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  1. Well the woman I was speaking to was nice enough but it seemed like she didn't understand what I was asking for. I wanted a confirmation that based on what she was telling me that they would update my reports accordingly. She acknowledged that the account definitely shouldn't have taken 3 years for it to spit out what was then a 3 dollar charge and that the account should not have been updated once it was closed. But what she told me was to dispute with the CRAs again and I refuse to at this point. I'm just asking for them to update accurately. I did get an email from USAA on Friday saying they received the complaint and would be in touch within 3 business days.
  2. I spoke to USAA today. I ended up filing a complaint with CFPB. I was really nice but I just didn't get what I wanted from them. The lady I spoke to did say it was interest but she also said that it shouldn't have shown up 3 years later. That it actually should of charged off 219 days after the last payment but for whatever reason it didn't happen. When the complaint asked for a resolution I asked for either a pay for delete or report the tradeline correctly with the correct interest from last payment to the correct charge off date and then update the fall off date.
  3. Thanks for the advice. All of it is good. I will check back in after I speak with them this Wednesday. I think what really upsets me is the fact that when I disputed this they verified and then pushed the fall off date to 2022.
  4. So I'll ask the question first and then fill in the background info. Has anyone heard of a credit card account be closed and then 3 years later that same account, same account number suddenly has 30 day late, then 90 days, 120 days, etc. Then that same account goes to Charge Off? So here's the background. I got into trouble in 2012 with a USAA CC, I can't remember exactly what happened but I did call them and have a record of paying them $3191.74 which is the amount they told me. The limit of the card was 3K. According to my credit report the account was closed in Oct of 2012 and it reported as closed all the way until Feb of 2015 when it started reporting as a late pay. I have no statements from them, didn't even live at the same address. 5 months or so after the account was charged off for about 6 dollars. I have disputed this at least twice with the results always coming back as verified. This time though I really have time to dig into this though and called USAA directly. Who I talked to said it didn't make a bunch of sense and told me they would investigate and to call back in 9 days. Today was day 9 and I called. Spoke to the same lady who was very nice and remembered me. Bottom line she said her research dept had verified again but had no answers to my questions. Why did the account go from closed to charged off after 3 years and what was the balance of the card the day before I made that last payment. I explained that it made no sense for me to short a final payment by $6.00, and its not about me paying the money. Its about me resurrecting a zombie account that would be brand new and stay on my report for 7 years. I believe the $6.00 is from interest and if that's the case it should have been reported in 2012 and falling off the account last month or maybe this month but not stay on my report until 2022 based on the 3 year gap when it started reporting as a charge off. The problem is USAA hasn't even been able to tell me where this 6 dollar balance is coming from. Am I crazy?
  5. Thanks for the help. I saddled up and tried for a USAA card and got a limit of $3000..nice
  6. So after spend the last year and a half cleaning up my credit to the best of my ability, I was finally approved for a Orchard card unsecured for $300 dollars. I would like to get at the most 2 other cards now but have no idea where I should go. Cap One is not a option I think because I still have a judgement with them I need to clear and I would like to not have a hard pull on my report if I get denied. Any ideas?
  7. I was added as a AH on my ex-girlfriends account sometime ago. I asked her to remove me from the account which she did but it is still showing on my CR's. My concern is that she is nearly maxed and only paying the min every month. I have no other credit cards but when I pull my FICO it clearly shows that my credit utilization is maxed out, hence affecting my score. My question is does her card effect my FICO in that manner?
  8. So about a year ago I did a rehad of my student loans, completed that and had the negatives removed concerning the gaurantor and new TL addded. My question is this though. What about the negative TL's for the lender that stayed on the report. Is there a SOL on when these can be removed, who do I go to ask they be removed..Please help
  9. So when I started repairing my credit there were a few things that I paid before reading this board..Most of those have dropped off my report but I still have 2 that I would like some help with RMA/NCO - DirecTv, and CMI - Knology. These are both paid collections sitting on my report and I would like to have them removed and thoughts..
  10. Thanks so it looks like I should be able to have these removed. Any idea what the best way is to go about getting this done
  11. Ok, so I completed rehab a few months back and now I am in repayment. Thanks to everyone here (especially Lynn). Heres my question though. Now that I have completed the rehab and the guarantors tradelines have been wiped and replaced with non late TL's, the original Sallie Mae TL's are still there with dates of 2001 and 2002. Is it 7 years they can remain? Can I have these removed from my CR? Who do I contact to have it done? the CRA or Sallie Mae?
  12. Feech

    After Rehab?

    Sorry Lynn I didnt get a email about a response to the thread. I was so happy that I was out of rehab that I forgot about the consolidation part. I got a email from Sallie Mae that morning telling me that they had my loan and I thought that was it. But then I got the paperwork about the consolidation in 10 days..I'm happy though
  13. Feech

    After Rehab?

    So I completed Rehab and can now move on to other adventures on my CR. But today I got a letter from direct loans saying that they are going to consolidate my 5 loans within 10 days. I really thought this had been done, but no matter my payment amount was there wich was slightly lower by about 40 bucks and my interest rate was slightly higher. My question is after this is consolidated will it then show up on my CR as one TL for 14000? Do the individual TL's for the school loans go away?
  14. Thanks everyone for the help..They ought to give you your FICO's once a year too for free..
  15. Thats Geronimo that they would give a fake score even though they have access to the real score..

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