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  1. Hello all, My company was approved for a $15k Sams Business Account unfortunately it was not a Mastercard. Will Syncrony upgrade this card to a Mastercard or am I out of luck? Thanks all, Faccnator
  2. Ok thanks Mend. Navy wasn't clear to me. Both the PLOC and overdraft loc report as revolving? What about prosper/lc/kabbage/avant/sofi? No other credit unions?
  3. I'm 1.5 years post BK. Scores approx 690. 0 util. Defaults happened in 2009. Old lates are only baddies. Discover, BOA, Citi, Amex all gave me recommendations. Impossible right? I burned them all.
  4. Are you using the EO for the combine and close maneuver?
  5. Yes it sure is. I had many but this is now my only one. It was on all three but it disappeared from Equifax
  6. Thanks. It's for unpaid tuition. NOT a student loan. It was discharged in my BK.
  7. Does anyone have a strategy? Showing zero balance but I want it removed.
  8. mrj this worked like a charm. Deleted from all three reports in two business days! Thanks again. Cedar financial next.
  9. Thank you sir. I filed the complaint. Should I do anything else to get this nonsense removed? Did this work for you?
  10. My BK was discharged approximately 1 year ago today. Today a $1600.00 a closed collection account appears on my reports from W&F for a discharged debt. They have to remove this entirely correct?
  11. Other than Chase? Big banks? Small Banks? CU?
  12. 15k is max LOC no doc correct?

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