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  1. I would suggest booking through Costco Travel as well because they will give you money back in the form of Costco cash. There are lots of travel agencies that will give you On Board Credit for booking as well. Their services are free and you can still use your credit card. Jill in CO
  2. I burned them in a BK13. I lost my online account access (could still access the app) but maintained auto and renters insurance. the day after my 7 years post BK, I called and got online access back. They never dropped my insurance. I haven't tried to get any credit from them since because I've found better products elsewhere. I just like the insurance. Jill in CO
  3. I was approved for a $25K BOA card 9 years post-BK13 and I did IIB BOA. Jill in CO
  4. Please believe ICANHASMUNY. She is an expert, rslifkin not so much. Jill in CO
  5. I started getting CLIs after I went in and updated my Income in my profile. Once I did that, I started getting automatic CLI's. I started at $300 and am now up to $1800. Jill in CO
  6. I was approved 8 years post BK13 for $9500. HTH Jill in CO
  7. KC Joe's is the best BBQ in KC...I would go there before any of the others. Check out the Steamboat Arabia musuem....amazing snapshot of history. Local family dug up a steamboat that sank on the Missouri River in the 1800's and all the cargo was perfectly preserved in the mud. Missouri native! Jill in CO
  8. Check out You Need a Budget to help get your budget under control. I love their zero based budgeting philosophy. It's free for the first 30 days. Jill in CO
  9. You don't have to send out for the COE. Just got to the VA site and request it. Jill in CO
  10. I burned Citi in BK13 and got back in just after 7 years. Costco for $9500 and Simplicity for $25K. Jill in CO
  11. You can apply via affiliate links. I just searched for Arrival+ review, and clicked on the Apply link on whatever site had it. Thanks so much! Just applied and was approved. Jill in CO
  12. I was looking to apply for the Arrival card but the website says to please check back later to apply. Did they close down the Arrival card? Jill in CO
  13. I use my Venture heavily for day to day spending...about 15-20% of total credit line max. QS is usually around 10% of total credit line. Zero usage on the Platinum.
  14. I was able to get a 2K CLI on my QS from 9K to 11K. I had a terrible time getting CLI's on this account and I'd been stuck since the EO CLI last December. I also hit the luv button for my Cap1 Platinum that used to be the HSBC Discover that has been stuck at $750 forever...instant CLI to $2K. I went for the trifecta and the luv button gave me a 3K CLI on my Venture going from 20k to 23K. Not bad for 2 minutes of button pushing. Jill in CO

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