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  1. icesk8ermom how did you dispute? I have a fully paid acct incorrectly showing a 30-day late that I have tried to dispute a few times: I called once; I sent a goodwill letter and I sent a nutcase letter.
  2. I'll try calling EX again, although that hottub sounds good! Thank you everyone. I'll keep you posted.
  3. Thank you, distantarray. According to the post you read, would you suggest I call AMEX? I called EX and they suggested I send them a fax, which I did, but the CRA is still reporting it. I'm not sure which SS# is attached to the account. It doesn't specify on the credit report.
  4. I do love an opportunity to wear a new hat, but this situation is no fun. I tried verifying this Amex acct a few years back and they stuck it to me by reporting me as dead.
  5. Hello, Creditboard friends! I've been gone for a couple of years while I relocated my home and business across the country and am now back to finish cleaning up my report. I applied for a Kohl's credit card recently and when I received the denial letter, it stated that EX was reporting me as deceased. I pulled all three reports and as far as I can tell, only EX is showing me as deceased. I think that the AMEX account that is reporting me as deceased was a card I had back in college with my father, who passed in 1998. This card is also showing as a collection account on all three repo
  6. Hello, Creditboard friends! I've been gone for a couple of years while I relocated my home and business and am now back to finish cleaning up my report. I applied for a Kohl's credit card recently and found out that I was being reported as deceased by AMEX, so I pulled my report. When I pulled my report, I found an inquiry on January 6, 2011 from Robert James, 266 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14203 on my report. I had actually received a phone call from John Harris of Robert James on that day as well as did my mother, sister and husband (which I know is illegal). He never called me back an
  7. jazzyburrell-thank you for reading my story and for taking the time to compose an EXTREMELY helpful and informative post! My replies below: 1. Most Mortgage Brokers (except the CBers) know "deck" about credit. I just went through the same process and I taught my Broker so much she started asking if I could "help" some of her "borderline" clients.....Umm No. Seriously! 2. You don't need to pull your credit now for a home purchase 5 months from now,it just gives the bad guys more time to attach your CR because they know UnderWriters (UW) will just want you to pay them off. I see. G
  8. I started my second attack at the end of February 2009 and have had great success! I started with 10-12 negatives on each report and am down to 5 negatives on each report with an EQ FAKO of 696 (come on 700!) I started my credit repair journey back in May 2007 and was going strong until February 2008, when I opened my photography studio in SF. I was traveling from the South Bay to SF everyday (about 2-3 hours roundtrip, depending on traffic) and the travel time was a killer. Anywho, we're moving to NJ this summer (housing is just so much more reasonable and I have more family there to
  9. I can't seem to find that post. Do you remember the title or any keywords that I can search? Thanks!
  10. Those wiser than me can tell you for sure, but from what I've been reading, Be very careful about paying on this account because if they don't delete it, your sol starts all over again from the date of last payment.
  11. Try pulling all of your reports and initiate an online dispute, checking one of the options that says something to the effect of: "information is reporting incorrectly".
  12. Thank you for your advice, Centex! What I said to the people who transferred me around was that I allowed myself to be convinced into buying a 3 yr. arm during that time and I overextended myself. {which is true-wish I knew about CB back then!}. But I was fortunate and sold my house before the rate adjusted and used the $ to pay off my debt. {according to the CR, my first delinquency was in Oct 2005 and it says that the card was closed in February 2006. Date of last payment was Dec 2006. I had been talking with them pretty much all along and was making monthly payments until I recei
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