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  1. Back in June of 2008 I was critically hit by a drunk driver while on active duty. Driver only had liability which was about $50,000, but my hospital bills after hospital stay and two extensive surgeries was approx. $130,000. Now, Tricare is taking care of the bills since i am active duty, but my lawyer is telling me that Tricare only takes care of the bills initially keeping a lien on the medical bills expecting payment through said drivers insurance company. Well the MAX his insurance company(state farm) can pay, which is the maximum for his coverage is the 50,000. This insanely small amount leaves me with 80,000 in medical bills plus lawyer fees. Now I know that tricare isnot goingto make me pay for all of that, but then again they arent going to pay all of that themselves either. does anyone know how these situations usually play out and how tricare works.
  2. I had a huge question that I needed an answer to, and if I'm correct I'll be pretty excited. I am active duty and I had a vehicle that I had financed at 24.99% due to bad credit and defaulted student loans. Well I had that car for about a year and a half and then I was hit by a drunk driver and almost lost my life. NE ways his insurance companied took forever to pay my car off and accumulated tons of late fees. They paid the car off at 24.99%. Now since I got the car before I went active and therate never changed after that, due they owe me the overages since the rate should have changed to 6 % maybe a month after I had gotten it? Please let me know - this informaion would bereally appreciated to help my family stay on its feet.

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