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  1. Wow.... I had no idea how shady car places were. I knew...but yikes! I didn't know lol. Thank heavens for places like CarMax and Carvana.... Unless something's wrong with those guys too. 🤔
  2. Thank you all for your input! I think that we are better off apping separately.
  3. Hello! When I'm done cleaning up my last few baddies, I'm going to app for a "pry-bar" credit card that I will use to grow it into a large limit. My question is...should I app for that card with my Spouse....? Most credit card companies seem to allow both incomes on an application to count for Your individual income...so I don't see the reason to apply WITH my Spouse. Plus, this give us a chance to build our own separate high limits cards if we app separately. Am I thinking this through right? Is there an advantage to apping for a Joint Account? The only thing I can think of is sharing the benefit of all monthly spending on one card. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  4. Hi! I'm getting ready to send off a new round of disputes, and I realize that I misplaced my Social Security Card. Is there something else that I can send the CRA's besides my S.S.C.? I went to all three of their websites, and it appears they all want different things, and basically I don't trust them, which is why I'm asking you lol.
  5. Thank you everyone for your help and your insight! I will double back and refocus on getting ONE good rewards card and than growing with it. THEN (if necessary) app with different high limit cards issuers to make sure that I will always have a low utlization ratio. Thank you again everyone for your help!
  6. This is actually close to, if not THE reason. The full reason would also include the ability to handle $3,000 worth of emergency issue if I have to. Over my life, when I struggled without credit, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, being overcome by either medical bills or car trouble... borrowing from family....$3,000 was about the average amount of what I needed at the time. So now, I need a card ideally with Rewards that I can easily put through my monthly spending of $2,700 AND can absorb an emergency of $3,000. That means the Card would need to be about $20,000 to absorb a 3k emergency, while still being under 30 percent utility. I don't ever want to have to struggle again, scratching for crumbs, to help my family.
  7. I forgot to add that my Average Age of Accounts is about 3 years, and my income is $80,000
  8. I'm just afraid that once a mortgage of $125,000 hits my reports, it may drop my scores 30-50 points, which would put me out of range for the cards I desire (Or so I believe from the research I've done. Is this not true? Thank you!)
  9. Thank you!!! I only have 3 baddies left. 1. One on my Trans (Cellphone, $1050, added 5/2016, Collection Agency: ERC) 2. One on my Experian (Credit Union, $468, added 8/2013, Collection Agency: Simon's Agency Inc) 3. Another Experian (Medical, $395, added 1/2016, Collection Agency: Secured Resolutions LLC) 4. Equifax is clean. I have to pay/settle these before the Bank will close. The only thing I haven't tried is Pay for delete for the first two accounts, and WhyChat's HIPPAA method on the Medical account. Otherwise I'll have to Settle the accounts to get the loan. When I started about 2 years ago, I my Credit Karma FAKO was high 400's. Now they are over 700. I didn't start tracking my FICOs until later, starting at an average of "high 500's" (Credit Card FICOs) and now my FICOs average 680 (Mortgage FICOs) As for your advice, I understand and am grateful! You're saying it's much better (for example) to open up a Navy Fed Platinum card and grow it to $10,000+ FIRST....THEN app for higher limit/combinable cards later down the road. Sounds good to me. I'm just so excited that I want to hang with the Big Dogs one day soon! 😂. I've waited this long, I can be abit more patient. Is there a high limit card that you would suggest to start with other than Navy Federal? I picked them because I am blessed to have an account, and I know they start with good limits for beginners.
  10. Thanks to everyone here, I have brought my scores to an average 680 and am about to close on a home. Thank you! My strategy question follows thus: Once I close on the mortgage, I want to go on an app spree for REAL cards before the Mortgage hits my reports. I'm looking for limits $10,000 and above. (Currently I have toy limits of 5,000 and 2000 and 700) My plan is two fold: 1. Apply for cards that start with high limits (Navy Fed Platinum and Cash Rewards) 2. Apply for cards that I can COMBINE limits on (2 Navy Fed Cards, 2 Discover IT cards, 2 B.O.A., 2 American Express, 2 Chase 3. After a year or so, combine the combinable accounts into "Super" accounts with high limits. /End Do you think this is a feasible plan? Can I do something better or different? Let me know please. Thanks!
  11. I'm not wondering if I can refinance the remaining balance through someone else? Capital One has been sending me stuff recently for Auto Loans. I also have Navy Federal to check as well. Does it matter if I have an Auto Loan through a Credit Union? In terms of "look" of the report?
  12. It was 120 days past due....Is there anything I can do? I don't want to keep paying something that is not benefiting me. I might as well just let them have the car, sell it, buy an old jalopy, and pay off the much smaller left over amount. Or hell, bankruptcy. 2 years to a mortgage, vs 3 years left on a charged off loan with payments, and then it still showing charged off.
  13. Short story, I currently HAVE a car loan with Santandar, that was once repoed and marked as charged off.....Even though I paid the repo fees and late payment amounts along with late fees, to get my car back. Now. They are STILL reporting on my credit report as "Charged off" even though I've been paying them for literally 7 months and driving the car! I called their "Credit Dept" and they said that "Once it gets to the charge off stage, even if the loan is reactivated, there's nothing they can do about the continuous reporting of the loan as charged off". How's this legal? How can I still pay these people on time with no additional fees owed, and still have Charged Off on my credit report? Should I sue these bastards?

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