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  1. I believe that is correct. I had a loan and was told it was not counted since I only had 3 months of payments left.
  2. Butternut


    I tired to get a quote. When I pressed for more information I never heard back from the person.
  3. Packed all of my small stuff. Furniture being delivered once I call and give the word. As soon as I get the keys moving right in. Showing up at the closing in a U Haul!
  4. Butternut

    GFE Refiew

    Loan Type: 30yr Fixed P&I FHA Sale Price$75,000 Down Payment; $2,625 Loan Amount: $73,641.00 Rate: 5.5% Points: 0.500 $361.88 Principal and Interest: $418.13 Mortgage Insurance: $32.97 Real Estate Taxes: $96.64 Other Insurance (Home Owners, etc.): $55.00 Total Estimated Monthly Payment $602.74 *801 Loan Origination Fee (.5%): $361.88 *803 Appraisal Fee: $400.00 *804 Credit Report/Scoring Fee: $34.04 *806 Application Fee/Conversion Fee: $375.00 *814 Flood Certification: $19.50 *817Document Preparation Fee:$85.00 Total: $1,275.42 *901 Per Diem Interest $88.00 *902 FHA MIP Premium $1,266.56 *903 Hazard Insurance Premium $660.00 *910 Tax Pro Ration $(93.36) *1001 Hazard Insurance Escrow $165.00 *1003 City/Township Tax Escrow $17.96 *1004 County Tax Escrow $25.80 *1007 School Tax Escrow $822.36 *1012 Aggregate Escrow Adjustment ($285.66) Total $2,667.46 *1106 Notary Fees $25.00 *1107 Attorney's Fees $150.00 *1109 Title Ins. Lenders $708. 85 *1111 Endorsement Fees/Premiums Coverage $150.00 *1201 Recording/Filing Fees $200.00 *1202 City/County Tax Stamps $750.00 *1203 State Tax Stamps $750.00 Total $ 2,733.85 Total Costs $9,301.73 Total Amount Paid By or For You $6,634.01 Estimated Amount For Closing $ 2,667.72
  5. Very nice house. Scheduled for April 30th. Sent all docs today just spoke to the loan rep so far so good.
  6. Waiting now too. Just did the home inspection yesterday will get the report on Friday. Sent out my signed loan docs back to the mortgage company today so now just waiting and want to move now!!!!!
  7. This is already in play. I just applied for a mortgage and my Fico scores where mid 600 I know for fact my TU was 668 but for the beacon it came back as 602!!!! 66 point drop. Eq was 614 and matched the same. No idea what my EX was but that came back 600. I have no lates, collections or anything else bad wise
  8. Your the man B! One last question. Would it be wise to wait until 2 weeks before closing or is this is as low of a rate we can get?
  9. B, It's 70k loan. Math looks good. Thanks for the advice!
  10. FHA loan by the way
  11. Butternut

    Rate Locking

    Hello All, I was approved for a loan. My closing date is April 25. The mortgage company is telling me I can lock in the rate now at 5.480 at 1 pt or 5% @ 2pt for $700. So I wait or lock in? Is this a good deal?
  12. Yes, on the detail page the agent sent me showed that. I told the agent I was pre-approved FHA and just needed to find a property. Thanks for your answers very helpful I will call back and be more specific with the agent I don't want to go look at something and then find out I can't get it because I have FHA.
  13. I was approved for FHA loan but the homes I am interested in seeing state Financing : Cash; Conventional Does that mean I should not even waste my time calling to request a viewing of the property?

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