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  1. I would be happy to tell you about my son, so pm me if interested. I don't want to post it here.
  2. Thank you! Thank you! I agree with your post.
  3. Thank you! I will do that. I can laugh at myself with the best of them, but it creeps me out thinking people here are reading my prior posts and making an assesment of how I am as a person based on those posts. Some of the outright insults to me by certain posters go beyond funny. Thanks for your support. I am frustrating myself pulling reports, and getting nowhere. Oh, and on the DCU, I was approved for the checking but have no answer on the cc yet. Thanks again for your kindness
  4. You should slow down and read the newbie threads. And read 'em again. And then once more. Honestly. You've been here for two years, have 1500 posts, and if you've read around a bit, you should know how to handle derogs... That said, if after you've done your homework ( ), you still don't know how to handle your derogs, then you might want to post some actual information about them - "I have 9 derogs, how do I get rid of them?" isn't very helpful. I think the number one thing you need is to slow down. I say that entirely in a spirit of support. Best of luck. Thanks. appreciated,
  5. I think they keep track of dispute reasons, because a rep told me a long time ago, "you already disputed this tl for this reason." Don't they know when you dispute for another reason?
  6. They wouldn't close the card-just update their records and send you an new card, reflecting the correct spelling. Oh no watch out! Here comes Blondimom! LOL Oh, lucky me-my very own cyberstalker. Heidi, I am not interested in your PM's, so please refain from sending any more to me in the furture.
  7. Yes, that might be part of the problem. I had a thin file to start with, but now I have 4 cc's that have all been opened in March and April. I pulled EQ last night and it took a small hit as well, from 775 to 755, probably the new accts reporting. Will the score come back?
  8. Maybe I am taking a score hit from having the new accts reporting?
  9. The derogs that are on EX were removed by TU and EQ, EX refuses to budge. I have disputed them over and over and only lost 1. I have redisputed them, and am waiting for the results. EQ finally deleted all baddies a few weeks ago after disputing over and over and TU has 4 baddies left on one file and non on the other, only good accounts, it's split. EX has been my worst report by far, and the hardest for me to fix. help! Maybe my score with EX will go up, though, because a couple of the new cards have started reporting and more will be soon. At one time I had only 3 good accts on EX and 9 baddies and now it's 9 good accts and 9 baddies. Thanks for your help.
  10. no, my EQ is definately not split, per the supervisor at EQ. The TU has two scores, 646 and 804. The EQ is 775. there is only one file there. Sorry I wasn't very clear in my post.

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