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  1. I did mention specifically that I was concerned that this may have been the cause of a denial, but without the letter from GEMB I didn't want to make an unverifiable assertion. I guess I'll have to ask someone to update my record for me. FWIW, I noticed that my phone number on TU was incomplete (missing the area code). There's no way to update the phone number online (although curiously, there is an option to delete it), so I called in and the CSR told me that they don't store the area code at all! Pretty strange, eh?
  2. A couple months ago I applied for the Amazon Store Card (offered by GEMB). Never got a reply, even after several phone calls, so I sent off a CMRRR letter asking for a reply. In the meantime, I've read on here that GEMB routinely denies when they can't corroborate the phone number with EQ. I checked my EQ file and my phone number is not there. So...I requested they add my phone number and today I received their official reply: So does this mean I'll never be able to get a GEMB card (yeah, I know...)? Has anyone tried to add or change their phone number on EQ lately? What was the
  3. Yedgy


    WOW! Double congratulations! Great job.
  4. Yedgy


    The rewards aren't displayed in the middle of the night, probably due to some system maintenance. Try again during the day and they'll be back.
  5. TC has been reported to cause reinsertions on TU. Use CCT and/or CS (if you're an AmEx customer).
  6. Truer words were never spoken. So, to get this thread back on topic, would it be stalking if we all checked out the merkin photos on Stryker's Facebook page come 4th of July weekend?
  7. This statement gets to the heart of the matter. Is reading publicly available, clearly identifiable information posted on the Internet stalking? Is Googling someone's name and perusing the results stalking? The dilemma goes beyond human resources, too. I recently read an article about divorce lawyers using blogs and SN postings during divorce proceedings.
  8. You raise some interesting points, Tigz, but I'm not suggesting that issues you raised in your examples couldn't be used against people. After all, there are other ways that an HR person could find out about a job candidate's family plans--mutual friends, coworkers, even a Babies-R-Us catalog sitting on the dashboard of an applicant's car. Likewise for the guy with high cholesterol. I'm thinking more of elements that fall outside the purview of anti-discrimination laws: extreme political opinions on a blog, pictures of excessive drinking, claims of illegal drug use, boasting about "getti
  9. The social networking phenomenon has outgrown existing laws, and new laws simply take time to hammer out. It'll be interesting how all of this shakes out in the long run. That said, IMO anything that's posted publicly on a blog or social networking site is fair game for anyone, as there's no expectation of privacy. Private postings (visible only to friends, family, and select others) is much more of a gray area, although I suspect it should receive about the same level of protection as email does (I'm assuming that email is viewable only under court order).
  11. It shows just how much you are worth to CB whereas AmEx deemed you as not worthy of your original CL. OH CRAP!!!!!!!!! RUN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I can't believe you went there, here comes the can you opened.
  12. That's exactly how I found it (Google News). Maybe they allow certain links through depending on the referring page? The WSJ isn't so bad for me...I just avoid their opinion page.
  13. DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD CHANGE THE SPECIFICATIONS ==================================================== Our members have made a total of 3,753,705 posts We have 86,680 registered members The newest member is lagih39 Most users ever online was 1,528 on Dec 4 2007, 04:15 PM George, you would have a LOT more friends if you weren't such an...oh, never mind.
  14. You received an actual card in the mail? You might want to call Juniper and see if it was requested by someone.
  15. I was referring to this credit forum...but whatever, George.
  16. I just happened to check the TOC page and saw we passed the 2,000,000th reply. CONGRATULATIONS, CREDITBOARDS!!!
  17. You'll get no congratulations from me until you come back here with a Centurion card! $5,000 open to buy and $2,500/year I'm sure he has better theings to do with his petty cash money Yeah, but it's made of solid titanium! Titanium... I'm hurting, I'm hurting. Don't worry, Bob! I'm sure you'll get it!
  18. You'll get no congratulations from me until you come back here with a Centurion card! $5,000 open to buy and $2,500/year I'm sure he has better theings to do with his petty cash money Yeah, but it's made of solid titanium! Titanium...
  19. You'll get no congratulations from me until you come back here with a Centurion card!
  20. You might want to check the funds availability policy for your CU. You may be able to deposit the checks into your CU directly and still withdraw all or some of the funds in cash while maintaining your privacy.
  21. The freeze must be it. If you unfreeze it long enough for them to pull an inq I'll bet you get the Weekender card. Good luck!
  22. Huh? Are you referring to the margin of error reported by poll on the TV news? YES... ("P" = political) You get that off the news on the TV The margin of error reported by polls does not represent individuals (or fractions thereof). It represents the statistical margin of error at a standard 95% confidence interval. Thus, a poll reporting 40% "Yes" and 60% "No" with a 3.7% margin of error really means, "given the nature of the sampling methodologies used in this poll, it can be stated with 95% confidence that the true 'Yes' vote of the underlying population under study is within
  23. Have fun with the whopping $300 credit limit that comes with that card! Seriously, though: your scores look pretty good! Might there be any big baddie on EX that they may have not liked? If not, maybe you could call them and speak with a credit analyst?
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