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  1. Thanks! Yes feels good to have a large limit and a bigger name card, Visa Signature Series. The $1800 or so balance....some things maybe I should pay for out of emergency savings. Will have to re-evaluate that. And will keep that theory in mind...thank you...(credit card stuff I was gonna buy anyway, emergency savings for unexpected). Thanks! Great Advice! Now..... Since the last post.....I did a little app spree. Gonna stop that for a bit and only do it yearly or very carefully because...... The only thing that happened was a $100 increase on cap one QS card. 😞 i tried to recon Barclays/jet blue but they said too many credit cards last 2 yrs. (8 cards, some small limits and secured) others I called and they said the BK. ( I am over 2 1/2 years since discharge 3/2016) do I just keep calling the recon lines and see if I get different more lenient people? i do have 5 lates total on an 2 auto loans back in 2014 , pre BK on my reports all my pre BK trade lines say IIB closed due to BK. do I have to change the TL status of my previous BK ...the TL before my BK? thanks! fico on TU and EXP is now 675
  2. How recent was your BK? I had mine in 3/2016....appd amazon card...was given 7-10 indication....got Chase credit inquiry on my TU report. Am I applying too soon? Also, there is a thread on here about BK friendly and age after BK for best approvals. Anyone have that link? Thanks!
  3. Nice and congrats! How long do you have to be past BK (yours was 5 years) to have a chance with Chase?
  4. Hi! So my fico EX is 675 App spreed little bit Jet Blue... Barclays said no...too many cards opened in last 24 months. (I have 8, 3 are toy cards). They pulled EX and my fico was 675 Amazon signature Visa ...synchony. Letter coming. ( I had TU on credit freeze..maybe I don't even want that card, hearing horror stories about synchony) Captial one Venture card. (TU was on freeze, they say they also pull or look at Lexus Nexus). I called app line, told them I unlocked TU, they said had to apply again, and would not give me any info. ###Maybe call the capital one recon hotline? Anyone got a good number? Now for the BIG NEWS! LOL applied to NFCU for the Visa Signature Rewards. Top of the line card, 50k points after 3 months 4,000 USD spend. (That's $500 cash back the 50k points) Got approved for $15,000. Yes. FIFTEEN THOUSAND! So glad, gonna go pick up my card tomorrow from the branch. (they fedes it and rush it for 12 dollars, that they put on the Visa card So now my total revolving credit card lines are is about 25k on 8 cards ..up from 500 dollars on 2 cards when I started 2/2017 I had my balances paid off for end of August, now I have about $1800 dollars on balance, have to find a good balance transfer card. I'm seraching, but any thoughts? I did IIB bank of America (mbna) and Chase (paid them after they attached my money) and I think American Express was IIB also.....hmmmmmm. Gonna check the time limits for IIB threads vs BK. I did cancel my toy card open sky, $200, and they are refunding my secured deposit Have yet to cancel my Credit One...( I know I knowwwwww) and myabe my Capital One. That one is $500 limit with $50 secured. They won't transfer it to a real card....you must cancel it. Grrrrr yes it was a good day today! Had to share 😊 CR2x
  5. Hey sorry to resurect an old topic but this raised a question for me. When I included cards in my BK...aka IIB.... How do I know if they are reporting correctly? (Pulling my reports I guess..duh) And.....what is the best way for them to report? ...what should an "IIB reporting correctly" look like and what would it state on the credit report? Thanks. CR2x
  6. thank you for confirming. I think my next step is to wipe off the baddies for all 3 CRAs I also want to app spree about 4 to 6 mid to high line cards. on the same day, and see if I can get any cash or travel rewards. ive seen it before, but where is the list of cards that will consider a BK after x amount of years...mine is over 2 but less than 3 yrs. dont want to waste applying if the credit card wont lend to me if my BK is not 3 yrs or older. along the same lines, some cards wont lend to you if their account was included in IIB cards that do BK and length of time and card that wont lend to you if IIB hmmmm..mmaybe I will search that in google! anywho...thank you everyone for the guidence CR2x
  7. isnt a car loan...i have a used car loan and a refinanced car loan...and a secured personal loan ...arent those installment loans? (I dont have a mortgage, I rent ) also...the discover is only $1450 avail limit. (what is the abreviation for this..haha. CLA..credit limit available?) and my limit on NFCU is $6000. the 2 dollar fico trick says leave $2 on the BIGGEST credit card trade line...and if that is discover...then it has to be $3. thats how I interpreted it..maybe Im wrong in that one. anywho....NFCU reported the ending balance of $3.18. will try to time the $2 mark next month....its on the statement closing date, and NFCU reports it to the CRAs the next day. Cr2X
  8. ok...so just paid $7.70 on discover and $.01on the TD bank...the other day I paid the NFCU over $2 excess of $1.18...but dint make the statement closing. trying to get the hang of...closing date, statement date, due date, and reporting to the CRAs date. hopefully I have everything lined up for zero balances and $2 reporting on highest revolving TL. if I missed it this month, will strive for it to happen next month! thank you! CR 2x aka credit-credit
  9. hi nyquil....thanks for ur interest ... i have a BK from march 2016 i have 5 or 6 lates on two car loans from 2014 and 2013 and... I have to look again to see what accounts are listed on my reports, but most were IIB, except for my new credit lines I have to work on getting those TLs off my report...the ones that were IIB. and the 2 car loans I have late payments on with Wells Fargo Dealer Services. Any links or guidance would be helpful. And I will keep reading the forums. those are the only things Im thinking that might be pulling my FICO down. I am glad my current TL are above 10k, and my 3 installments accounts total almost 40k. 2 car loans and a personal loan. Here is something crazy! on my discover which is totally paid...the put $7.70 interest on the account the last day before the billing cycle, so I couldnt pay that, and the same with NFCU...they put $1.18 on at the last minute. And...I had a credit of $17.72 on my TD bank card. got gass last night...and....pumped $17.73!!!! missed it by a penny! gahhhhhhh! so my closing revolving balances should be as follows nfcu. $3.18 ----- highest Trade Line Avail $6k TD bank. $ .01 Discover. $7.70 all other 5 credit cards are paid to zero. was trying to hit the ...(all paid to zero, highest TLA with $2 balance) Fico trick Oh! btw, discover 8.22.2018 fico dropped 5 point to 660 , maybe due to my app for the NFCU increase. will report in with my other Sept FICOs so, that is my current situation. any advice would be great! thanks! credit 2x aka credit-credit
  10. ok.... so discover is paid in full nfcu is paid.....has a 2 dollar balance on it.... bill was due today, and cycle is on the 27th...reports to CRAs on the 30th still have to cancel credit one at 900 avail and open sky at 200 avail...cancel the toy junk bottom feeder cards so right now I have my revolving credit card TLs available credit over 10k. my biggest card, nfcu at 6k avail...has 2 dollars on it. lets see what happens with Sept Ficos! july was 635 and august was 655 now, the wait and check the first week of september
  11. ok.... so discover is paid in full nfcu is paid.....has a 2 dollar balance on it.... bill was due today, and cycle is on the 27th...reports to CRAs on the 30th still have to cancel credit one at 900 avail and open sky at 200 avail...cancel the toy junk bottom feeder cards so right now I have my revolving credit card TLs available credit over 10k. my biggest card, nfcu at 6k avail...has 2 dollars on it. lets see what happens with Sept Ficos! july was 635 and august was 655 now, the wait and check the first week of september
  12. And, I couldnt resist. Lol. Asked Navy Federal aka NFCU for a CLI on my $2k mastercard They did one hard pull on one CRA and I was granted a 4k increase...up to a credit line of $6000. That sure was good news! So my next steps: Cancel Credit One ($900 TL) Cancel Open Sky. ($200 TL) Combine Capital One cards (someone on the regular call in line said they couldnt combine my secured with unsecured, so I might have to cancel Capital One $50 secured that is up to $500 TL) Have all cards paid, except for $2 Fico trick, and see where my Fico is for Sept 2018 will keep ya updated! 😊 thanks! Starting to trim off the "toy cards" and hoping to get some larger Credit Limits Thank uuuuuuu!
  13. Oh, and does it matter how much I hit the CLI button aka happy love button when it is located in a banking app and it just does only a soft pull? Or do I have to wait a certain time, say 30 to 60 days ?
  14. Ok. Gotcha! Thanks for the info! I will check on the fico update and when that happens. Ok SUPER NEWS!!!!..my TD bank secured card for $900...just got graduated to UNsecured! so frees up $900. Yay! So that money will help drive down my Discover bill to 3 dollars. Now.. At least 2x the mimimum on the promos. Is this the 2 x the minimum payment balance they ask for on the statement? And why is that important? Here is what Discover looks like right now. On the $1400 discover....500 is actual full price/no promo dollars. $900 is the promo dollars...zero percent for 12 months on the balance transfer after paying a 3 percent fee. Making my goal to head toward end of month with 3 dollars on Discover, and zero dollars on all my other cards. (The 2 dollar trick for visa or mastercard, maybe I should do that....highest limit card is MC on NFCU for $2000. My Discover is not quite as high. That one is at $1450 limit. So 2 or 3 dollars will be used ) I will reread that thread and see if one is better that the other to show the small balance, dont think that would matter much, being that the limits are kinda close Thanks! Credit2x Credit 2x
  15. Ok...gotcha! Will be under 50 percent this month and see what happens......or.... I might want the CLI more than floating the money right now. Question, How do I know when Discover "soft pulls" Do i just call in an ask for a CLI when this happens? How will I know, or can I just call customer service and ask Or do i just hit the "happy love button" aka ask for a credit line increase on the mobile app? Thanks! Credit x2
  16. Ok cool! So I have EX FICO 08 with that link provided above and TU FICO 08 with Discover. Will search out for EQ FICO 08... And called nfcu to discuss options. They have a cash rewards card, among other products. and a Flagship Card. The flagship is harder to obtain. They use a different algorithm for new cards vs CLIs Gonna work to get my maxed out discover down to 80 or 50 percent. Thank u
  17. Hello again! So work to get all my Fico scores over 700 These are called Fico 8, correct? I set up the one above , for EX, and its at 666 as of today August 5th, 2018 How do I get a report of Fico 8 for TU and EQ? I had Credit Check Total, and I think that was EX, so that I dont need because I have the link above set up. Any way to get TU and EQ fico 8s? Only need monthly, not day by day. Thanks
  18. Ok thanks that makes sense on the installment loan issue Yeah i balance transferred other cards to the Discover, to have one payment, didnt know that maxed out on on TL is bad....but makes obvious sense Been reading about CLIs on Cap 1, they seem stingy, and are more apt to give a larger credit line on a new card And , I might give NFCU a CLI call, seeing they just gave me the auto loans, and I have good history with them. Over 2 years with credit card and 18 months with secured loan. Am I hurting anything , or what risks..other than hard pulls , am I taking but putting my toe in the water on these (already established) accounts ? Thanks
  19. Okay get.randy. thanks I understand the 3 dollar trick, and I can do that Why is it bad to have the secured personal loan? I am using it to report...and yes u just made me realize that the other auto loans are reporting. The nfcu loans just came on last month, the capital one auto loan was reporting for the last year, and I was servicing $600 per month on that loan for 12 months. PIF when I refied with nfcu Why does the personal secured loan matter and how would it impact me negatively? Also, I refied that secured loan about 18 months ago. Should I let these loans age longer? Thanks
  20. Ok....got it. So I can pay down the discover, and then go for CLIs. That is my next move for the next week. So ask for CLIs between 8.12.2018 to 8.15.2018 And that info on the utilization is really good. The CLIs I would go for..... NFCU 2000 to 25000. (they will approve for less if qualified, so why not ask for a "non-toy" limit) CAPITAL ONE QS 500 to 10,000 CAPITAL ONE Platinum 500 to 10,000 and remove the 50 dollar secured status, make an unsecured card I have the longest relationships with these financial institutions. Sounds best to go slow. Correct? Are credit card companies cancelling new approved apps new approved cards if they see multiple new applications on the same day? I really wanna bang out 10 new apps on the same day and see what I get approved for with my newer higher numbers (fico 8 =666 and credit, 715 transunion and 696 equifax on credit karma as of today 8.5.2018)... (i did this about 15 months ago) right now I am holding back! 😎 dont apply dont apply dont apply must not applyyyyyyyy... Lol So just planning ahead ...here goes. Next question, better to ask for NEW cards from these institutions I have relationships with? or to get new cards from new places? Walmart ...Synchrony Bank dont think burned or IIB have to check my records Amazon... Chase Bank paid CA have to get receipt PIF, dont think IIB SPG aka Starwood Properies...Amex dont think IIB have to check my records Also, if the above were IIB, the accounts were so old (10 yrs plus) and resold to CAs that I dont know if it would affect a new application Bank of America and Wells Fargo were not IIB Thanks for any input! Signed, credit2x. Aka. credit-credit
  21. Ok, so paying down the discover...got it. Actually 900 of that is zero interest balance transfer for 11 more months.. Isnt it my total utilization? Which is right now at fico 8 reports it at 22%...thanks for the libk! Or does it go by individual card usage? Closing the credit 1, I didnt know that of that method...thank you I just signed up for EX fico 8 thru discover (the link you gave me) and my Fico 8 came up as a score of 666 as of 8.5.2018. Thank you again! Btw, is it better to ask for CLI from my current cards, or apply for new ones? credit-credit
  22. Hello, I have 8 credit cards right now. total avail credit line is $6650. Looking to grow Came from high 500s to just a tad over 700 in a little over two years. Kindly read on , please read on, if interested!!!! (This stuff gets me jazzed up, lol and feels good!) Id like to increase the number of cards/lower credit utilization and get some sign on bonuses, by adding some top shelf credit cards and CLIs Below are my scores, after BK7 was discharged on 3/2016 CREDIT KARMA 8.4.2018. Shows 714 from Trans Union. Experian National Equivalency Score or vantage score 3.0.... Experian on CREDIT KARMA shows 696 CREDIT SESAME shows 719 on 8.1.2018 CAPITAL ONE shows ..VANTAGE SCORE 3.0 710 on 8.01.2018 on Trans Union Info DISCOVER shows 665. 7-21-2018 fico score 8 from trans union (I do need to figure out difference between FAKO, vantage score 3.0, credit karma and credit sesame, and FICO score 8 which I am figuring is the one lenders trust most...still learning and reading) I have 2 car loans with NFCU at 6.69 percent at 60 months... 8500 used car and 23000 on a refinance of Capital One auto loan that was 10.9 percent! Yay! Lower rate and monthly payment. 🙂 Also I have a secured personal loan with NFCU balance at 2700 HERE ARE MY REVOLVIN CREDIT CARDS Capital one. 500. Balance zero secured TD bank 900. Balance zero secured The following are unsecured Capital one QS. 500. Balance zero Credit 1. 900. Balance zero Target. 200. Balance zero NFCU 2000. Balance zero Open Sky 200. Balance zero Discover 1450 balance 1430 My plan is to cancel the Credit One and the Open Sky , as they are low level cards. Then, ask for CLIs on the Capital One cards and the NFCU master card Open new NFCU visa Premier Open Walmart Card Open Amazon Card Open Amex Card Open new Capital 1 QS and Platinum Cards Considering BOA and Wells Fargo cards as well Would like to get a Marriot Rewards or SPG card before they combine in late August. I hesistate with these due to involvment with Chase. I did have Chase after me from a card not paid long ago....put it was finally paid to a CA (i know bad move.... I didnt know how to contact Chase via mail, every time I called they transfered me to CA. I should get docs of PIF from CA, they owe me that) So, before I go on an APP SPREE, wanted to ask here if I should go for A) App everything above, or just little by little. (NFCU and Cap 1 CLIs, and Walmart Card hopefully getting high limit) Thoughts? Thank you, and yes the plans and path I have been following so far, although not perfect, was thanks to you folks. A year ago I was at 625 and below, and could not get NFCU car loans. Now, credit life is much better! Looking forward to continued growth! Thanks! credit-credit
  23. Subscribed. I have had a CCT aka credit check total ...had that subscription and have not seen those view panels with that info How did you get that view? Or is it thru a different service. Thank you!

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