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  1. justaddwater

    Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    How often do you try to get CLI? Also how do you request? Specifically speaking about Comenity Cards (Overstock). Thanks for your help
  2. justaddwater

    Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Approved for $700 Overstock Card. I feel like I am very close to getting this egg to open up a bit. I only have 5750 in available credit and owe 1400, so utilization is bringing me down. I will pay off most of this balance along with Quicksilver Card giving me the Auto Bump for on-time payments. I just feel like things should start to improve, regardless of my (2) BK Filings...
  3. justaddwater

    Advice Needed: Waiting time for Mortgage after filing Chapter 13?

    Thanks for your reply. I am in a great position for sure, in terms of affording and maintaining a new mortgage. The main reason I cannot wait for 2 more years is the situation we are in with our house. We are trying to buy the house we live in and have lived in for 8 years. My family friend bought our house with cash and needs to get his money out. So, of course, we can sell it (we have $100k in equity) and rent somewhere. It's just a difficult scenario for a family, hence the effort to get a mortgage. I just didn't realize that my Chapter 13 filing/dismissal would be that damaging. It's literally better to have your debts discharged.
  4. Thank You in advance for any and all assistance. My wife and I have not owned a home for 15 years. I have been irresponsible with credit, but have recently made huge progress. All my scores are in the mid 600+, and my income is fantastic. The only thing negative on my reports is a Chapter 13 filing 2 years ago in Feb. I have applied for a mortgage and was told that I can't get approved until the filing is at least 4 years old. I can't wait 2 years to buy a home. If anyone has any advice or has knowledge on this subject, I'd be greatly appreciative.
  5. The only open cards I have are these 3, along with a crappy Fingerhut card for $300 limit. I have used the Cap One card and paid it fully, and intend to do the same thing every month. Capitol One said every 6 months, I will get an auto CL increase of $500. I'd really like to get some large CL cards. I also have a concern that Chase and Citi will not allow me to have cards with them, due to very old CO's.
  6. Cap One was in November. NFCU and DCU were in December.
  7. Re-engaged with CB recently. I logged in and found after several years, that my scores were in the lower 600's. After the initial round of disputes, I was able to get all baddies off my reports except (2) separate CH13 Filings on both TU and EX. One was almost two years ago, and one was in 2012 (will be deleted in Oct). EQ is perfectly clean. Current scores are: TU 680 - EX 649 - EQ 673 UTIL on all is currently 7% Have (2) Auto Loans (Audi FS & University CU) Want to refinance the CU, as it's 9.9% I am hoping to get the Filings off (both were dismissed). In the meantime, I have applied for several CC's. DCU - $3k CapOne Quiksilver - $1k NFCU - $700 and applied for Delta AMEX (Hoping to get a positive result). If anyone has any good suggestions, please lmk. I'm so grateful in advance and fully appreciate the assistance, and knowledge I have gleaned off this site. Thank You so much!
  8. justaddwater

    Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Thank You. Do you have any advice on the backdoor? I just called the status line. i got an email response from them, and it said based on y credit profile, income etc, that was the highest they could offer. My last paycheck shows 22k per month. My TU, which they pulled has 2 Ch-13 filings that were dismissed. One in 2017 and one almost ready to fall off. I will try the CLI route at 91 days.. I guess
  9. justaddwater

    Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Nice job, although it really puzzles me as to why I got a lousy approval.
  10. justaddwater

    Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Was approved for NFCU $750. I'm surprised that it wasn't at least a few thousand. I emailed them (as instructed) and they said they could review it. They pulled TU at 679. The only baddies I have are (2) Chpter 13 filings that were dismissed (1) 2017, and (1) 2012 (deletes auto in Oct. trying to get TU and EX to delete, otherwise no baddies. EX - 653 TU - 679 EX - 686
  11. justaddwater


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    Salt Lake
  13. justaddwater

    Starting Over

    BTW, What is DCU?
  14. justaddwater

    Starting Over

    Thanks for the response. I just pulled Credit Karma. It shows that my TU is 569 and EFax is 530. Experian is not available on CK. I have one high interest car loan owing 35k and it is perfect from orgin 22 months ago. I have as many as 5 public records and old credit card charge-offs. I have done this before thanks to CB.com and will do it again. I know I need to get reports that I pay for and not freebies for the 30 days. I also know that I need to dispute very specific items and not generalize it. I also know that the older the account the more likely they wont care to reply. I guess I just needed a refresher and wondering if things have changed. I want to buy a home. Thanks again! Dave
  15. justaddwater

    Starting Over

    Guys, I was a CB Pro at one point back in 2008 and got some sweet loans at very low interest rates. Unfortunatly did not learn the 2nd time and now I am back for the third go around. My questions are simple: Whats the best site for paid credit reports? I want to dispute with 30 days instead of that extra 15 days. Also is there a preferred method for Chex Systems? I'd like to get a New Checking Account. The goal is to reduce my interest rate on our 2013 Audi Q7, and buy a home. Any help would be great. Thanks, Dave

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