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  1. Well, I guess that raising the annual fee and adding "perks" I'll never use makes a product change or close inevitable.
  2. Did on online CL request for my BoA Cash Rewards Visa looking to raise it from $29.7K to $50K. Came back with a CLI to $47.6K. Not sure how they hit that odd amount of an increase but I'll take it without question.
  3. NFCU Cash Rewards $50K Discover $48.5K PSECU Founders $30K BOA Cash Rewards $29.4K (one more CLI and it's on the list)
  4. PSECU Founder's Visa pays 2% if you have direct deposit, 1.5% otherwise. Redemption in any amount is allowed either deposited to your checking/savings account or as a statement credit.
  5. I don't know how official the $0.015 cpp is but it seems as though my hotel bookings with Altitude points are getting that.
  6. I view this card as a keeper if you travel enough to use the $325 credit each year. I have mine hooked up to Samsung Pay which makes it effectively a 3% travel rewards card with a $75.00 annual fee.
  7. I know you know combining is the path of least resistance Unfortunately, most are with different issuers. Already tried to roll a $25K NFCU CC into the Cash Rewards and was told that they do not merge credit lines.
  8. NFCU Cash Rewards $35K Discover $33.5K PSECU Founders $30K Slew of cards stuck at $25K. I think I need to work on them.
  9. My son is 23. I made he and his younger brother an AU on my AMEX as soon as I could. He got his first card at 18, found out the pitfalls of debt at 19 (didn't listen to me but learned quickly none the less). He bought a house late last year at 23. I hate to think where he would be if I hadn't been able to steer him in this direction.
  10. Wow, just hit it again -- 18 days after the last one. Another +$1000.00. Finally, after 6 years with them, crossed the $10K mark.
  11. Indianapolis
  12. It looks like you can pull every 90 days (maybe?). Can't say for sure but after about 10 minutes of digging that seems to be it. Also, you have to call in to get your report refreshed.
  13. Been busy (for the first time in about 2 years) PenFed 6.2K -> 20K (noticed pre-approval first week of January) NFCU Cash Rewards 9K -> 17.5K (should have asked for more) Barclay's Frontier MC 16K USAA Rate Advantage MC 16K BOA Better Balance Rewards MC 10K Citi AA Exec MC 13K AMEX Plat Business 3K Alliant Auto Loan Refinance 32.5K All in all took 4 EXP hits, 1 TU hit, and 1EQ hit. Now, I'll crawl back into the shadows for another year or two

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