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  1. I am looking to possible buy the house I have been renting for the last three years (or buy another one). My mid FICO score is 685. Went through a divorce from 2011-2013 and all of the bad are off of the report except for two small collections from a few years back that just showed up but they were for utility bills for my ex but she apparently put them in my name. They are each less than $200 and I will contact them and try to get them to PFD. My concern is a judgement dated in September 2009 that is not showing on my credit reports anymore buy I am in Florida and the active period here is 10 years. This was from a dispute with a former business partner in a company we owned together. The judgement is just over $100k. There has not been any contact whatsoever since the judgement in 2009, so no collection attempts on their part. The grantor is listed as the company I owned 49% of. My question is do I just wait until the 10 years is up and hope that the judgement is not renewed, or do I contact my former business partner and try to negotiate a payment plan in order to get approved for a mortgage? I know I am legally obligated to disclose the judgement. Any suggestions are welcome. Hopefully I have provided enough information. Income is around $150k and the only debt I have is student loan of $975. Been at my job for 10 years and house will be around $300k. Thanks.
  2. I was a 49% owner in a business and got out of it back in 2007. The whole deal was a bad thing and I did not have the funds to keep fighting. When I left I still owed money (from financing the business). Anyway my former partner/the company (he now had 100%) got a judgement against me in 2009. In 2011 I believe it was I got a letter from the IRS saying they changed my 2008 tax return as a result of receiving a 1099-Misc. The amount was the same as the judgement. First of all it should have been a 1099-C and I never received anything. Secondly the tax year was wrong. But my question is does the issuance of the 1099 have any affect on the collectability of the judgement? The judgement drops off of my credit report in 09/16 but is still public record. Just thought I would check and see if anyone had any experience with something like this. I am in Florida. Thanks.
  3. I have a judgement related to a business I was part owner of quite a number of years ago. The judgement was not paid and will be dropping off of my credit report in September of this year. If it is not showing up on my credit report will I be able to qualify for a mortgage (assuming everything else is okay), or will it be discovered since it will still show up under public records? I am in Florida if that makes a difference.
  4. Thanks cashnocredit. I was kind of thinking that might be the case. I tried to help my ex get back on her feet (way too many times) and got burned. Her landlord had no interest in going after her as he figured he would get better results coming after me. I just wish the landlord would have not let her go over four months without paying the rent! I could have intervened and this would not have gotten so far out of hand. A valuable lesson learned!!!
  5. I am trying to determine if this will show up on my credit reports if it is NOT recorded?
  6. I signed on a lease for my ex wife while we were going through our divorce (she could not get into a place without me signing on the lease). After a year or so I was notified by her landlord that she had not paid her rent for about four months! I was shocked and also surprised that the landlord did not notify either her or myself earlier? To make a long story short she moved out and the landlord ending up filing suit (against both of us) and got a judgment. I tried negotiating with the landlord throughout the process. I did not find out about the lawsuit until right before we were scheduled to go to court because I had moved within the last year and did not receive any of the correspondence. I was told by the landlord's attorney that if we pay off a reduced amount via monthly payments over a two year period (the settlement that my ex was supposed to adhering to) that the landlord will not pursue any further collection processes and that the judgment will not be recorded. I am in Florida and my question is will this show up on my credit report if it is not recorded? I am not exactly sure what the difference is between a recorded judgment and a non recorded judgment. I can pay the settlement amount right after the first of the year. I am trying to avoid this showing up on my reports as they are almost clean and I am looking to buy a home next year.
  7. Located in FL and I am in the process of rebuilding credit to purchase a home next year. I am looking for a bank that offers personal loans with a cosigner. My mother will cosign on the loan and her credit score is close to 800 and she has very little debt. My scores range from 560 to 610 (bad divorce) so I know I can't get it on my own. Student loans come out of rehab next month and a lot of baddies fall off later this year. Only looking for about $3,000. Will her good credit offset mine enough to get approved? I see that Wells Fargo and Regions both offer personal loans. Wasn't sure how much the cosigner's credit will be able to offset my bad credit. Thanks.
  8. I did call and the guy answered the phone "This is Steve". I gave him the file number that the lady gave me and he recited my name and my SSN. He asked why I called and I told him that a lady called me and gave me the info, to which he replied "we do not make any outbound calls, that must have been the service used to serve you". He refused to give me an address and said their client is a payday loan company. He gave me the name but I don't know if I used them or not. Googled the name and can't get any contact information. I know when I was in college about 15 years ago I did get caught up in the payday loan "racket" for a short period of time. He said his client is suing me...I asked if and where a lawsuit had been filed and he said if I have not been served yet then the lawsuit has not been filed. He said his client sent a letter to the 15 year old address. When I asked again for the address of the so called law firm he worked for he finally hung up on me. Googled the number this law firm Stevens & Associates and nothing came up.
  9. Thanks and that is exactly what I was thinking as well. I have never been sued over a debt but I am familiar enough with the legal system to know how the process works.
  10. I received a call at work today from a lady and she said I missed my summons to appear in court and I needed to call Stevens & Associates at 657-888-2950 and they would reschedule but they were only keeping it open for two more hours. I asked her an address they tried to use and the one she gave me is from 14 years ago. I will call them at lunch and see what is going on. Any advice before I call? BTW I am in FL and the only thing I can think of from that long ago is a Cap One card that I owed $300 on. But it would be about 10 years beyond the SOL in FL.
  11. Thanks hodap2001. One more question, will the interest rate be the same as what it was before I went into default?
  12. I am in the third month of rehabbing my federal student loan and the balance now with the collection costs added is around $250,000. I have read some accounts of people not being able to get their loan picked up after the nine months of rehab payments, although it seems that many of these were in 2009 when the economy tanked. I am in Florida (if that makes a difference). The original loan was with Sallie Mae. Is it harder to get someone to pick up a loan with a large balance such as mine?
  13. Here is what I am showing on one of my reports currently. The loan went into default in September 2012. I can't tell if Sallie Mae is still updating or not. The status for Sallie Mae shows 120 days past due, however it does not look like Sallie Mae has updated since September 2012. So based on this did the clock start in Sept 2012 and will go for 7 years from that date? I am trying to get everything fixed up and hopefully buy a house in two years. Lastly, does the FL Dept of Ed go away at the end of the rehab? I know they are the collection agency and I have read on here that once the rehab is complete that account will disappear as the new lender shows up on my reports. Student Loan AccountSallie Mae Status as of Sep, 2012 Date opened [?] Oct, 2005 Date of last activity [?] Feb, 2007 Date closed [?] Sep, 2012 Account number [?] Loan type [?] Student Loan Largest past balance [?] $166,029 Account Type [?] Installment Account Account holder [?] Individual Account Scheduled Payment Amount [?] $0 Industry Banks Descriptions [?]Debt being paid through insurance Student Loan AccountFlorida Department Of Ed Status as of Oct, 2013 Date opened [?] Sep, 2012 Date of last activity [?] Oct, 2013 Date closed [?] Nov, 2012 Account number [?] Loan type [?] Student Loan Largest past balance [?] $209,829 Account Type [?] Open Account Account holder [?] Individual Account Industry Government Descriptions [?]Placed for collection
  14. In the process of getting credit cleaned up after messy divorce and just entered into rehab for federal student loans about two months ago. I have to make payments for nine months total and then the loan gets picked up by a new lender and the default status is removed, however the late payment history may or may not be removed, that varies from what I have read. If the loan rehab gets completed in July of 2014 and the current servicer reports it as past due up until that time, how long before I would be able to qualify for an FHA mortgage based on just this account if everything else is in line. Do I need to wait 24 months from the time it is done being rehabbed or from the date of last activity? Thanks.
  15. Started my federal student loan rehab with Allied about two months ago. After the nine months of loan rehabbing, at what point will the Dept of Education stop showing the loan as over 120 days past due. I am trying to get things straightened out credit wise after a messy divorce and I am hoping to be able to buy a house in two years. I started the rehab in September 2013. As of now the Dept of Education is showing 120 days past due. Will this reporting continue until the rehab is complete? I need two years of no lates for FHA so I am trying to figure out when the clock will start ticking.

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