I am reborn, and it’s thanks to all of you! I honestly….honestly don’t know what to do at this point, which card to get next, or even if to get another card. When I’m doubt, sit still I guess. I know this, I am grateful to all of you. Thank you! I would insert a picture of the welcome email if I knew how lol. I think I can’t find the attachment button because I am typing on my phone lol. THANK YOU.
  4. That’s the thing…perception! Navy has been my goal for the entire 5 years I was rebuilding…I just kept saying “Navy Navy Navy!” In my head…as motivation, you know? So I feel a level of achievement and even loyalty…that might well be misplaced. I’ve never been here before. This is the highest my score has ever been! I just don’t want to make a mistake, you know? And app for the wrong thing. I’m reality, it really DOES make sense to only get what I need. for example, I want 2 or 2.5 percent because that’s what I really care about. I don’t even want the grocery card (yet). I know that getting one *at some point* will be a smart move, but I feel like only one card is good enough right now, you know? Maybe I should think about this some more. I mean, I only want to do some things because “I can” or “I should”…I only really want high starting limit and 2 percent base card…and I can look at other things later when I’m a tad more sophisticated.
  5. I like that strategy! I’m just so proud of us after faithfully following all of your advice that something $20,000 or above “feels” like something, you know? But honestly, a high CB is more useful 🤷‍♂️😂 I’ll take a look at the AMEX prequal site! Thank you!
  6. Scores are all high 700’s FICO 8’s, one is low 800. Advice 1: We each want a high limit "pry bar" card so that any card that follows also has a high limit. We both have Navy Federal savings and checking accounts, so we both want to apply with Navy Fed Cash Rewards. This is because Navy has a a reputation for high limits. Do you all agree that this is a good plan? Advice 2: We need a better Cash Back card. Currently we get 1.5 percent. We want at least 2 percent. 2.5 would be great! So we are looking at the Alliant FCU for 2.5 or Wells Fargo for the 2 percent. Do either of these sound good? Advice 3: We need a good Cashback card for Groceries specifically, but Restaurant and Gas would be nice too. I looked into the American Express Blue Cash Preffered card...I figure if we both get the card, we'll have $12,000 a year of eligible grocery spend that will met us 4.4 percent after the annual fee...BUT we just found out that HelloFresh doesn't count as grocery spend anymore...and if that's the case, then a regular 3 percent No Fee grocery card will be better...since we MAY rely more on HelloFresh or even WalMart and won't be able to get that spend amount. Advice 4: Just stick with the Navy Fed Cash Rewards card for awhile. Thank you for your advice!
  7. The account fell off! My Experian FICO 8 is now 808! It was my lowest score and now it’s my highest!
  8. I wish there was a Costco in Western New York! There’s some BJ’s though, and I think a random Sam’s Club too. Thank you for the tips!!!!
  9. Thank you! I will check out the Amex BCP, but I am concerned because I know I will hit that 6,000 max easily, especially now that I have a Newborn on the way (Yay!!!). I will try to do the math and see what my actual rate of return percentage is when accounting for the $95 fee and the $9600 a year on groceries I spend.
  10. Looks like July 1st, 2022 according to this article I found in this forum. It is medical debt, and only $395 paid in full. Yay! https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220318005244/en/Equifax-Experian-and-TransUnion-Support-U.S.-Consumers-With-Changes-to-Medical-Collection-Debt-Reporting
  11. Hi folks! Need some encouragement today. Checked my FICO 8’s…..TranUnion is 782….Equifax is 770… Experian? 696 All because of one collection account I paid because the bank (mortgage) wanted and needed me to. the collection account was opened Jan. 2016, but the Balance was “updated” July 2020 when I paid it. when does this fall off? It’s totally ruining my Experian FICO 😕
  12. I spend about $800 for my family on groceries, and we eat out about $500-$600 a month. Which no fee or low fee card would be best for the above scenario? Thank you!
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